I have so incredibly many headcanons for these two post-destroy ending, most of them around the immediate aftermath. they get drafted into a biotics team that’s sent straight up to the citadel to clear the rubble and re-establish galactic communication, but they have a silent agreement with hackett that their real mission is to dig through to find shepard. 

both of these are after finding her - in the first one, neither of their outfits actually belong to them; miranda’s in the medical jumpsuit from huerta that she borrowed to wear whilst treating shep; jack’s wearing shep’s alliance shirt and tracksuit bottoms nicked from anderson’s apartment. 

in the second one, jack’s spent the whole day shifting rubble and managed to find a bunch of survivors, and miranda’s spent the whole day working on shepard and managed to get her into a stable medical coma. to celebrate, jack digs out some bottles from the apartment bar and they toast their exhausting success. I was listening to “mondo bongo” from mr and mrs smith whilst drawing it, so imagine someone playing music in the background whilst they dance and makeout sloppily then fall asleep together in a corner.

so like two months ago for my Hellish Day of Travelling an anon requested “some post-ending shakarian fluff” and because I am mORTIFYINGLY SLOW the sketch I started on that day in response…is now finally finished!! I got carried away and kept making it more complicated and it just took longer and longer… but yeah! finally done! here are the shepard-vakarians and their post-destroy adopted family. as usual, BIG BIG thanks to @masseffectgayliens for being a total babe and letting me blather at them to figure out headcanons :)


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okay but….post-destroy liara and javik indianna-jones-style adventures???

liara [to attackers]: it belongs in a MUSEUM!
javik [irritably]: as it is a prothean artefact and I am the only surviving prothean, it belongs to me
liara: ….it belongs either to him or in a MUSEUM!

shep and garrus have to come bail them out a couple times, and liken it to getting their kids from the headmaster’s office…



Wish I may, wish I might, bring you back to me tonight. ✨💔 For the May @meflashfanwork, “What Might Have Been”.

SORRY FAM. Everything I touch turns to angst.

And while not written for this, I do think this art lines up very nicely with my old (first ever!) ME fic, “Promises”.

At least, that’s what I keep telling myself to avoid writing a drabble to match this rn when I should be focusing on my MEBB plot. 😓

I completely forgot that a long time ago when I was stil sobbing horribly over finishing Mass Effect series, I drew Shepard getting rescued from the rubble post Destroy. I suppose one day I should draw a Synthesis pic too, since I already have this and that Control one

Here is Who We Know For a Fact is on the Isle, Why, and What They’ve Been Up To

As per the Descendants wiki (which needs a lot of updating so it’s possible I’m missing some). Also thoughts in parenthesis are mine, because I’m snarky.

  • Anastasia Tremaine: Abusing Cinderella, deceiving the king and prince, identity theft, assault, seems to generally be involved in villainous group schemes, probably including whatever led to the creation of the Isle. (Seriously, I have NO IDEA why she’s here, SHE REFORMED COME ON. I can only assume that something happened). Now she’s presumably working at the salon, Curl Up and Dye, and she has a bunch of daughters, one of whom is named Anita, and at least one son, Anthony. 
  • Captain Hook: Murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, hostage holding, torture, manipulating Tinker Bell, presumably a lot of theft, since he’s a pirate. (Yeah, okay, he earned a criminal sentence). He’s got three kids - Harriet, Harry, and CJ, and he runs a fishing shop. Also still has the Jolly Roger, so it must have been repaired post-octopus destroying it. He also used to own Uma’s ship but he had a race to give it to someone else and Uma won. 
  • Claude Frollo: ….Do I gotta elaborate? How about being genocidal, abuse of power, attempted murder, arson, torture, sexual harassment and attempted assault, child abuse, false imprisonment as Quasimodo was an adult, he should have been free to leave the tower. (Yeah, he deserves EVERYTHING he gets). Currently he runs a creperie and has a daughter named Claudine. ..Ben, please, I will PAY you to rescue her. 
  • Clayton: Poaching, animal abuse, attempted murder. He has a son named Clay now.
  • Coachman: Kidnapping, animal abuse, child abuse, dark magic. He runs a taxi service….presumably pulled by donkeys. *shudders*
  • Cruella De Vil: Animal abuse to the nth degree, theft, attempted murder since she tried to run a dude off the road. She currently has Carlos and I dunno what she does for a living. 
  • Diablo: Aiding, abetting and enabling Maleficent. Currently still does, now that his petrification is broken. 
  • Dr. Facilier: Dark magic, attempted theft and attempted murder. Currently runs a shop and has at least one child, Freddie. 
  • Drizella Tremaine: All the same stuff as Anastasia, minus identity theft, but she never ever reformed or showed substantial remorse. Currently works at the salon and has a number of daughters, one of whom is Dizzy. 
  • Edgar Balthazar: Animal abuse, attempted theft. This is the butler from the Aristocats for those of you who forgot him. He has a son, Eddie. No idea what he does though - maybe he buttles for one of the royal villains?
  • Flotsam and Jetsam: Aiding, abetting, and enabling Ursula. They currently live in a fish tank at the Chips shoppe. At least one of them has children, but Jay owns them as pets. 
  • Gaston: Kidnapping, attempted murder, inciting a mob to violence and attempted murder, attempted false imprisonment, blackmail. He has a hunting store and three boys - one named Gaston Jr., one named Gaston the Third, and one named Gil. 
  • Governor Ratcliffe: Attempted genocide, attempted murder, conspiracy to frame Pocahontas and John Smith. He has a son called Rick. 
  • Hades: Attempted murder, conspiracy to commit a coup, unleashing the titans. He has a son named Hadie and seems to sell Greek food (or what the Isle can pass as Greek food). 
  • Horace: Theft, ransoming, basically being hired hitmen for Cruella, animal abuse, impersonating another. Claimed to reform. Has a kid named Harold, called Harry. 
  • Horned King: Kidnapping, attempted murder, tried to take over the world, abuse of power. Owns a cauldron repair joint. 
  • Iago: Aided, abetted, and enabled Jafar, impersonating royalty, a few counts of theft, although he reformed (AND I AM SO MAD HE’S ON THE ISLE). Apparently he’s lost his ability to speak (or pretends he has) and has a son called Othello, whom Evie keeps as a pet. Seems to have teamed back up with Jafar. (STILL HORRIFYING). 
  • Jafar: Attempted coup, attempted murder, false imprisonment, theft, dark magic. He has a junk shop where his son steals stuff and then he sells it back. Has a son, Jay. 
  • Jasper: Same as Horace. Has a son named Jace. 
  • Lady Tremaine: Child abuse, abuse of magic, false imprisonment, destruction of property, some believe she murdered her husband. Aided and abetted identity theft and deceiving the royal family. Owns the salon. 
  • LeFou: Attempted murder, conspiracy to commit false imprisonment and blackmail, assault. He has a son called LeFou Deux (and he owes his son an apology for that). 
  • Lucifer: Abusing Cinderella. Has a bunch of kittens, one of which is owned by Carlos as a pet. 
  • Madame Mim: Cheating in a Wizard Duel (presumably punishable by some sort of magical penalty) and attempted murder. She has a few granddaughters, one of whom is called Maddy. 
  • Maleficent: Child endangerment, attempted murder, kidnapping, torture. Often claims a leadership position in villain group plans, has a daughter named Mal, and is currently her pet lizard. 
  • Maleficent’s Goblins: Aiding, abetting and enabling Maleficent. Currently trying to request amnesty from her. 
  • Mother Gothel: Child abuse, false imprisonment, attempted murder. Currently teaching at one of the schools, has a daughter called Ginny. 
  • Pain and Panic: Aiding, abetting, and enabling Hades. Pain has a lane named after him on the Isle. 
  • Queen of Hearts: Attempted murder and abuse of power. Currently owns a salon. 
  • Ratigan: Attempted murder, murder, extortion, attempted coup, kidnapping. Lives on the Isle, occasionally gets chased out of the chip shoppe by an angry Ursula.
  • Royal Astronomer of Agrabah: Knowingly aided, abetted, and enabled Jafar’s plans by checking if the stars aligned for Jafar’s purposes. Has a son named Reza. 
  • Scar: Murder, coup, false confession, assault, false imprisonment, abuse of power. Lives on the Isle. 
  • Shan Yu: Kidnapping, mass murder of civilians, attempted murder, attempted conquest for sake of showing off. Owns a Dim Sum place, and he lives near the Jolly Roger. 
  • Shenzi, Banzai, Ed: Aided, abetted, and enabled Scar, whom they later murdered. Currently have cubs who were given out as pets by Evie. Apparently they were cool with that (HORRIFYING). 
  • Shere Khan: Attempted murder, assault. Somehow owns a pawn shop, apparently he has a soft spot for Evie (or did when she was a small child). 
  • Smee: Aiding, abetting and enabling Hook. Has a son, named Sammy. 
  • The Evil Queen, Grimhilde; Dark magic, attempted murder. Has a daughter named Evie. 
  • The Ringmaster: Animal abuse. (REALLY. THIS GUY WAS NOT EVIL. HE DID HIS DARN JOB, YOU CAN’T HAVE AN ANIMAL BEATING CHILDREN EVEN IF THEY’RE INCREDIBLY ANNOYING. I guess he was cruel to Dumbo afterwards? Still. Adam. Harsh). Has a daughter named Hermie. 
  • Tick Tock: Attempted murder I guess? Has a bunch of baby crocs, apparently refuses to eat Harry’s hand. 
  • Ursula: Attempted coup, dark magic, abuse of power, attempted murder, false imprisonment if turning people into weeds is illegal. Has several daughters, most of whom are violinists, but one of whom is Uma, a pirate captain. These days she only sits on her couch watching soap operas and occasionally chasing out Ratigan, leaving the store to her ‘useless’ child, Uma (I’m bitter, can you tell?). 
  • Yzma: Attempted coup, attempted murder, dark magic, faking a death, scamming. Has two children at least, a girl called Yzla and a boy called Zevon. 
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Pairing: Baekhyun x reader, other members

Genre: Angst, potential series

Word count: 1,446 (I know it’s long, lol)

Summary: You didn’t mean to stumble upon one of the most mysterious men you’ve ever encountered. He seemed normal you thought at first, but oh were you terribly wrong. Your worst mistake was getting tangled in the mess that was Byun Baekhyun. 

A/N: This is my first fanfic, I’m sorry if it sucks. I just got this idea while watching Exo’s pathcode teasers. It’ll make more sense if you watch Baekyun’s teaser. Everyone has their powers in this btw.

Originally posted by littlebyuns

The television blared above me, as my mind seemed to have drifted off to more important matters. I don’t know how I ended up in this small cafe so late at night. I needed a space to escape and get my work done and I remembered seeing this small cafe on my way to work, so I decided to stop by.

“We advise you to stay in your homes today as risks of another light surge may be present. If you do leave your house, please have someone with you or notify someone of your surroundings.” the newscaster droned on.

For the past week, the city’s lights have been going out. It wasn’t just a few houses, or a few light fixtures, no it was more than that. Malls would lose power, houses stood in darkness, and light posts destroyed. No one knew why this was happening, the power lines have been checked countless times to no avail.

I didn’t mind it at first but it made my work harder than it should be. On top of that, no one seemed to want to leave their house because of these stupid news reports. There’s nothing wrong with the dark, in fact, I found it quite calming. That’s why often, I do the exact opposite of what is asked of me.

At this point, my mind was screaming for a break from the stack of papers in front of me. I decided to pack my things up as carefully as I could. There was no light in sight, except for the screen of my laptop. I put everything away in the backpack I had brought, and got up to head out. Stepping out into the cold air, I took out my phone to use as a flashlight so I wouldn’t run into any unnecessary trouble. Shivering, I began my way towards my apartment, looking around once in awhile.

As I walked through my usual route, the energy seemed to shift. It wasn’t like anything I’ve ever felt before. With each step I took, my feet considerably got warmer and warmer. I felt suffocated, like I was being deliberately buried alive. The feeling spread throughout my body, making my head throb. I clutched my chest with shaking hands as I came to a halt. Just like a tsunami, waves of coughs seemed to rip through my body. My eyes began to water and I dropped to the floor. I wanted so bad to scream out for help, yet nothing in me seemed to cooperate. I quickly raised my head once I thought I heard constant thumps against the earth. The sound intensifying because of my fragile state.

‘What am I doing? I need to get home.’ I thought. Forcing my legs to work, I got up and stood still to gain my balance. One step, two steps, three steps, the further I went, the harder it got. A cry finally left my throat, reverberating between the buildings I was surrounded by. I lowered my head and closed my eyes, almost as if promising defeat. The ringing in my head continued.

Clack. Clack. Clack. It continued, getting closer and closer. Then it went eerily quiet.

Soft hands suddenly clutched my shoulders, making me flinch. Sneaking a glance upwards, I found myself looking at the luminous light of the light posts.

“Huh? How..?” I whispered, raising my frail finger to point at the tall structures. The light was back throughout the path I was taking.

“Don’t worry about that right now?” I finally let my eyes cast over the figure in front of me. I was met with the deepest brown eyes I have ever encountered. They were laced with concern and panic, but the man seemed to conceal that with the straight line of his lips.

“You shouldn’t be out at this hour. Especially around me. See.. The effects are already showing up on you.” He said with a raspy voice. ‘What the fuck is he saying?’ I was far too weak to speak to him. “Where are you headed?” he asked. With everything I had in me I muttered, “home.” The man looked around, probably thinking of what to do. 

“I live close to here.” I uttered again. He glanced at me with furrowed brows then, looked behind him without saying anything.

He turned back around and stated, “I can carry you there.” 

‘That’s awfully kind of him, here is some man willing to waste his time on me. Wow. He’s still just a stranger for fucks sake. I don’t know if I want him to know where I live. I mean, what if he’s some serial killer or something?’ my mind fought with itself, weighing out the pros and cons.

“Um, I can maybe call a taxi or something.” I mumbled with a frail voice.

“You don’t seem like you can. Besides, you think there are any taxi drivers at this hour?” ‘Shit he has a point.’ He held out his arms, “trust me,” he whispered. I hesitated for a few minutes, contemplating the idea. Sighing in my head, I submitted into his request.

I looked up at him and nodded. He cracked a small smile, and wound his arms around my body. The man had full control as he walked forwards. ‘He clearly works out.’ I chuckled internally.

“This way right?” he broke my train of thought. I made a sound of approval. “Tell me which turns to take and where to go. Don’t collapse on me.” he said. I nodded awkwardly.

We fell into silence again, leaving me to stare at the man. I didn’t think it was obvious, I just stole a few glances here and there. He was clearly overdressed with a black turtleneck and a leather jacket adorning his toned body. His hair was parted, allowing a perfect view of his forehead. Every few steps he took, the man would look either behind him or to his side. Every time he did that, his body would tense up and his face would wear a hard expression. He was very hard read. I looked around me to see what he was searching for. Nothing, there was absolutely nothing. No living being was out at this hour, except for the two of us. I thought he had stopped his little ritual, but out of nowhere, his neck seemed to turn as quick as lightning to look around him. He suddenly started walking faster, like he was desperate to win a race. He acted as if his life depended on how fast he was going.

“Hey.. are you okay?” I managed to squeak out.

“Yeah I’m fine.” he answered, not sparing me a glance. I let it go. I mean it is late, so I don’t blame him for being paranoid.

I couldn’t take the awkwardness anymore. “Hey, um I didn’t get your name.” I whispered, afraid to raise my voice.

“You.. don’t need to know.” he stared straight ahead with the same hard expression.

‘What was this guy’s problem?’ My eyes narrowed at his figure. ‘Whatever.’

I successfully obtained my strength enough to guide him towards my small flat. We were a few feet away and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. Darkness overtook me, and I let it in, willingly.

                                                 *          *          *

The sun peered through my blinds, welcoming me in a blanket of heat. Slowly I shifted up, and instantly I was met with flashbacks.

“What the fuck?” I touched my head, “Ha that was one hell of a dream.” I turned my head to look at the clock, 8:20 am, it read. Anxiety made me shake and shoot up from my castle of pillows. “I’m late for work! Shit!!” I exclaimed, grabbing my phone to check any phone calls.  “Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck Fuck.” I chanted like a mantra. I quickly called up my co-worker, all the while feeling like I could die right then and there.

“Oh my gosh finally! Mina can you please tell the manager..”

“Manager? What are you talking about?” she cut me off.

“Huh?” I questioned.

“Y/N it’s Sunday.” she yawned. “Go back to sleep,” and with that she hung up. All the tension left my shoulders at her words.

“I’m so stupid.” I mumbled under my breath, walking towards my bedroom door. I was so lost in thought, that I failed to spot the dark object lying bluntly on the floor. I was sent flying downwards, pain making me cringe. My hands felt all around me until they were met with the soft book that had made me fall. My eyes furrowed in confusion.

“Exo Planet,” it read.

“That’s funny, I don’t remember purchasing this book.” I fumbled with the cover until I got it open to the first page.

“Property of Byun Baekhyun.”

You guys know what I probably love most about seeing MOTTE live? Seeing the transformation from the glamourous world star G-Dragon into the normal, absolutely gorgeous Kwon Jiyong. Just witnessing both personas in one night is unbelievably breathtaking and certainly something I will never forget.

a collection of shepard pjs! I resent that scene in me3 where shep wakes up in ~ sexy undies ~ because my shep would never wear such uncomfy lingerie to sleep in, so I figured I’d put my money where my mouth is and come up with my shep’s alternatives. the bruises are because my shep is an engineer who has a tendency to dive into melee fights despite having lighter armour…

if anyone likes these shirts I’m considering making them to put on redbubble/society6, so drop me a message or mention in the tags!

1. garrus’ c-sec shirt + gym shorts + woolly socks

2. “I put the BI in BICEPS” shirt (kaidan has a matching one that says “I put the BI in BIOTICS”) + checked pj bottoms

3. hannah shepard’s “annual anti-grav charity fun run 2167″ shirt (filched just before hannah went on an eight month tour, the first time she’d be away from shep for a significant amount of time since shep’s father died five years previous) + n7 ¾ trackies

bonus post-destroy ending - baggy “I beat the reapers and all I got was this crappy shirt” shirt (gift from joker) + boxer briefs