From Enemies to Lovers Pt:5

Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Angst

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They all stared at me as if to say I’m crazy.

“Hyung what are you talking about?” Hoseok was clearly confused.

“Like I said-”

“No I heard what you said, we all did.”

“Don’t cut me off.” I say sternly.

“When did you hear this?” Namjoon asked, his eyebrows were furrowed as if he was trying his hardest to think of something.

“Right at the start of your friendship. You know that time when I thought I loved her and was always too shy to freaking talk and go near her?”

“Before she moved away?” Yoongi asked, also with his eyebrows furrowed. Was this a new look or what?

“Yes, I don’t have the time and date if you’re curious about that.” I say rolling my eyes at them.

“Hyung you got it all wrong. You messed up so bad.”  Namjoon didn’t know whether to mad or laugh. “You fucked up, you’ve hated her this whole entire time for no reason.” 

“Namjoon what are you talking about?”

“Did you by any chance hear Y/N say. ‘You think I’d be friends with those idiots? You’re joking right? I don’t even like them, I’m just using them fora bit of popularity before I make it in the industry.’“

“What the hell Namjoon you knew and you’re still friends with her?! Are you stupid? You’re all being used!” I shouted at him like a lunatic.

“Hyung I hate to burst your bubble but you’re idiot here.” Namjoon continued to speak, all the members looked just as confused as I did aside from Yoongi.

“Excuse me?” I say, obviously taken aback that he had called me an idiot.

“Hyung, do you even know what Y/N aspires to be?” Yoongi asked me.

“How the hell would I know that I’m not friends with her remember?”

“Exactly, because you never got the chance to know her properly, you never got to know that she’s training to be an actress. You never knew that she was rehearsing lines with Namjoon that evening when you walked passed and heard her say what she did. Those things you thought were about us? Those were her lines for an audition, that quite frankly you ruined for her because you made her cry so much the night before she got sick and couldn’t even go to the audition.” Yoongi said so calmly it sent shivers down my spine.

“What?” I say barely even a whisper.

“You heard me hyung.” With that every single one of them that remained in the living room, left me. Left me standing there with my jaw hanging. 

I fucked up.

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Negan Oneshot?

(A/N) I wrote this and I just felt like posting it. Eric’s part will be posted tomorrow as usual. If you want me to continue, let me know!
Also, it’s short…enjoy!

Summary: Negan visits Alexandria and you see him for the first time. Let’s just say you’re not his biggest fan and take shit from no one…

Warnings: Swearing, angst


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Fixing my hair into a pony tail, I suddenly heard a commotion outside.
Grabbing my handgun from my nightstand, I ran outside. Trucks and people I’ve never seen before entered Alexandria. Running to the gates, I found Rick and most of the others already standing there, discussing something with some guy in a black leather jacket.
“Listen Negan, we don’t have-” Rick tried to reason with the men, but I cut him off.
“Wait, you are the fucker that killed my friends?” I stormed past Rick and shoved Negan’s chest. His eyes widened momentarily before a smirk graced his face.
“Well, hello to you too. And who might you be, doll?” I ignored his outstretched hand and stared in his eyes. “Listen here fucker, call me ‘doll’ one more time and I will cut your fucking balls off before you can utter ‘psychopath’.” My voice was but a whisper, only he could hear and instead of being frightened his smirk grew.
“Ouch. That hurt. Normally women don’t react to me this way.” “Let me guess, normally they open their legs for you.” He grinned at me, giving the answer away. I huffed turning away to walk back to my house.
“Wait sweetheart, I didn’t quite catch your name!” He grabbed my wrist and I froze on the spot.
“Let. Go. Of. Me.” He immediately dropped my wrist and I continued on my way.
Entering the house I currently occupied, I ran up the stairs to my bedroom, hiding my gun and everything important to me. I already saw them raiding the other houses. Sooner or later they will also try to break into mine, not that I’ll just open the door for them. They will have to fight.
Trying to get my mind off things, I sat in the living room, reading my favourite book again.
Out of the window I could see Negan being shown around by Rick. The poor guy even had to carry the bat ‘Lucille’ for Negan. Fucking asshole.
A few minutes later, I heard them just outside my back door. Father Gabriel apparently joined them at Maggie’s ‘grave’. If Negan only knew. I smiled to myself.

It’s been a few hours since Negan invaded Alexandria and he was about to leave when a few of his guys found our arsenal. Cursing I ran out of my house again, hearing Negan telling his guys to load everything onto the trucks.
“Hey! Asshole!” Negan spun around, smiling when he saw me. “How nice to see you ag-“
“The deal was half of everything, not everything of everything!” I didn’t let him finish and instead threw the facts at him.
“Well, you’re completely right. But you know what the good thing is when you’re the stronger one? You can make the fucking rules and you can change them any-fucking-time you want.” This fucking grin of his didn’t leave his face the whole time.
“Fuck off! Keep your fucking PMS mood swings to yourself and don’t let others suffer because of them! Deal is deal, take half and leave the other half here.” Finally the grin vanished. Instead he raised an eyebrow and faked thinking about what I just said.
“With all due fucking respect, I think I’ll take all of it.” He smiled and turned around.
“Oh… You are afraid we will attack you if you leave us the weapons. I understand. You’re fucking scared we will kill your man again, like we already did. Look around you idiot! Half of those people don’t know how to use any of them and they don’t want to know. The rest, you broke them. You broke them all! They are afraid of you! There is nothing you have to be afraid of.”
“What about you? Did I break you?” Staring at him, I gave the answer away. “I see. You can’t break what’s already broken, now can you?” He laughed. Not a quiet chuckle, no. A full blown laugh.
“That’s right. I lost everything I had and that broke me. But at least I’m facing it. You’re just hiding behind a façade, ignoring your problems. Who is Lucille, huh? Either daughter or wife, probably deceased.” This time I smiled and his grin vanished completely.
Grabbing my jaw, he positioned my head, so that I looked directly into his eyes.
“You. Don’t ever. Talk. About. Lucille. Understood?” He was furious, pure rage burning in his eyes.
“Wife. Definitely wife.” He grinded his teeth, fixating me with cold eyes.
That was the first time I noticed that everything went quiet. The attention was on us.
“That’s enough. Load up half and leave the rest!” Negan grabbed my wrist again and dragged me towards my house. Pushing me inside, he locked the door behind him, turning around again.
“How dare you fucking talk about her like that!?” Normally I would have trembled with fear, but I just hated this guy’s guts.
“How dare you do this to my family?!” Realisation dawned on him and his lips formed an ‘oh’.
“Asian or Ginger?” His voice was softer than before. “Abraham. I mean ‘Ginger’” He took a step towards me but I stopped him with a simple wave of my hand. “You took everything I had left. You broke me. Do me a favour and show up weekly, on the exact same day. I don’t want to see you ever again.” I turned away from him.
Muttering a ‘sure’ he left my house.
I stood there, fighting the tears in my eyes. Completely broken.


To be continued? Let me know!


Here’s part 2 of Kim Taehyung’s moments where he’s like CHONG! JOGUN! BALSA! (lol get it.. from Not Today). 

Part 1


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