“Adore” by Savages // Adore Life (Out 1.26.16 by Matador)

Heavy and powerful and intimate and intense and just fucking press play. 


12 years ago today

The Earth Is Not A Cold Dead Place- Explosions in the Sky

White Oak’s Patriarchy I, from the album Folder #05.

two years ago I started the Folders series aiming to experiment a little more with my compositions and at the same time to bring back the “long-form” in my music. I admit, it has never been easy to follow these rules, no matter how dedicated I was. nonetheless, I explored. and to my satisfaction, all my albums resulted in an uneven display of styles, something I’ve been proud of, for most time.

during the last year many things happened for better or worse, nothing quite dramatic but possibly leading me to look for closure, in the broadest meaning of the word.

in Folder #05 I’m searching for closure within my music, my compositional style. I chose to avoid synthesizers and any electronic instrument - which I separated into an entirely different album, Monodea. here are being played banjo, ukulele, a chamber organ, piano, acoustic - and electric, still quite warm and analog - guitars, all heavily effected and processed.

I went acoustic to fulfill my need of Home. the need of a place to be. right now it is among the misty flatlands of my North-East Italy, its rude people, its tamed yet real nature.

Folder #05 is out in Limited and Standard Editions, along with the new album Monodea and EP Unbounded II. Here is the Limited Edition’s outlook:

-Folder #05, numbered; in a handmade, light-brown, hardcover paper case; with an art-booklet comprising high quality printed pictures by M. Beckmann and G. Bordigato, North-East Italy maps, album notes; wrapped with twine and sealed with red wax.

-the album Monodea, folded in an high quality printed A3 poster with artwork by M. Beckmann and inlay picture by G. Bordigato; comes with a second copy of the A3 poster.

-the EP Unbounded II, on a cardboard case with high quality printed cover, picture courtesy of F. Zagolin; withe notes and stamps, folded in a grey-paper envelope.

a huge Thank You to everybody and all those who are constantly supporting this project! the volume settings folder.


The Dead C - Angel from the cassette  ‘’ Perform’’ DR503b