Xu Minghao is a blessing that got me stressing

This boy is so damn underappreciated so I knew I just had to make a post about him bc he is so talented and so handsome and so kind and he deserves so much love pls stan Minghao

I mean he’s so handsome and just plain adorable

fuck him hes too cute

okay but look at his eyes and tell me they’re not gorgeous

Pretty U era Minghao SAVED ME

look at those sparkly eyes

lol what a cheeseball

he looked so sweet and innocent with that hair omg

But even though he may seem like such a cute little kid, he becomes really hot??

RIP Minghao stans

jfc byE

sliding into your heart smooth af

Stan talent. Stan Xu Minghao

So I guess appreciation posts are every Sunday and Wednesday now. Prepare yourselves…

(None of the gifs or pictures are mine)


“Survey the Heavens, Open the Heavens”
I am the ruler of the stars

My interpretation of one magic, I suppose. I’ve always liked the idea of Lucy sacrificing herself for Natsu through one magic. I’ve always loved the idea of her with shorter hair and I still wish for it to this day. 

Ahh, hold on, @snogfairy just got back from greece. This is for her. I can’t wait for more of the pics from your vacay phi!

Progress gif of this piece over here