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Sooooo I was thinkin last night about how much Waverly love love loves her books and she probably takes such good care of them and dusts them everyday and if someone tries to interrupt her while she's reading ancient Sumerian or some shit she just ignores them. Enter one adorable puppy faced Nicole Haught sneakin up underneath her arms while she's reading in bed and just giving her eyes until Waverly finally gives up and puts her book away (carefully!!) so she can kiss Nicole goodnight

omg this is so cute im squealing!!! thank you for the prompt c:

Waverly was in her bed reading, and re-reading, The 12th Planet. It was her favourite book so far out of her collection. The book had even gotten its own notebook for cliff notes and important highlights of the Sumerian era. This, like most of Waverly’s books, was looking almost untouched. No dog ears, no post-its, just notebooks upon notebooks of the “useful” information it contained. Waverly couldn’t put it down. 

This, of course, created some problem for Nicole. Reaching out to her girlfriend when she was “in the zone” was next to impossible. Nicole tried everything; holding her cat in front of Wave’s face; pretending that she hurt herself; wearing nothing but Wave’s favourite shirt; wearing nothing at all. Nicole gave up when Waverly accidentally walked into a wall while going to get tea and reading at the same time. 

This time, Nicole was going to get Waverly to crack.

“Hey, babe, how many times have you read that book?” Nicole asked while getting into bed. She got no answer. “I guess it’s pretty boring by now…” she tried.

“The 12th Planet is not boring! It’s anything but…” Waverly stopped talking when she saw the grin on Nicole’s face. “Nice try.” Waverly scoffed and went back to reading. 

“Oh yeah? Well, how’s this?” Nicole sneaked her arm around Waverly and began slowly kissing her neck and tugging her earlobe. Waverly groaned a little and tried her best to focus on the book but it wasn’t getting easier. Nicole gently kissed Wave’s jaw, wrapping her arms around the shorter woman until she laid her head on Waverly’s chest. Waverly sighed.

“Fine…” she muttered and kissed the top of Nicole’s head whilst putting the book away neatly on her bedside table. Nicole let out a small squeal in victory as Waverly leaned in for a moment of passion before turning the lights off.         

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Okay, I'm curious. I saw your post with your earrings, and why the numbers get down when the ring is getting bigger? Like, it was 14G first and ends with 2G or something??

G stands for gauge. Normal ear piercings are 18 gauge, or 1mm. As the number goes down, the size goes up. So 2 gauge is 6mm. It goes up to 00 gauge, then switches to inches, the first size being 7/16". Hope that kinda makes sense, haha.


Jeez, I’ve come to hate that word. “Canon.” My dislike for it doesn’t really have anything to do with the meaning of the word, just how people use it, especially in the Steven Universe Fandom. People just use the word so LOOSELY. I don’t want to call out any specific examples, but, as a good rule of thumb, UNLESS something has been confirmed by the show writers, IT. IS. NOT. CANON. Unless you are talking about GregRose, Rubapphire, or Stevonnie(????), THE SHIP IS NOT CANON. Just because YOU think something (ship or otherwise) is/ will become canon, does not mean you are right. Please, don’t be ignorant. Use the word correctly. Thanks for lending an ear! ☺️
(Post Statement: It’s spelled “canon” not “cannon.” I.e.: If you say it’s canon one more time, I will shoot you with a cannon.“


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1. had sex
2. bought condoms
3. gotten pregnant
4. failed a class
5. kissed a boy
6. kissed a girl
7. used a little paper bag for lunch
8. had a job
9. missed the school bus
10. left the house without your wallet
11. bullied someone on the internet
12. sexted
13. had sex in public
14. played on a sports team
15. smoked weed
16. smoked cigarettes
17. smoked a cigar
18. drank alcohol
19. watched “the breakfast club”
20. been overweight
21. been underweight
22. had an eating disorder
23. been to a wedding
24. made fun of someone for being fat
25. been on the computer for 5 hours straight
26. watched tv for 5 hours straight
27. been late for work
28. been late for school
29. kissed someone in the rain
30. showered with someone else
31. failed my drivers test
32. ran a mile in less than 10 minutes
33. been outside my home country
34. been on a road trip longer than 5 hours
35. gotten my heart broken
36. had a credit card
37. been to a professional sports game
38. broken a bone
39. been unhappy about your weight
40. won a trophy
41. cut myself
42. had an std
43. got engaged
44. been on a diet
45. tried out to be on a tv show
46. rode in a taxi
47. been to prom
48. played in a drinking game
49. stayed up for 24 hours or more
50. been to a concert
51. had a three-some
52. had a crush on someone of the same sex
53. been in a car accident
54. had braces
55. learned another language
56. killed a bug
57. been at a yard sale
58. been to a japanese steakhouse
59. wore make up
60. talked to someone via webcam
61. lost my virginity before i was 16
62. had my wisdom teeth taken out
63. kissed someone a different race than myself
64. snuck out of the house
65. bought porn
66. had a virus on my computer
67. had oral sex
68. dyed my hair
69. graduated from college
70. wore someone else’s clothes
71. voted in an election
72. rode in an ambulance
73. rode in a helicopter
74. caught the stove on fire
75. got in a fight
76. been on vacation
77. been in an airplane
78. been on a boat
79. had surgery
80. beat a video game
81. found something valuable on the ground
82. made a survey
83. stalked someone on facebook/myspace
84. prank called someone
85. been to a library outside of school
86. spent over $100 shopping in one day
87. cut your hair and hated it
88. peed outside
89. went fishing
90. helped with charity
91. taken a pregnancy test
92. been rejected by a crush
93. been suspended from school
94. broken a mirror
95. faked sick from school
96. owned a pet
97. been to six flags