post metal

Something I love about tumblr is that tags are at the end of a post, so every text you come across is basically a surprise? Like I’ll start reading some rant and go three paragraphs before realizing that no, this is not an analysis on the intricacies of the State Department and how the GOP is running it into the ground but rather a point-by-point explanation on why it makes perfect sense for Cersei to go ahead and slaughter everyone with wildfire. 

Definitely one of life’s small joys.

metal gear boys react to you having a tapeworm

otacon: dont joke about that!!! dattebayo!!!!! d:<

ocelot: **goes yandere** i-im the only one allowed in your guts!!!!!!!!!!!!

huey: *turns away to hide his blush* i’ve always wanted a partner with a tapeworm….

liquid: tch…. thats so fucking unepic. i dont want my dick to get gobbled up by your tapeworm, we’re through [y/n]. you lose the internet. kek

gray fox: you werent suppose to know about that. **slaps you around**

solid snake: this is such a pain in the ass

johnny: **sasaki**

raiden: um….okay

big boss: **slurps the tapeworm out of your mouth and into his stomach** mmm!! yummy snack. thanks [y/n]!