post: moo


cow in the house!

  • Cartoonz: Why do they call it apartments if they're built together?
  • Panda: Can midgets have big dreams?
  • Moo: If the earth is tilted on its axis, does that mean the world is always turning up?
  • Basically: If Watermelon exist why isnt there Firemelon, Earthmelon, and Airmelon? The Elemelons.
  • Mini: If a person is blind and has a dream, can they see it?
  • Delirious: If my milk expire's on April Fools Day is it really not expired?
  • Nogla: If oranges are called oranges why aren't lemons called yellow?
  • Vanoss: If tomato is a fruit then isnt ketchup a smoothie?
  • Wildcat: Im done.......nope.......I cant deal with this anymore.......goodbye you all can go suck a dick. *slams door*