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Do you think Post-Scratch Jade had any failings as a Guardian? Like, I guess maybe deciding to raise Jake on an isolated island, but from what I remember, she seems to have had good intentions and executed them to the best of her ability (which was considerable)

I like Grandma a lot, but the decision to take a baby to a dangerous remote island full of monsters was questionable at best, especially when she almost certainly knew she was in Condy’s crosshairs - I’m sure she never imagined for a second that Condy would actually get her, but still. I actually wish we knew more about why she was on the island. I’ve always assumed it was to continue her revolutionary activities, whatever they were, and they she put that fight before her role as a guardian to a child, which like, yeah. There’s a lot to say about that decision if that’s what she did and blah blah blah, but we don’t have enough facts really about her and all we know about her is filtered through the lens of a child’s memory. 

We also don’t know how much the alpha guardians really knew - did she take Jake to that island because in any timeline where she didn’t, Condy found him? Who knows. Jade’s whole thing was knowing more than she should because of her prospit visions - perhaps Grandma had something going on similarly in parallel. There’s just not enough info out there to say. Either way she’s an interesting character and I wish we knew more about her. 8(

i wish there was as much headcanons and stuff for post scratch jade and john as there is for rose and dave like 

i am actually really invested in all the kids post scratch but like i am pretty sure jade and john dont get any really attention in that department

talk to me about what it was like for john and jade growing up with the condesce as their mom and jade running off and building a house on a dangerous island inhabited by huge, incredibly dangerous creatures and building a fucking empire of businesses, focused mostly on science and nuclear stuff 

talk to me about john finally hitting it big in the comedy business and doing sold out shows. talk to me about john being approached by all kinds of producers trying to sign him for a tv show and refusing because he likes his job but the idea of a sitcom stick in his head because he could be bringing his own humor to people without them having to see him live.

john getting old and only getting more popular. john basically being that universe’s betty white.

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Why is Jake's last name English and not Harley?

His grandmother, post scratch Jade, knew the Condesce was working for Lord English and that she was afraid of him so Jake’s grandma changed her and Jake’s last name to English as a big “fuck you” to the Condesce. 

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Caliborn was gonna steal Jake's name and be "Lord English": Hes called Lord English because of jake Postscratch jade / Grandma took the English name and his placronym stated "Jake English": Hes called Jake English because of Lord English Explain???

Time loop. Caliborn takes the name, LE terrorizes Earth, post-scratch Jade changes her name to English, Jake’s named after English, Caliborn takes the name and the cycle continues. 

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Was there ever an explaination to where the surname english came from? Post scratch Jade got it from the enemy of the Baroness (Lord English) and then Lord English got it from Jake. So where did it begin? Is it like a juju that has no place where it started?

The name has a paradox origin, just like a juju, yes