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hey y’all did you know that mobile now has an option to filter posts? cause I sure as fuck didn’t. here’s how to do it if you were clueless like me!

go forth and filter to your hearts content with this newfound information!

i never thought it would be necessary to post this, but it’s time for some fans to let Millie and Finn get on with their lives, all this crap about shipp them in real life is becoming a toxic thing, theres rumors about Millie would be dating her friend Jacob and some fans would be bothered to the point of making Millie and Jacob erase photos and comments from their own medias, y'all need to learn to separate fiction/reality if Mike and Eleven like each other on a TV show it doesn’t mean that Millie and Finn like each other in real life to the point of starting a relationship, and that’s the thing, you guys push so hard that both Finn and Millie are clearly feeling annoyed by this, Hollywood is already toxic enough, you do not need to be toxic with this shipp nonsense, invading their privacy, i hate to be that person who post this, but y'all need to stop with this, you can enjoy things but please DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE


Kars, Ultimate Being and animal enthusiast, and ACDC, big emotion beef and my favorite Pillar Man!!

Ahh I get to share these now! These are my pieces for the @horizons-pillarmen-fanzine! It was a huge honor to be part of such an amazing group of artists and authors, thank you so much for this lovely project, and thank you to everyone who purchased it, I hope you enjoyed it!!

Hoi! I’ve gotten a lot of impersonation messages this year, so I’ve decided to do a face reveal. I wanted to wait until I redyed my hair ombre (It faded a long time ago), but I did recently buy these cute horns, so I thought why not. Also lots of cats in the pics below, I have many cats o3o

The reason why I haven’t done one sooner, is because I’ve been anxious about a face reveal, ever since I did one back in 2013-ish. Long story short, some dick friends of one of my ex-friends decided it would be funny to mess with me and call me names, because I was a “gurl gamer”. Ever since then, I’ve tried to hide what I look like :v

But ye, the main reason for a face reveal was to help stop impersonations, since people have been using my name for personal gain (because many didn’t know that I was actually a girl or what I looked like), and I’ve gotten a lot of messages about it over this year. I thought if I didn’t do it now, I may never gain the confidence to do it later.

Still working on music stuff, so don’t worry. I’ve got two tracks I’m working on atm & I dunno which one will be released first o3o

(Also when I was wearing these horns, all my cats followed me around & were a bit spooked. They photobombed just about every pic I took lmao)


I have actively been trying to eat differently and move more to lose weight for the better part of the last five years.

And yet SUDDENLY now that I am getting married in eight months, any time I happen to decline a pastry or eat a lunch consisting of chicken, broccoli and rice (which I really enjoy, by the way) people feel the need to say something about how I must be “sweating for that wedding!” or “trying to fit into that dress!” Or, even worse, when I have a piece of chocolate in my hand, “Careful, you need to fit into your dress!”

NEWSFLASH: I am purposefully NOT associating my health and fitness goals with my upcoming wedding.

NEWSFLASH: My dress looks fucking amazing on me at the size I am now. That’s why I bought it??!

NEWSFLASH: I can imagine nothing worse than extreme dieting in the months leading up to what is supposed to be one of the happiest days of my life. ALSO, the last thing I want is to look one way in my wedding photos, gain a bunch of weight because that weight wasn’t lost in a sustainable way in the first place, and then hardly recognize myself later on when I look back at those photos.

The pressure that is automatically put on people who have upcoming weddings is ridiculous - diet culture at its worse. Other people probably feel differently about this and that’s fine. If you want to use your wedding as motivation, cool. But we shouldn’t assume that people are trying to lose weight for a wedding unless they talk about it first.

I’m not losing weight for my wedding, I’m losing weight for the rest of my life.


The Many Faces of Victor Nikiforov - Episode 11

We’re into the final stretch now and, while this episode is mostly one that builds into the finale, there’s still a lot to be garnered here. We finally get a view into how Victor sees his own skating and his thoughts going forward. But I won’t frontload all the commentary into the intro so let’s delve into the set itself!

Ahh the ring kiss. Along with Yuuri’s, this shot was completely updated in the release version (so it actually looks like a kiss and not just pressing their lips against it). Something I love about this is how unplanned it feels. We could tell a minute prior that Victor kissing Yuuri’s ring was a spur of the moment thing due to Yuuri’s hand being fully lifted by Victor’s before Yuuri clued in and clasped it back and this pair ring kiss feels like a follow-up to that. I always got the feeling of connection through this gesture, like there was some kind of invisible string linking them together.

I love this second gif for a few reasons. We can spy Yuuri reflected in Victor’s eyes and that directly mirrors how Yuuri is also in Victor’s heart. Yuuri’s skating and determination to push himself further has become an inspiration for Victor. This is the kind of thing that Victor has long forgotten, since his days as a Junior skater, and it makes him beyond happy to see Yuuri grasping it here. To me, this moment doesn’t feel like Victor grasping at inspiration to use for himself, but instead that he’s overjoyed to see that Yuuri is the one grasping it.

And with this third gif, we see Victor cheering for Yuuri while he’s skating. What I love about it is how into it he is. His entire body moves with his cheers! He’s not just passively clapping or smiling like he does in earlier episodes. He even jumps when Yuuri does! Yuuri has become his skating, even if he doesn’t quite realize it himself yet. Yuuri has become his expression of self on the ice. His entire view on his own skating has shifted; he doesn’t need to be on the ice anymore if Yuuri can be for both of them.

And his emotions show us that too, as we can see with this fourth (unmoving) gif. His face looks displeased but he’s not actually upset at Yuuri, he’s upset for him. He knows that Yuuri isn’t going to be happy with the turnout of that performance, and thus Victor feels it too. If you check out their expressions at the kiss & cry, you’ll see that they actually match. They really are on the same wavelength now.

This fifth gif is easily one of my favourites of the entire series. It’s the first time we really get a look into how Victor views his own skating. It isn’t some inspiring thing like it seems to others; it’s literally become like “fetters around his neck”, strangling him. Saying that he doesn’t enjoy his skating anymore is a massive understatement. It’s been said by official sources that Victor was lonely and in just this scene you can feel that crushingly so. He looks so isolated here. And to think of how all the people in his life only encourage him to stay in/go back to such a place…

However, a lot has changed for Victor since then. He’s found something, someone, that’s helped him rediscover joy in his life. While he may still be around skating, he doesn’t need to be strangled by it anymore as he can sit back and pour his inspiration and feelings into Yuuri. You can see through this episode that Victor is just as invested in Yuuri’s skating as Victor was in his own. What he’s saying here is that Yuuri has helped inspire him and what he wants to do about that isn’t go back to skating with it, it’s pump it back into Yuuri. He doesn’t want to just take it and run, he wants to become a positive feedback loop to help Yuuri reach his own, and by extension Victor’s, dreams. Through this, Victor realizes that Yuuri really has become his skating.

In contrast, we see young Victor who has a very different expression on the ice than his older self did. This is a Victor that could still enjoy skating, could still enjoy the challenge that it presented. In contrast to the earlier gif of isolated Victor, this one has a much brighter background to show the difference in mindset. Also interestingly, this scene is cut in through Yurio’s SP. I’ve always believed that Yakov is unintentionally making Yurio into a Victor 2.0 and this kind of seals that impression in stone. What that means for right now is that both are talented skaters that have the self-drive to improve if for no other reason than to one-up themselves.

One key element that can get overlooked about this eighth gif, before I delve into my interpretation, is the perspective. The moment before, when we saw the close-up of Victor’s expression from the back (where he looked ‘unhappy’) is actually the same face that we see here. The moment before was Yuuri’s POV and, in contrast, this gif is from Victor’s (or at least an outsider’s). You can see that all the negative impressions that Yuuri’s POV implies simply aren’t there at all. Victor looks observant, not upset. He’s just watching and taking in what’s happening. Yet Yuuri, through a combination of his anxiety and stress (about having decided to retire after the GPF among other things), has skewed Victor’s expression to mean something that it’s not.

This ninth gif is also one of my favourite shots because, combined with the speech overlaid on top of it, it tells us explicitly what Victor thinks of the current skating scene from the perspective of an observer. The text says “How does long-time rival Victor Nikiforov feel as he watches [Chris] perform from the audience?” As we can clearly see, he’s happy. There’s nothing about this expression that’s complicated. He’s content being part of the audience because he’s relearned how to enjoy skating from a different perspective – from the sidelines.

This last gif, besides exemplifying how beautiful Victor is as a person, feels “innocent” to me. What I mean by that, besides the fact that there’s a lot of white and light colours in the image, is Victor has no idea what’s coming. He’s trusting, his guard is down, and he probably thinks that Yuuri just wants to talk about something regarding his next program. And he does, in a sense, but definitely not what Victor assumes. Victor’s finally reached a happy place in his life, but unfortunately for him everyone else doesn’t seem to be done with his skating yet…

I actually love Victor in this episode; we may not see him a whole lot but we learn so much about both his current self and his past self. It really fills in all the gaps. The episode is also a very interesting study on how character perspective can influence audience impression (thanks Yuuri). That said, I enjoyed writing this so I hope it’s enlightening! I’ll see you guys in the finale!

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Bonus because Victor’s dot-eyed expression and ‘Davai!’ here are just so silly:

*OC kiss week 2018*

so! i still haven’t seen posts about it and i absolutely adore oc kiss week and i want to do it this new year too!

draw your oc kissing another oc! your friend’s oc! fandom ocs and original ocs and ALL OF THE OCS KISSING ONE ANOTHER!


tag everything as #ockiss18 !!

  • Jake: Hey, babe, do you want me to do a tarot card reading for you?
  • Amy: Oh, sure!
  • Jake: [lays down cards] Alright, this one tells me you’re a precious angel, this one says your smile is heavenly, and-
  • Amy: Jake, these aren’t even tarot cards, they’re just pictures of me…

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yesterday was my birthday and my grandma got me a mermaid tail blanket and my other family members gave me various voltron gifts (green lion slippers, a few t-shirts, a few face masks (as a joke) and a green bathrobe). my younger cousin then pointed out how my gifts were like my favorite voltron pairing (plance) and i died of laughter. turns out i had a very plance-y birthday and i'm not complaining!

Omg;; Happy belated birthday!!

Your family sounds really really awesome! Am I getting this right, or do they all know Voltron? (And pretty well at that…) Say hi to them, and tell them I’m okay with being adopted.

Have a good one ♡

energy ✨

“lucky dink.”  “i’m finessing.”

thought i would post this for day 4 of 8 days of falsettos!

(can you tell how inspired by @faiyx i am i honestly check that blog and instagram at least twice a day)