David’s Journal: 9/30 /89

I had a great time hanging out after school with Anna and James. Anna and I were looking at some of my pics for her to use for the next issue of her zine called Parasite. She writes really well and I think that one day she’ll be successful. James handed me another cassette to copy. This time It was Siouxsie and The Banshees Hayena. He noted that Robert Smith of the Cure was briefly a member of the band back and his playing is all over that album. Being a big Cure fan I was eager to check it out!

Max caught up with us when we were at the Salt n Pepper diner and was still a little mad about that drummer guy they tried out who was bad mouthing Anna. James told me how Max beat the shit out of the guy. Max then shared with us a funny story that happened to him in history class.

Today, I realized that I need Jason to cut my hair again. I got to keep up with my look. I also need to get a new coat for winter. I’m tired of wearing my dad’s old army jacket. Maybe I’ll see what Dark Wave has. I’m sure Darren will direct me toward something decent. He usually does.

Back to the Siouxsie record. I was ecstatic when I saw that they covered Dear Prudence by The Beatles! I called and told Jenny about it and she went on and on about getting her nails done. 

Anyway–til next time!

New Wave Dave

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