destroy the idea that all football has to be good football, destroy the idea that any one tactic is better than another, destroy the idea that women’s football begins and ends in the United States, destroy the western-centric idea that the United States Women’s National Team is fighting for equality for ALL national teams, destroy the idea that only good football will keep the National Women’s Soccer League afloat, and, most importantly, destroy the idea that the United States has to win for the sake of gender equality and the betterment of world football

innocence is kinda just a gigantic “fuck you” to anyone it chooses as an accommodator like. allen was shunned all his life. lena was kidnapped from her home. krory was treated like a monster. miranda was thrown into a fuckin time loop. don’t even get me started on kanda. innocence doesn’t give a shit about any war i s2g it just wants to have a good time. it’s like those stereotypically evil genies who’ll grant your wishes but in the worst way possible, like yay, you have a million dollars, but now you’ve been arrested for fraud, asshole. sucks to be you


honestly i thought the trailer was really deep and a good metaphor on what konami is doing to the series

Memoir: Shepard and Urdnot Mordin by StellarStateLogic

After the Destruction of the Crucible and the Citadel, along with all the Reapers, Shepard was found lying within a mass of debris in London. Her breath was shallow, life signs were unstable, the scouts managed to retrieve her back to the med shack. She survived, but have been unable to speak or react to any of her crew member when they came back to Earth. She seemed to have lost her entire memories of everything; for a long time, she would simply look out of the window mindlessly. She never responded to anything, not even to her love interest, or any photographs of people and places which she had fought for… One day, a group of guests visited her from Tuchanka. It was Wrex, Bakara, and their first-born son. Who Bakara had successfully named after Mordin. Ignoring others’ warning, Bakara handed little Mordin over to Shepard’s arms. She looked at the Commander as she slowly embraced the krogan baby. Shepard’s hollowed eyes turned to the baby, and the corner of her lips began to curl upwards. “Mordin,” Shepard said softly. It would be the first time she’d ever speak after the Reaper War. “Yes,” Bakara replied calmly. Bakara’s eyes gleamed proudly as Shepard stroked Mordin’s soft crest over and over again. The Krogan female watched the human female blinked a few time, as if she had just awoken from a very long dream. “Mordin,” Shepard whispered. “I missed him… I missed him so much.” She dropped a tear as little krogan Mordin cooed in her embrace.

only yesterday

“what are you thinking about?" 

she blinks at him questioningly, moving her eyes from the horizon of the city under sunset, and almost knocks over her glass of thessian red. once she’s steadied the fluted wineglass with none too little a displeased swear, she looks at him properly– and then drops her stare again to her idle hands. she twiddles her thumbs a bit, the way she always does when she’s nervous. 

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Why are people mistaken about Tolkien using that trope in LOTR?

for better articulated answers check here and here but tldr people tend to assume that tolkien started the whole chosen hero TM trope with frodo but the thing is that frodo is not actually special or anything and he *chooses* to bring the ring, but there’s no prophecy whatsoever saying that HE had to be the one, never mind that technically he fails at it - he brings the ring to mount doom but then if gollum hadn’t barged in he’d have turned over to the dark side, and the experience fucked him up so much that he couldn’t stay in the shire and get his life back the way it was before and left for valinor - like the entire thing with frodo is that he goes on a hero’s journey, sure, but it doesn’t fulfill any of those tropes and eventually he doesn’t make it just for his life to be better than he was before. the only character who has Chosen One hints is aragorn, not frodo, but lotr is not aragorn’s journey of self-discovery - he arguably had that off-page and by the time it starts he’s somewhat ready to claim his throne and move on with his life, lotr is not about aragorn’s *journey* of anything. and aragorn has the whole chosen one thing going on because he’s the fucking king, ‘course he has that mythology behind him. but anyway when people assume that the Chosen One thing was from lotr and that it implied the protagonist being special and the likes they are completely off the mark.


This Will Destroy You - Quiet

Sözlere gerek yok gözlerin varrr ya dedirten türden bir müzik bu işte tam olarak.. Sözsüz yerle bir ediyor insanı. 


I stopped watching gmw for a while after the end of season 2 because I was sick & tired of the focus it put on the rucas/lucaya love triangle. I just watched the first episode of season 3 & you know what? I’m still sick & tired of this love triangle when there’s opportunities like Maya helping Ava through her parents separation. That 30 second scene legitimately made me cry & I do appreciate them learning how to deal with high school & the focus on friendships. That’s what’s so important to me on this show, the friendships, the importance of family (both blood related and people you choose as your family), and people changing people. I don’t give a crap about this love triangle. I. Just. Don’t. Care. Why does everyone care so much?