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Happy 39th Birthday Jensen Ackles (March 1st, 1978)!

do you have that one lyric where you have to mentally prepare yourself and when it comes on you’re still and quiet and just let it wash over you and you know that everything will be alright


We haven’t categorized ourselves. And I don’t think we’ve thrown ourselves at the public as much as a lot of other people who say they haven’t—we don’t put ourselves in the way of glory. But three years is such a short time to start making any grand assessment. We’ve had the opportunity to be superduper incredible stars, and we could have lived on that much more than we have done, but I think it’s just a case of holding back all the time, because if you take the reins that are given to you, you end up destroying yourself—overdoing it, over playing it, over living it, and suddenly finding out that the things from your past don’t fit in at all with what you’re doing now. Therefore it’s much better for me to go home and be as I have been for years and years and years, than make some new being out of myself… —Robert Plant (Rock Magazine, August 1971)

Rockstars in commercials

Iggy Pop: Car InsuranceSchweppes 

Alice Cooper: Staples , Sony, Callaway Golf, Marriott  

Bob Dylan: Victoria’s Secret 

The Rolling Stones: Jingle for Rice Krispies 

Steven Tyler: Burger King , Gap (along with Joe Perry), Sony camera 

Ringo Starr: Sketchers , apple juice , Pizza Hut (with the Monkees)

Mick Jagger: Monty Python (with Charlie Watts), showing off his gym shoes

Paul McCartney: JBL, Fidelity Federal  (kinda), Apple 

U2: Apple

David Bowie: Pepsi  (with Tina Turner), Louis Vuitton , ice cream (rare!), XM Radio, XM Radio 2005  !!!, Reality  

Robert Plant: Coca Cola

Slash: Mastercard , Volkswagen 

Gene Simmons: Dr. Pepper, Nike

Ozzy Osbourne: Best Buy , World of Warcraft , Samsung Propel, I can’t Believe it’s not Butter!, Brisk , Pepsi Twist 

Brian May: Ford

Roger Daltrey: American Express , Bulova, A Christmas Carol (he’s Ebenezer Scrooge!!!) 

Elton John: Pepsi

Feel free to add more!


So, I always envisioned Eartha Kitt as the voiceclaim for Hilda - some say Deedee Magno Hall but Eartha’s voice is AMAZING. It fits this smug zeppelin gal so well! The reason why I chose this song to create an animation for (my first one bhfdj wanna learn) was, well, because of the whole witch thing and the delicious “HA!” Eartha gives at the end of the song which is similar to Hilda’s vocal attack. I’m really excited to do this thing, but I don’t know shit about animating, except for frame handlement (I edit gifs and such). Gonna be taking a few tutorials and hopefully I can get this project done. Hilda is my favorite boss in Cuphead along with Cagney and I really wanna show her some love. <3

For now, here’s the cover thingie I was talking about!