Czy będziesz kochać mnie gdy stracę pamięć
Zaprowadzisz do celu kiedy wzrok mnie okłamie
Razem ku niebu, wyżej niż morskie fale
Czy damy rade rozwiązać tu każdy problem razem
Czy jesteś w stanie we mnie nie zwątpić
Nawet gdy będę w śpiączce wegetować wśród roślin
Czy nie zostawisz mnie na pastwę losu jak sądzisz
Nawet gdy bym miał nie odzyskać już przytomności
Czy dopilnujesz spraw jak mnie wezmą
Czy dzieciom wytłumaczysz fakt, że to tylko przeszłość
Czy opanujesz tętno w naszej podróży podetną
Wybacz mi jak upadnę od lat nas gubi prędkość
Czy będziesz czekać w domu z dziećmi
Czy zawsze będziesz ze mną nawet na łożu śmierci
Czy wsiądziesz do karetki nie puścisz mojej ręki
Proszę jeśli mnie kochasz to razem przez to przejdźmy
WIPy WIPs - here’s what I’m working on next

After the “Ornaments of Gold” sequel currently in progress I am writing:

- A shortish Hannigram vampire story for Halloween. It involves nipples. For @gleamingandwholeanddeadly‘s October challenge, so coming quite soon;
- A longer dark fairy tale type story in which Will is a perfumer sent to collect the resin of a mysterious tree for reclusive king Hannibal. Inspired by conversations with @theseavoices.

That’ll probably see me until the end of the year. Can’t believe I’ve been writing for this fandom for over two years. Tempus fugit, etc.

Post Scriptum

IL n’y a pas plus intime qu’une lettre pour se donner des nouvelles.

Il faut l’ouvrir, pour peu qu’elle veuille bien s’ouvrir, parce qu’avant il a fallu la clore à coup de langue humide, et honnêtement qui voudrait s’ouvrir après ça ?

Il faut ensuite prendre, voler, saisir le trésor que l’enveloppe à précieusement garder des yeux des autres. C’est une perle qui se lit, qui se taille du regard mais qu’il est impossible à porter en collier. C’est un bijoux intimiste et secret, à porter au fond de soi, sondable seulement par celui ou celle qui à bien voulu le tailler et par celui ou celle qui à le plaisir de sa lecture.

Les lettres sont à ranger au fond de l’être.

Ecrivez, écrivez, écrivez…

peleo cara a cara con las imágenes.
músculos y nervios son mi recurso en esta irreductible batalla.
el fuego que rejuvenece a estas sombras, se vuelve hacia mí para reírse del sudor que me brota.
mis golpes no logran tocar, mis puños sangran de fallar contra estos espectros.
[aquí estoy en el silencio del tiempo que no vuelve]

las viejas y renovadas imágenes se mueven alrededor mío
me acosan. Nunca una lucha tan desigual había torturado más que la muerte.

al poco tiempo del comienzo de esta batalla, ya las viejas sombras son sino fantasmas.
la creencia hizo lo suyo. Vistió con realeza la originaria oscuridad.
Hizo olvidar al guerrero y su motivo de luchar.
Ahora simplemente me quemo en mi doceavo intento.

Post scriptum: el fuego de tus deseos de amar me atormenta con su penumbra



this is going to take a few rounds of hitch and some inspirational commercial compilations to sort out so

you guys mind not snapping my boyfriends psyche over your knee like kindling for your sadomasochistic ritual bonfires? or at least asking google when you need to find out basic fucking knowledge


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What to do if you know you are becoming blind:

1. Get rid of hazards. Do not leave knives lying around. If your have hazardous chemicals/sharp objects in your living space/fridge, put them where you won’t accidentally touch them.
2. Learn to walk through your living space without opening your eyes, especially if you travel regularly and are not too familiar with it.
3. Order your clothes by color and kind and clean your living space, especially your bathroom. Don’t expect people to tell you if you go to work looking unshaven and wearing bright orange pants.
4. Do you eat? Do you have pets? Figure out a way to cook and eat without seeing and without burning/cutting/dirtying yourself. Do the same concerning medication.
5. Depending on the cause of your blindness make sure you won’t get shampoo in your eyes or look into a lamp by accident.
6. Learn how to use a white cane.
7. Learn how to fold and sort your money.
8. Learn to read braille.
9. Get a sufficient voice over program for your computer/mobile phone/tv.
10. Get (small) sunglasses. While not always necessary, depending on the light sensitivity, it will prevent people from becoming too uncomfortable by you staring nowhere or closing your eyes.
11. Inform those who need to know (e.g. your employer) and if irreversible apply for the appropriate support (e.g. government support if available) or become member of a community.
12. Get support. A family member, a friend, a house keeper or a colleague.
13. Get opinions from different doctors, but do not try various medical procedures at the same time.
14. Don’t panic! Loosing your eyesight is a scary feeling. Organisation is the only thing that will keep you from waking up realizing that you can not call for help. But even if you have no time to organize anything beforehand, you will learn and learning will bring you the opportunities you deem lost.
15. Take your time. When “it” happens, you can spend a day hugging yourself, lying in bed, crying if you want to and it does not hurt or harm your eyes. Sleep, pity yourself and then get up again, start to get through it.

Post scriptum: If anyone is actually facing such a situation, reading this and this blog still exist, feel free to contact me in case you have questions or need advice.


Post scriptum , aquilo que vem depois. Já antecipo o recado e peço desculpa, não por meus erros, cada segundo foi uma fração de felicidade ao seu lado, só peço desculpa por não ter continuado. Um rostinho bonito, mas cheia de problemas, lembra? P.S. Isso não é um jogo de quem sente mais orgulho. P.S. Olhe para o céu todas as noite, um dia vai admirar a lua e eu estarei lá admirando-a também. P.S. Sinto sua falta.


Im Jaebum X Reader

Fluff ~ Fluff


Super fab Anon That Gives Me All The Love Asked: Omg… i have so many ideas… but the first i want to ask is: can you do a fanfic with Jaebum where he is catch by the members while he is doing adorable things to “jagi” and he gets embarrased Sorry if my english sucks but im from latin america and im learning… LOVE YOUR ACC BIG FAN HERE… All the love💜

A/N: YOU’RE MY FAVORITE ANON EVER! YOU’RE SO CUTE AND INNOCENT (post scriptum, your other requests are coming. don’t worry)

(☞゚ヮ゚)☞ Requests open for got7 ☜(゚ヮ゚☜)
All gif credits go to the rightful owner(s)

Originally posted by defwang

 Lazy days with Jaebum were probably your favorite. These were the days when it was just you and him; being yourselves without any judgement. This was today.

 You and Jaebum were chilling out at the dorms while the other boys were doing their own things, leaving the leader and his beautiful girlfriend alone for the day. Jae was looking through the TV channels, trying to find something interesting to watch; he soon became frustrated with the boring options.

 “Why don’t we just play a game or something since there isn’t anything good on.” You suggested when you noticed his puff of annoyance towards the television. 

 He looked over to you and breathed out as a smile grew on his face. He turned off the TV and pulled you closer to him. “What kind of something are you implying?” He smirked, earning him a loud laugh from you and a playful hit to the chest. 

 “Shut up.” You giggled.

 “What?” He put his hands up in surrender. “I didn’t do anything.”

 After you rolled your eyes, you stood up so you could go and grab a drink but he grabbed your wrist almost immediately and spun you into his torso. He leaned into you and gave you a light peck on your nose. You smiled at him and blushed a bit.

 “Jae, I was going to get a drink.” You whined.

 “Well, I was going to get you, and now I have you and I don’t think I wanna let you go.” He smiled sweetly. 

 “Oh really.” You giggled. 

 “Mmh, what are you going to do about it, Jagi?” He questioned, with loving eyes. He was about to give you another kiss, this time on the lips, but he heard what sounded like muffled laughs.

 He let go over you and walked towards the noise, only to find the two evil maknaes hunched down in the hall. 

“What are you two doing?” He growled.

“Nothing!” Exclaimed Yugyeom. “We were going to get food but didn’t want to interrupt the cute moment you were having.”

They tried to suppress their laughter but failed miserably after Yugy’s statement. Jaebum glared at the youngers, not sure how to react.

“Yah! Jaebum-ah, who knew you were such a romantic.” Bambam giggled.

“Shut up!” Your boyfriend yelled as he walked back over to you.

 “But hyung~ it was too cute.”

 “Bambam’s right! You’re such a softie.” The maknaes continued to laugh, despite the death glares that Jaebum was shooting towards them. 

 He gently grabbed your arm and dragged you to his bedroom, trying to ignore the obnoxious laughs that echoed through the dorm. After he shut his door, he dove onto his bed and hid his face in a pillow.

 “Awe, is someone embarrassed?” You cooed as you crawled onto the bed beside him.

 Jaebum rolled over onto his back and looked at you pleadingly. “No. Don’t start. I get enough of it from the guys, I don’t need my own girlfriend teasing me as well.” He sighed.

 “But it’s so cute to see you all flustered.” You smiled innocently as you pinched his cheeks.

 “Babe~ Please stop.” He whined, swatting your hands away.

 “You’re not fun.” You sighed. “But, I guess I could, if I get a kiss.” You leaned down to his face.

 “Oh, I’ll do much more than just kiss you.” He stated, cupping your face and placing his lips upon yours. He gently moved you both over so he was on top of you. His kisses got more and more passionate and rough as he tried to forget about the embarrassing incident that just occurred. When he disconnected his lips from yours to start sucking your neck, you muttered a sincere “I love you so much.” While a smile began to form on your face.

 He went back to your lips from a moment before speaking. “I love you too and I’ll show you just how much, Jagi.” He smirked.