Inktober 2018 - 2018/10

Partie 2/ 4

Based on the post apocalyptic wanderer list from here. Done in the right order but not displayed in ‘cause some of thems looks better :P

  1. The lost time traveller
  2. The bandit
  3. The rail(way)man
  4. The sky empress
  5. The sky warlord
  6. The lord of the seas
  7. the war machine

Concept: a post-apoc survival game where the premise is that the previous batch of heroes stopped one of those allegorical JRPG-style apocalypses, but the physical consequences didn’t magically undo themselves afterwards, so now everyone has to to deal with symbolic bullshit like your agricultural land being replaced with forests of stone hands, or that giant eyeball where your capital city used to be. The tone could be horror, but it’s not; rather, the emphasis is on how incredibly inconvenient it is for everybody that pieces of the world have been transformed into half-baked metaphors for hating your dad.