the signs as ugly damons

Aries: Damon attempts to catch a tomato in his mouth

Taurus: Homeless Damon stays at your house for the night

Gemini: Homeless Damon gets kicked out of your house

Cancer: Homeless Damon wins a contest and, as a result, is provided with his own personal stylist for a day

Leo: Damon loses a bet with his American friend

Virgo: Damon attends his friend’s daughter’s 16th birthday party

Libra: Grandpa Damon arrives to the studio hoping to create some dope beats

Scorpio: Damon shows the young’uns what Britpop was all about by mimicking Liam Gallagher

Sagittarius: Damon asks his barber for the ‘Thom’

Capricorn: Damon watches a magic show

Aquarius: Damon’s reaction to the fact that he will remain homeless

Pisces: Damon’s ‘before’ press photo for Bosley hair restoration