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Sorry, guys. I am awful, I know. I always hoard asks, saying I’ll answer them later. I have no idea why, but all I can do is apologise for doing so.

Thank you SO much to: @storylegacysims, @pinkcotton, @sassyllamas, @lacoded, @midsky, @108sims, @nutmegspicelatte, @tigerellasims, @riverstonesims, @littlemicrocosims, @calisimgirl, @thesimsofnoalyn, @pixeloasis and @acesakurauniverse!

I love you all and I’m about to go on an ask spree! <3


look I’m finally doing a tag!


Tagged by @simmeronnie (and I’m pretty sure someone else tagged me in this long ago too, but I can’t find it in my activity :o). Don’t ask why my simself is suddenly buddies with Tobias. I had a small idea for his birthday story and even took pics, but decided to replace it with what you saw because I liked that new idea much better, so it’s a good time to post these pics w/o context I guess.

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so i need help figuring out how to find - or even what search terms to use to find the type of weird art that you see in movies/tv shows where it looks like just a regular realism painting when in reality something odd or funny is happening in it. i’m sure there must be some word for this in set/prop making. my partner wants a poster of something like that to decorate his study (and it desperately needs decoration but it must be this specific thing). his one exception is a realism style painting (poster) with pokemon artfully woven into it. please… i know that if i can figure out how to refine the search terms i’ll be able to get him a christmas present that he’ll really love. 

ok the poses people are making for pets are so fkin cute n also i got s&s a pet so those posts are supposed to start coming out on saturday :~D neatneatneat


At nine in the morning, Roma awoke (very confused, mind you) in her boyfriend’s apartment in the city. But then she remembered she was visiting one last time before the holidays, for neither of them were going to be able to travel again until Christmas day. 

Getting a job simultaneously killed and enhanced her time with Danny, sadly.

Roma, laughing softly: Hey. Stop attacking me before I have my coffee.

Danny: Mm. No can-do. Plus, Mom’s out of coffee. She tends to drink it too much during the holiday season.

Roma: Still get off of me, you doofus!!

Danny, grinning: Geez, you’re abusive in the mornings.