guys i need your help!! for my communications final i need 5,000 to 10,000 views on ! i made a new blog and i was wondering if 2-3 people wanted to share and post on it. the blog’s main theme will be to post youtube pop culture content like pics from certain youtubers (still deciding who), tweets, memes, edits, and maybe even gifs. on may 23rd if we got 5,000+ views on the account i’ll be giving the account to whoever wants it!! some requirements are you need to be at least 15 years old, have to post the content onto tumblr right when it’s posted onto other social media (like a tweet), and it helps if you have more that 800 followers! if you’re interested message me telling me what youtubers you’d like to post, the type of content (gifs, edits, memes, etc) and your follower count!! it also helps to follow the account as well!!


CATHERINE THE GREAT, CAST tv series (2015).

Yuliya Snigir as Catherine II / the Great, Pavel Derevyanko as Peter III Fyodorovich, Ilya Noskov as Sergei Saltykov, Rihards Lepers as Stanislaw Poniatowski, Pavel Trubiner as Grigory Orlov.
[official trailer].


Now who’s the heretic?
Am I making sense?
How can I make it stick?

I’m on trial
Wait until the beat comes out

I’m miles away, he’s on my mind
I’m getting tired of crawling all the way
And I’ve had enough, it’s obvious
And I’m getting tired of crawling all the way
Crawling all the way
Crawling all the way

-Which Witch : Florence + the Machine 


First, my spouse Peter loves Russia’s enemies. Second, he doesn’t love me. And as a result? He won’t be the Emperor. Russia will never become a Prussia’s province or a toy in the hands of political gamers. Only they don’t know about this yet…Catherine the Great, tv series (2015). {trailer}