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This photograph was taken in India, by Gautam Basu, and won CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year in 2011. The area they are in is referred to as the ‘Pipe Slum’ and are old pipes that were discarded by the city after the completion of a water project. The rest of the slum is made up of ramshackle shanties that are built over and around the pipes. The area is also home to a number of children attending a nearby compassion project. Like India, Manila in the Philippines also has homeless people and families living in similar concrete and steel pipes.

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In the wolf au, is Kirishima dating Denki, hanta, Mina, ect or is just kinda a wolf thing? Not that I mind either way I'm just super curious lol. Also it's so lovely, your work is so sweet.

Anon said: hello fran!! How are you? I hope you’re doing great!! sorry to bother you haha but I wanted to ask something!! So, in your wolf!kirishima comic it says that Denki’s pack and so is sero and mina, does that mean that they’re wolves shifters too?? And will we ever get to see them?? (also is there kamisero? Sorry my weak heart loves them yeet)

Ohohohohohohoho I’m glad you both asked about Kirishima’s pack cause boy do I have answers - okay first things first, Kirishima is only dating Bakugou and he’s the only wolf shifter in the pack (well, Mina is also a shifter, just not a wolf shifter)

In the AU pack dynamics are loosely based on how wolf packs work in the wild: in nature usually there’s an alpha couple (the “alpha male” and his mate) and the rest of the pack is made out of their pups! So by all means it’s just a family unit - once the pups are old enough to fend for themselves they leave the “pack” to form their own family - they’re social animals, so they need a pack to be happy and safe, and that reflects in the AU too. In this universe though it’s pretty normal for wolf shifters to date/marry non-shifters or shifters of other kinds, and when that happens the resulting kids might or might not have shifting abilities, which results in the process of forming a pack being a bit all over the place

In Kirishima’s case, he was born by two non-shifters who had shifter blood in them - as a wolf shifter his wolf side needed a pack to feel well (let’s say, other wolves to play with and learn from and so on) so as a kid he used to spend a lot of time with Fat and Amajiki (both wolf shifters!) who acted as a surrogate pack for the wolf in him - now he’s old enough to have his own pack tho! And while ideally that would mean he builds his own family with another wolf shifter, he ended up falling for Bakugou, who’s a non-shifter and a man, which means the family plan sorta went down the drain. His wolf still needs a pack to be happy tho, and that ended up meaning he latched onto Mina (a childhood friend) and Kaminari and Sero (Bakugou’s close friends) who by this point are as close to him as if they were actual family.

So in theory Kirishima’s wolf side sees the pack as himself and Bakugou as the alpha couple and Mina, Sero and Kaminari as the “pups” - practically though Kirishima’s human side has a perfect grasp on his wolf’s instincts, so all in all it ends up just being five pals loving each other like family, no power imbalance at all (…he does get clingy after his pack members spend time with people outside of the pack, but he doesn’t ever try to stop them from socializing outside of the group and cuddles and general close proximity are all he needs to make his wolf feel better!)

…as you can see, I spent more time on this AU than strictly necessary haha

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Rix is @dustyowls
Zebodah is @madmadameem
Annnd Zulado is @celestialkiri !!!!

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maybe like someone talks about a certain topic much more because they experienced it themselves???? like how the heck would you expect a black to talk about the racism / stereotypes chinese people face??? or asian people, if i put it more broadly.

how like every time people just throw a freaking ni hao in our faces and then think they know all about ‘ching cheng chong chang’ ? or them just eating chinese food / takeout and claim they are a lover of chinese culture, do they know how diverse chinese culture is? we have songs, poems, operas, paintings, ceramics, music && more that dates back for centuries.

Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day

I started to write personal comments for all of my favorite fanfic authors, but it occurs to me that I should not keep them to myself. I should share them all with you.

@rhiannon42 is an amazing author. You should read her fic. I don’t care if you’re in the same fandoms, just pick one and read it. Today she posted her foray into Cosmic Horror for Star Wars with Relego VI. It’s a good place to start. Of course, I started following her for Alexandra Shepard. I think my favorite fic is Resurrection.  I cry every time I read it.  I narrated it once for a fanfic tumblr meme and had to get up and take a walk. Twice.  [x]

@aicosu has a knack for detail. Gritty details. The details that get stuck in your head like misplaced song lyrics: you chew on them for days until they become so routine that they’re part of you. Yeah. It’s like that. Like everything Aicosu does, it’s a joint effort – I like to try and tease out which scenes are Sheila and which scenes are Sylar. I’m pretty convinced the worldbuilding is Sheila and the sexy dialogue is Sylar, but I could just be reading it in his Fenris voice. ;) If you haven’t read Message Sent, you’re doing yourself a disservice. It’s a modern AU of the Solas/Lavellen relationship from Dragon Age Inquisition. I don’t like elves. I read it. In one sitting. Much like the Solas romance, we’re still waiting for answers. (Stares at the camera.) I also personally love Jenny. It’s dark and twisted and beautiful and cough may have inspired me more than the source material. [x]

@cherith is so good, you guys. I don’t have a favorite fic, because I’m a horrible friend, but let me tell you a thing: Cherith is always there. Every time I turn around, I see her name. She’s that hero that swoops in and scoops up the abandoned fic requests like a champ, cape flapping in the god damned wind. She huddles those fandoms close like a mama hen, lets them hatch into actual plots, and releases them into the world when they have legs to stand on. She’s just … one of those people that makes fanfic work. Read her stuff. Comment on it. Don’t let her go.  [x]

Which brings me to @andspiders, because saints be praised, she’s pulled my ass out of a fire so many times I think I’d cry if I met her. Spiders has this gift for pulling fic out of thin air. I swear to all that is holy, it’s a gift. I once gave her a three word prompt and within 4 hours she had a 1,000 word fic in my inbox. She’s fucking magic. Don’t let her tell you otherwise. [x]

@ir-anuk is also amazing. I don’t understand a majority of what she writes, but it’s always well written and worth reading. I think I’ve read most of her Destiny fic. I don’t remember any of the details she highlights being in the actual game but she does. And that’s what’s important. She remembers it all.  [x]

There’s @kyeshgall, who may or may not ever see this because life sucks. But I wish you all could read her work because she’s the kind of magic unicorns wish they could possess and she deserves all the love you can send her.  [x]

And there’s @everkings who writes as well as she draws and oh my god I wish I had a modicum of her talent. And Yonwords doesn’t apparently write fic anymore but she has always delivered solid gold and solid advice. I have no words for how much I love her writing and style, you guys. Maybe if I clap my hands while you tell her you love her, she’ll come back to fandom. [*] And @galleywinter who I lost to Warcraft but I’ll catch up with her some day!!! [*] and oh my stars and garters did you know @shadesofmauve has now written 200,000 words of Joker romance? Seriously, guys, I am a slacker. That is some serious dedication. Go read A Star to Steer Her By and Sunset and the Evening Star, because damn. Goals. [*]



   … and I’m falling asleep. The sun has set and my body says ow. I just. I just wanted to thank you guys for being you.

              …don’t ever stop.

Aaaaaayyyy character portraits for my Dungeon World crew’s characters! I’ve had these done for a while now and just decided to go ahead and post them. This style is pretty different from my normal stuff, but I felt like it fit. It’s much more cartoony.

So left to right we have Jamison the Holy (paladin), Anora the Undefeated (barbarian), Deborah (cleric), Castor “Booty Prince” Killdragon (NPC), and Squart the Bard (bard).

Breath of the Wild is still one of the most unique and gorgeous takes on a post-apocalyptic world in modern games, in my opinion. A lot of games with post-apocalyptic settings are very stark and colorless and alien and while those are interesting in their own right I still think that BotW’s take on it is just as fascinating and makes it stand out. 

Hyrule was utterly destroyed. No matter where you believe it lands on the Zelda timeline, it’s undeniable that it came thousands of years after well established kingdoms we’ve seen within games in the franchise, and that’s before we even discuss the Sheikah technology that predated this iteration of Link. We know that the wild and open Hyrule we have now is a far cry from the established kingdoms we’ve seen. People were killed. Civilizations were ravaged, destroyed, and left empty. Existing towns are small, scattered, and isolated by a violent wilderness full of monsters. Enormous mechs with land-altering properties and minds of their own threaten the livelihood of those remaining. There are fields littered with the remains of nigh-unkillable robots, and some of them still prowl the forests and mountains. At the very center of it all, the apocalypse-bringer itself is only barely restrained from releasing its absolute fury on what’s left as it continues to bring monsters back from the dead time and time again.

And yet… the world is still so alive in spite of all its struggles. The dust has settled, but instead of being dark and devoid of life, nature has crept over the ruins and roads. Wildlife thrives, birds sing, and plants grow, including the rarest flower thought to have been nearly extinct making a slow return. The sunrise and sunset are still beautiful, even if that light is cast mostly on empty, grassy fields as far as the eye can see. Wild horses frolic among the remains of guardians. Strange and beautiful spirits soar through the air or shine between the trees. Great fairies watch over towns. Even though the terrain is dangerous, people have made roads and paths for merchants and adventurers who connect the towns and villages. Monsters and guardians haven’t stopped them from exploring, scavenging, and pioneering the wild. Yes, the people know that the world is full of danger which threatens to engulf them- it’s hard to ignore that when Hyrule Castle is so visible- but that hasn’t stopped them from gathering the remains and making the most of it. It isn’t the shining kingdom it once was, but the people have a newfound appreciation and respect for the wilderness that now spans it. 

There’s just something so lovely and humbling about a setting which looks at the fallout of a magical kingdom and the new lives its people lead in the midst of a world that’s dangerous, seeing how they’re working on stringing themselves together again, and watching as they rekindle their hope… and all the while, the rest of the world keeps breathing. The sun still rises and the sun still sets.


David Tennant characters shouting costars’ names



Reblog to show appreciation for these modern cartoon old men that would do anything for their family :*)

the deh fandom: lol when jared says “kinky” in sincerely me!! it’s the best part of that song i’d love to see him say that live in a boot omg

will roland in every single bootleg: