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Rhett Link Q&A, vidcon Amsterdam 2017.

I attempted timestamps for all the questions, I hope it worked. (also I would advice watching this on bigger screens .? The annoying flicker intensifies on tiny screens)

Today was Dan and Phil’s meet up at Vidcon in California. I was not going to use this meet and greet because it was for a friend but sadly she couldn’t come. After asking a lot of people I decided that I should not let the meet and greet go to waste. 

So basically all I got to do for two plus hours was wait in line. The fun part was whenever Vidcon crew found out people were scamming their way into meeting Dan and Phil. They sent Dan and Phil to their break and would not let them come out until everyone in line was registered and had this meet and greet. Thank goodness that disaster was over but sadly people that scammed their way through well some still met them. I’m all for everyone meeting Dan and Phil but it just wasn’t fair to them to be there longer than they were told. Plus they haven’t slept for two days. Goodness. 

Anyways to the part where I meet them. I flew from east Tennessee for Vidcon and to vacation in Los Angeles. With that being known I had my boarding passes and thought it would be funny for them to sign after they told us about their plane fail. So it comes to be my turn and Phil is first so I’m just like arms open and jogging to him saying HI. I was so happy they are so nice and cute and I just cannot say enough positive things about them. Then I hugged Dan and I swear their hugs are so good. Like Phil can just hug me all day and I would not mind. After the hugs I said that I flew all the way from Tennessee for this and thought after the story last night that you could sign my boarding passes. They said sure and did. After that I said so I’m jet lagged and you two are jet lagged so let’s just pretend we say something cool and take a photo. Dan was looking at me like he knew what I was saying but really didn’t. We all do that. That just makes me laugh. So I hand my phone over for a photo and my camera decided to go back to the regular screen and on the screen is twitter, tumblr, instagram, wattpad, clock, camera, and more. He literally saw that I had wattpad. Like please run me over and leave me to die. I didn’t say what I wanted to do for the photo so we just smiled. What’s so funny is that it looks just like my first photo. lol. I cannot with my life. After the photo was taken I got my phone back and Dan said thank you for coming all the way out and for watching our videos. I leave to get my bag and continue on with life.

That is my meet and greet with Dan and Phil at Vidcon US 2017. Can I be honest? I literally didn’t feel that great after meeting them. I think it was rushed and that it wasn’t as personal to me as meeting them last year at the Washington DC stop on TATINOF. Overall I’m really grateful and wanted to share my experience with people that haven’t meet them and to let everyone know that they are actually nice and do care about their subscribers. 

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Meeting the CC boys at Vidcon

oKAY y’all so as you may or may not know i’m going to vidcon this year! i’ve had word that ian and joji (and maybe max?) are gonna be there, and hopefully i’ll be able to find them and meet ‘em!

i was giving a lot of thought into what i would do when i met them, and i had what I CONSIDER to be really good ideas

i wanna give ian something nice because he deserves nice things, and i decided that i’ll give him rly nice pictures of my beautiful dog (because i remember him saying once that he liked that)

but i’m also going to give ian a journal that belonged to my ex. my ex was abusive and i was with him for 3 years before he tried to kill me and i was recently able to put him in jail. i want to give ian that journal and it would be my honor if ian would destroy it during an unboxing or something. 

if i meet joji, i’d really like to get him to sign my arm and honestly, would get that tattooed. i have several tattoos on my arms already and i think that would be a great addition

i’m very excited and nervous!