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Dating Reggie Mantle Would Include...

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  • you’d meet at a party for sure
  • Reggie would be drunk off his ass and try to flirt with you 
  • low-key being turned on when you flat out reject him
  • at first he’d try the whole cliched football, popular jock routine on you but it wouldn’t work
  • but you’d get partnered up to work on a project and he would find himself eventually acting like himself in front of you
  • and he’d totally fall in love with you in the process
  • you would realise how funny and genuine he actually is and that was what would make you fall for him too
  • being real you’d probably be a river vixen 
  • being a total power couple at school 
  • wearing his letterman jacket and flat caps ALL THE TIME
  • him not liking the fact you’re friends with Betty and co.
  • you forcing him to hang out with them 
  • “don’t you find it weird that Jughead never takes his beanie off though?”
  • “it’s all part of his dark and brooding image - you get used to it.” 
  • eventually he finds himself really liking all of your friends
  • which makes you love him even more
  • helping him with homework 
  • him helping you with deciding on cheerleading routines
  • “nah babe I reckon ditch the extra twirl at the end”
  • always making him shave off his stubble cause you hate the way it gives you a rash around your mouth
  • him getting insanely jealous 24/7
  • him breaking ties with Chuck because he keeps hitting on you
  • you getting just as jealous though
  • both of you have no problem with showing PDA at school to let people know you’re both off limits
  • you low-key do it whenever Cheryl and her minions are around 
  • sneaky ass grabs 
  • under the bleachers make out sessions just before a big game 
  • him taking your virginity but him not being a virgin cause man hoe life
  • post game celebrations at Pops 
  • wearing his jacket after the game cause you want people to know how proud you are to be dating the Reggie Mantle
  • which always leads to him getting insanely turned on 
  • which leads to more post game celebrations at home
  • S E X  A L L  T H E  T I M E 
  • passionate sex 
  • jealous and rough sex (the most common one)
  • hair pulling - always
  • you’ve definitely had sex in the locker rooms at least once 
  • post game shower sex is definitely a thing too 
  • lying in bed together and just talking for hours
  • “what do you reckon Jughead hides under that beanie?” 
  • “Shut up reg.”      
  • him always reminding you how beautiful you are
  • you guys are definitely one of those super corny couples
  • but only in private
  • you guys are super nonchalant at school about your relationship though
  • but everyone sees right through it and knows you’re crazy about each other 
  • everyone secretly shipping both of you so hard 
  • even the teachers 
  • his parents totally adore you too
  • and your mum loves him but your dad is still a bit unsure because he knows how jocks can be 
  • him always thinking of the most thoughtful gifts 
  • him always listening to everything you say and you getting surprised when he remembers something that you said like three weeks ago
  • him being obsessed with your laugh 
  • like you’ll giggle and he’ll just stare like it’s the most beautiful thing he’s ever seen
  • you still getting super nervous around him sometimes because that’s just what he does to you
  • always giving him passionate kisses 
  • loving to just spoon together for hours 
  • Reggie always wondering how the hell he got so lucky to find you 
  • not seeing a future without him
  • getting into a fight because you find out you want to go to different collages 
  • knowing that no matter where you go, or if you get separated, the two of you will always find a way back to each other

for the anon that wanted pics and gifs of pau behaving like a kid. i mean that’s him 99% of the time. he comes under the definition of ‘smol’ and ‘baby’ in the dictionary. also sorry for taking this long. 

we’ve got his weird way of twerking this looks like when a baby is first learning to walk and they sort of on their hands and feet and rock back and forth

this was just cute and i had to put it in. forget the jacket, hugging my mate is more important. 

aggressive angry child???

creepy stalker kid 

pumped up kid 

duck face kid 

having fun decorating christmas trees 

any post game celebration gif and videos 

baby photo bomb 

a boy’s best friend 

playing with his own bobble head 

and this 

these videos: 

1. paulo being an annoying fucker and not letting mira talk [x]

2. sleeping baby [x]

3.  the time he couldn’t tie his own shoelaces and needed sami to do it for him [x]

4. paulito singing [x]

5. being annoying af when he wins fifa [x]

6. Paulito singing [x] [x]

7. Dancing to trashy music  [x] (this was in the hallway in a hotel when they came on our down under. what would i have given to be in a room next to them and witness this live) 

8. being an extra awkward kid trying to get Iker’s attention [x

9. him just being a weirdo [x]

10. Finally finding playmates his acual age [x

11.  all posts where he’s losing ludo pretty much is a five-year-old kid having a mini tantrum. (He’s a sore loser) [x] [x]

12. Trolling mandzu (how he hasn’t been bashed in the face by mario baffles me. i ship these two sm) [x]

13. more mario trolling [x]

14. being a cute kid mucnhing on grapes [x]

15. claims to be a role model to children when he still is a child himself [x] (gif)

16. puppy snapchat filter looks so good on him (and anto too) [x]

Pic and gifs of paulo hanging out with other kids [x]

The Charity Match

Cal and/or Simon x Reader

Request: “request where simon and calfreezy both like you so they make a bet whoever wins the sidemen soccer match gets to kiss you ? you can choose who”

Warning: There are like two bad words. And some cringey jokes. Yikes

Note: This was originally 2200 words but then I cut out like 400 of them (it was super angsty you should be thanking me). Big, huge, gigantic thanks to Ayu ( @sdmntokyo ) for making this gif for me even while she’s on hiatus. If that isn’t love I don’t know what is. Happy reading :)

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BTS Drabble- How You Met

Jin / Yoongi/ Hoseok / Namjoon / Jimin / Taehyung / [JK]

Master List


“Welcome to the ballpark! Enjoy the game!”

Taking the ticket from the attendant, you smile and enter the ballpark. You feel like you are home. Growing up, you and your family would attend several games every baseball season. Now, everyone was busy and couldn’t make it all the time but that couldn’t keep you away. If you went a few weeks without coming to a game, you felt like something was missing. Watching baseball on tv just isn’t the same as being at the ballpark, surrounded by thousands of other fans, cheering, and enjoying the day. Dressed in your favorite jersey and ball cap, you head toward your seat. Since it was only you today, you were able to find a better seat than normal–right behind the home team dugout! Before you make your way down the stairs, you grab a drink at the vendor that is at the top of your section.

Getting to your seat, you take in your surroundings. You’ve never been this close to home plate! The seats around you are starting to fill in, mostly with couples or families, but that is okay. For the next several minutes you zone out, people watching and just absorbing the atmosphere. A loud laugh, sounding weirdly like windshield wipers, breaks you out of your trance. Looking toward the noise, you see a group of 7 boisterous men working their way down your row. They end up sitting in the 7 seats directly next to you, a bit of an annoyance for you. You like having elbow room at a game and this stadium definitely doesn’t have a lot of that when the seats are filled, but a full house is better for the team so you can deal. The men don’t pay you any mind other than a small smile from the man that was currently the thief of your armrest. No concern of yours though, as the game is starting. Watching the pregame festivities–the anthem, player introductions, and first pitch– are some of your favorite moments in baseball!

The game starts and it is a close one from the first inning. Your team scores 1. The other team scores 2. Your team hits a home run. The other team takes advantage of an error and scores a point. You are in your own world the entire time, not taking in anyone around you. It is just you and the ballgame. Participating in all of the chants, yelling encouragement for your players and advice for the managers, standing up when a ball sails past you…you don’t realize that your neighbor is just as into the game as you are.

That is until one of the other team’s players get frustrated with a call at first base and starts sharing some not so friendly words with the first baseman and coach. Your neighbor and you simultaneously stand up and start yelling at the upset player to suck it up and get off of the field. Well, that is what you think he is saying–he is slipping between English and another language, Korean maybe?

After the player gets thrown out of the game, you both sit down.

“Crazy. That was a good call,” your neighbor states in a very matter of fact way.

You couldn’t resist, “I know! He was clearly out! His foot never touched the bag! He did this last time they were here too.”

“You come often?”

“Yes, but when I’m not here I am usually watching the game on tv so I don’t miss much.”

“I wish I could do that.”

“Do you watch them often on tv?”

“No, this is my second time watching this team. I travel a lot so it is hard to find a chance to actually watch a game. I try to attend when I am in a town with a team though.” he shrugs.

“So, you’re traveling now?”

“Yes, we’re in town for tonight and tomorrow then we are going to Japan.”


“Yeah. It is a long flight. I’m Jungkook.” He grins shyly while extending his hand.

“Y/N.” You return the smile, then turn back to the game.

The two of you make small talk throughout the remaining innings, celebrating the great plays, booing the horrible calls, and having a competition to see you can participate in the fan chants the loudest. All the while, the other 6 guys that accompanied Jungkook to the park look on with proud smirks on their faces.

After the post-game celebration, you gather your things and turn to leave.

“Excuse me, Y/N?” Jungkook reaches toward you, grabbing your attention before you walk away. “Can we meet tomorrow to watch the game?” The hesitant look on his face makes up your mind for you.

“Yes. I’d really enjoy that.”

You are both smiling ear to ear while exchanging contact information. Turning away, you don’t see the blush shading Jungkook’s cheeks as his friends start teasing him about what just happened.

Maybe watching the game on tv won’t be so bad tomorrow.

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*not my gif

A/N: So there it is! The final installment of my How You Met drabbles. This one isn’t my best, but it was SO difficult for me not to be too particular with the baseball team, as I am a huge fan of a certain team. I also tried to keep the ballpark pretty vague because they all have such a different appearance and feel. Without these details, this is what you get! I still think it is decent though!

I’m looking for an idea of what to write next! I probably won’t post any more writing until the end of the week so you have time to drop your suggestions in my ask. You can also feel free to ask me anything or just chat! I love hearing from you! Any feedback on my writing would be awesome too. 

Until next time! 

The Curve: April


Clarke woke to the sound of her phone, vibrating angrily against the wood of the bedside table.  Disoriented and half-asleep, she gazed at the tiny alarm clock next to her, wondering who would have the audacity to call at 3am.  She grabbed the phone, staring at the unfamiliar number and fearing the worst as she swiped the screen.


There was a dedicated pause, followed by the sound of low, soft chucking.  A moment later Lexa’s voice filled her ear.

“Her unmistakable skill is coupled with a relentless work ethic, and while such remarkable talent could easily make the young phenom cocksure, she possesses an equally remarkable sense of humility.”

The corner of Clarke’s lip pressed agains the cool glass of the phone as she smiled, embarrassed to hear her own words read back to her.

“You read the article, I see.”

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anonymous asked:

Can you do Kandreil getting walked in on by the other Foxes and their reactions? I love your writing! :)

Also: More Kandreil please! Maybe the other Foxes reacting to their relationship? Or them getting together?


(pssst if you want more of kandreil getting walked in on, check this post!!)

  • The boys haven’t been going out of their way to hide their relationship, but it’s not like they flaunt it (and the other Foxes are pretty oblivious lbr)
  • In fact, they start to worry because Kevin and Neil seem to be yelling at each other more often than usual.  Matt actually tries to bring it up once (“You don’t have to take his shit, Neil, Exy isn’t that important.  Want me to talk to him??” but Neil is just like “wat??? its??? fine?”
  • (bc we all know he & Kevin use their game-fueled sexual tension as foreplay, exhibits a, b, and c)
  • ANyway, it’s the aftermath of a particularly hard game that ends up getting them caught.  Kevin & Neil are still riding high on the adrenaline from their win, and Andrew is pretending he doesn’t give a fuck but really he’s so turned on by the sight of his bf’s all sweaty and flushed and bright-eyed.  aka it takes like 0 time for the three of them to get down n dirty :) :) :)

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anonymous asked:

I know you did this once with drunk truth or dare but do you have any other hc about the foxes finding out about Neil's mom beating him? because even though it's one of the least fucked up things that's happened in his life, it's still pretty fucked up.

i do have another idea 

  • neil’s barely socialized with the baby foxes, but he knows their stories
  • one of them was on the run before with their mom, so he considers talking to them
  • when he does, it’s with the other foxes around
  • he’s sitting with them at a post-game celebration and he asks them about it, breaking one of the golden fox rules,
  • but she (let’s name her kay) is willing to talk about it 
  • kay tells neil she ran away from home with her mom and baby brother when she was about 9 and they ran away from her father because he used to turn guns on them every day, and they were on the run for about a year or two because he kept following them 
  • she also tells him that her mother was physically abusive, especially when they were on the run, and kay had to take care of her brother most of that time
  • he listens to her story intently, and when she recounts her mother’s abuse, he nods and says he understands because his mother was the same way
  • kay stops with her cup against he lips and looks at him in confusion 
  • “didn’t she… run with you to save you from that?”
  • “she ran to save me from a fate worse than death.” 
  • “oh. yeah. that makes sense.” 
  • it doesn’t come up again for weeks, and when it does it’s because kay is having nightmares and neil is the only one who understands what it’s like
  • he’s out at eden’s with the old gang but kay is texting him and he’s actually using his phone!!!
  • nicky starts to freak out and he’s like “oh my god neil is using his phone and he’s not texting andrew! unless he’s texting andrew. neil, i know we have unlimited texts, but you don’t need to text him. he’s right next to you.”
  • “i’m not texting andrew.”
  • “i know you love me, neil, but i’m right here. across the table from you.”
  • “i’m texting kay.”
  • “kay? creepy girl? why?”
  • “she’s having nightmares about her dad trying to kill them and her mom hitting her and i’m the only one who can understand exactly how it is.” 
  • “how do you know what it’s like to be abused like that by your mother?” -aaron, pissy because neil doesn’t know what it’s like to be hit by the woman who birthed you
  • “because mom used to hit a lesson into me.” 
  • matt, nicky, and dan audibly gasp
  • aaron freezes as he’s knocking back a shot
  • andrew’s grip on neil’s belt loop tightens, tugging neil closer
  • allison and renee are just looking at neil 
  • “she- she hit you?” kevin chokes out
  • “yeah. the worst time was when i kissed this french-canadian girl.” 
  • “girl?!” - nicky
  • “that’s what you choose to get hung up on?” - neil
  • “i can’t believe she- but she was saving you from your-” - kevin
  • “yeah. that doesn’t mean she didn’t get mad when i messed up and could have gotten us caught, though.” - neil
  • “that’s fucked up.” - allison
  • neil nods in agreement and sighs, going back to texting kay down from her panic
  • everyone’s silent for a few minutes
  • aaron and andrew share a look that only nicky sees, and that’s only because he shared a look with both of them too
  • eventually things get a little too awkward for nicky’s liking and he knocks back another shot and slams the cup down and declares “i need to dance that shock out of my system. who’s with me?” 
My testimony in support of Bill H.2779 189th -- An Act designating the song “Roadrunner” as the official rock song of the Commonwealth

I unfortunately had to run back to work, but Jon Bernhardt of WMBR’s Breakfast of Champions show volunteered to stay and read the following on the record on my behalf:

When The Standells scored a Top 20 hit with “Dirty Water” in 1966, the band had never even been to Boston before, and the author of the song had only visited once. Ask a local music fanatic about the song today, and they’ll dismiss its staying power precisely because of the song’s phony origin. Despite its remaining relative popularity, it is the fool’s gold of Boston’s rock and roll pedigree.

On the other hand, if you’re able to pen an ode to the place you love in a genuine, honest way, and it connects with listeners, the reverence will only grow over time. This is the case for The Modern Lovers’ “Roadrunner,” written by Jonathan Richman in 1970. “Roadrunner” is an in-the-moment celebration of humans in motion, of the unifying power of shared experiences via the radio, and, of course, of the state of Massachusetts. This is why we’re here today, why this bill won’t go away. It’s why the song played at the most recent Super Bowl during the post-game celebration and the parade that followed. It’s why a journalist from the UK made a pilgrimage here to visit the song’s locales to try and understand the awesome power of the song. It’s why I took my lunch break at work to come here and stand before you. To stand up for a rock song because in a way, it seems to stand up for me.

“Roadrunner” loves the Massachusetts’ highways, its weather, its music, its people and even its commerce options (shout-out to Stop & Shop). There is no guile to “Roadrunner”— no hidden agenda or attempt to manipulate the emotions of the listener. It is a stream of consciousness, gasping, true rock homage to a time and place, and it sounds more relevant with each passing year. It is the only song that should be considered for Massachusetts’ state rock song.

Lastly, I have some testimony from John Hodgman who grew up in Brookline, MA, and has gone on to be featured on The Daily Show and author several excellent books. He submitted these words to me via Twitter this morning:

THE SONG SAYS “I’M IN LOVE WITH MASSACHUSETTS.” What more testimony need be heard?

Hockey is our game. But really it’s much more than just a game. It’s a passion that brings us all together on frozen ponds, at the community rink and in our living rooms. 
It’s the feeling you got the first time you stepped on the ice, the feeling you had when you scored your first goal. 
Hockey is in our driveways, it’s in our dreams, in every post-game celebrations. 
It’s in the streets every timeyour friend yells ‘CAR!’, in every rink across the country. It’s in our hearts. 
Hockey is a thought inside your head saying:
“Wouldn’t it be amazing getting up everyday and playing, doing something that you love to do?
—  Sidney Crosby