Wish I may, wish I might, bring you back to me tonight. ✨💔 For the May @meflashfanwork, “What Might Have Been”.

SORRY FAM. Everything I touch turns to angst.

And while not written for this, I do think this art lines up very nicely with my old (first ever!) ME fic, “Promises”.

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself to avoid writing a drabble to match this rn when I should be focusing on my MEBB plot. 😓


I have so incredibly many headcanons for these two post-destroy ending, most of them around the immediate aftermath. they get drafted into a biotics team that’s sent straight up to the citadel to clear the rubble and re-establish galactic communication, but they have a silent agreement with hackett that their real mission is to dig through to find shepard. 

both of these are after finding her - in the first one, neither of their outfits actually belong to them; miranda’s in the medical jumpsuit from huerta that she borrowed to wear whilst treating shep; jack’s wearing shep’s alliance shirt and tracksuit bottoms nicked from anderson’s apartment. 

in the second one, jack’s spent the whole day shifting rubble and managed to find a bunch of survivors, and miranda’s spent the whole day working on shepard and managed to get her into a stable medical coma. to celebrate, jack digs out some bottles from the apartment bar and they toast their exhausting success. I was listening to “mondo bongo” from mr and mrs smith whilst drawing it, so imagine someone playing music in the background whilst they dance and makeout sloppily then fall asleep together in a corner.

so like two months ago for my Hellish Day of Travelling an anon requested “some post-ending shakarian fluff” and because I am mORTIFYINGLY SLOW the sketch I started on that day in response…is now finally finished!! I got carried away and kept making it more complicated and it just took longer and longer… but yeah! finally done! here are the shepard-vakarians and their post-destroy adopted family. as usual, BIG BIG thanks to @masseffectgayliens for being a total babe and letting me blather at them to figure out headcanons :)


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okay but….post-destroy liara and javik indianna-jones-style adventures???

liara [to attackers]: it belongs in a MUSEUM!
javik [irritably]: as it is a prothean artefact and I am the only surviving prothean, it belongs to me
liara: ….it belongs either to him or in a MUSEUM!

shep and garrus have to come bail them out a couple times, and liken it to getting their kids from the headmaster’s office…



so for the remaining Top Five ask meme posts, i’ve decided to consolidate into a series of three huge posts instead of destroying people’s dashes with replies.  for a series of fun, ridiculous headcanons, follow the readmore!

  1. Playboy Nikiforov will cheat on Yuuri with the entire Russian Hockey team, and Yuuri will come crying to him and eat katsudon piroshky in his bed and Yurio will be allowed to brush the bangs out of his eyes as they lay facing each other, knees knocking together.  “You can stay as long as you want,” Yurio would say.  (Except Victor is incredibly devoted to Yuuri, and the Russian hockey team only has eyes for Yuuri anyway.)
  2. Victor dies from a Terrible Disease.  In his last conscious moments, he grabs Yurio by the hand.  “Take care of Yuuri,” he says. “He’s always loved you.”  “I will,” Yurio responds, unplugging the life support.
  3. “Yurio, the way you landed that quintuple axel jump after only two weeks of practicing, despite it being physically improbable makes me super hot,” Yuuri says, pushing him against the rough edge of the lockers.  “Please, take me now, take me now and wrap your well-toned and physically superior legs around me.”
  4. Victor Nikiforov decides to make a deal with an angel to see a reality where he’s never been born, where Yurio and Katsudon got together instead, and he sees how happy Katsudon is to be constantly challenged and sexually satisfied by Yurio he completely fades from existence.
  5. Yuuri showing up at his hotel room at three in the morning. His eyes are red.  His smile is shy, but real.  “Yuri,” he says, and the way that Yuuri says his name, his real name, is so open and meaningful.  “You’ve always been—I’ve always—“ Yuuri in his mind has said, but never finished.  Yuri’s never let it get past that.  It hurts too much.

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a collection of shepard pjs! I resent that scene in me3 where shep wakes up in ~ sexy undies ~ because my shep would never wear such uncomfy lingerie to sleep in, so I figured I’d put my money where my mouth is and come up with my shep’s alternatives. the bruises are because my shep is an engineer who has a tendency to dive into melee fights despite having lighter armour…

if anyone likes these shirts I’m considering making them to put on redbubble/society6, so drop me a message or mention in the tags!

1. garrus’ c-sec shirt + gym shorts + woolly socks

2. “I put the BI in BICEPS” shirt (kaidan has a matching one that says “I put the BI in BIOTICS”) + checked pj bottoms

3. hannah shepard’s “annual anti-grav charity fun run 2167″ shirt (filched just before hannah went on an eight month tour, the first time she’d be away from shep for a significant amount of time since shep’s father died five years previous) + n7 ¾ trackies

bonus post-destroy ending - baggy “I beat the reapers and all I got was this crappy shirt” shirt (gift from joker) + boxer briefs

I am an environmentalist. Absolutely. I see a lot of posts exclaiming “We’re destroying the earth!!” And yeah. But we’re destroying the earth’s ability to be habitable to humans. You know, those lanky things that drink water out of plastic bottles and think that when we die the earth will too?

Nah, earth will not die. It will breathe itself clean of us. It will cleanse itself in wind and fire, ash and ice. We will not see how beautiful it is because we are destroying ourselves, destroying our ability to live, destroying our future generations. So recycle and fight climate change and argue with politicians but aim their own deaths at them, not the death of the planet because they don’t care about the ocean and forests, they forget that we come from them. They care about themselves so remind them.

So I saw a post earlier that said “destroy the idea that Akaashi finds Bokuto’s presence annoying” 

I 100% agree with this, but not because Bokuto isn’t annoying. Like let’s be honest, the guy is loud and energetic and god has to be so exhausting to keep up with, esp if you’re an introvert. But being occasionally annoyed by someone’s traits and finding their presence annoying are very different things. I knew a guy in my undergrad studies that literally being in the same room with him made my blood boil. I found his presence annoying, even when all he did was sit there. 

On the other hand, my best friend is an obnoxious ass. He’s an extrovert and likes to push people’s buttons and sometimes he goes too far in his jokes or his actions and it annoys me. But being around him doesn’t annoy me. I have embraced the fact that he’s obnoxious as a part of who he is and I love everything about him. I think Akaashi feels the same way about Bokuto. Yes, sometimes that giant owl boy is a bit too much to handle, but at the end of the day Akaashi knows that Bokuto is the way he is because he is a passionate and happy human being and he embraces that as a part of who Bokuto is. 

autistickryptonian  asked:

[I was stalking your tags on my post because I live for comments] do you happen to have a list of fics that deal with her sensitivity or code her as autistic?

Yeah absolutely!

Carter Grant Super Sleuth by: Unicyclehippo This is multichapter and deals with Kara and Carter having sensory overload and they’re written autistic (I’d check out this author’s other work because they deal with these themes a lot)

Leaping the Dragon Gate by: Ultranos This deals with a bit of Kara’s early time on earth so she has trouble with her powers

And I’ve Been Waiting For the Sun by: TheRagingThespian 

For You (theres nothing in this world i wouldn’t do) by: TheRagingThespian 

Of New Additions by: TheRagingThespian 

All the ones by TheRagingThespian has little scenes that are just perfect. I would read anything they’ve written honestly but these specifically have scenes with Kara dealing with overload. 

Gentle Hands by: sorceressofthehighestexcalibur I just have a lot of feelings about kara worried about injuring small animals


Kismet by: Charis_chan This is a WIP that is from Alex POV it’s an au in that Alex ends up raising Kara, Kara is young in this and the last two chapters posted destroyed me a little. 

Thirteen years have passed since the great Albanian violence in Kosovo and Metohija in 2004, when the target was the entire Serbian people, Serbian property, monuments and shrines of the Serbian Orthodox Church. In the violence known as the “Crystal night in Kosovo”, 19 people were killed and 4,012 Serbs were expelled, six cities and nine villages were ethnically cleansed, 935 Serbian houses and 10 public facilities (schools, health centers, post ) were destroyed, burned or severely damaged. Special target of the extremists was the spiritual legacy and the heritage of the Serbian people. 35 religious buildings, including 18 monuments of culture, were destroyed, burned or seriously damaged. Devič Monastery near Srbica and the monk quarters of the Monastery of the Holy Archangels near Prizren were torn down to the ground, while the Church of Our Lady of Ljeviš from the 14th century and the Church of St. George from the 16th century were burned. The Orthodox Seminary of Prizren and the Episcopal seat in Prizren were also destroyed, Serbian cemeteries desecrated. More than 10,000 valuable frescoes, icons, chalices, vestments and other religious relics, as well as baptism, marriage and death certificates which testify about the centuries of existence of the Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija were missing or damaged.

The reason for the pogrom was a false report of the Albanian media in which the Serbs were accused of forcing six ethnic Albanian boys from the village Čabar near Zubin Potok to cross the Ibar river, on which occasion three of them drowned. Over 20,000 members of the international forces weren’t ready or simply didn’t want to prevent the ethnic violence against the Serbs. It was the second major pogrom that the Albanians committed in “peacetime” since the province was put under the United Nations protectorate. Up to this day, not a single main actor from the political structures or the former KLA was held responsible for these crimes.