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The fascinating story of a failed picture :)

In January 2013, inspired by the animal photography of a blogger friend (specialized in birds) I went on a flamingo photo shooting…

… and came back highly disappointed. Very low light that I obviously never managed to cope with. I nearly deleted all the files but didn’t, mainly out of laziness and also because “You never know” is a phrase I very often use when I’m supposed to clear my house… :D

A year later I joined a photographer platform. I felt very shy, very aware of my lack of technical knowledge (still going on btw) and very convinced that a good photo was a photo which was good directly out of the camera : no processing, no nothing. But looking at so many amazing pictures on the platform I realized I was really wrong. I started processing, creating abstracts, reframing pictures, playing with colours, contrast… I’ve always wanted to paint but never managed, and there I could cre-ate with the digital tools !

I started searching my archives and came across these very bad pictures. I chose the one above.

Stains, low light, lack of sharpness… Still, something attracted me in the scenery so I started processing it ; honestly, I can’t remember what I did exactly, especially since I was using a very old version of my software at the time, but I cropped to get rid of the few houses that I didn’t want in the frame, despeckled, probably worked on the sharpness and on the light, obviously.

I posted the result in 2014 (and on my Tumblr in March 2016) :

I was happy I had saved it though I was aware of some technical defaults.

I submitted it to Fern’s and Pete’s critique for their December 17th InConversation Photo Critique - very interesting and enriching. I listened to their idea of cropping even closer to just remain with the cage effect. Still, I can’t choose between three (!!) versions I made. Also, using the latest version of my former software (I use ACDSee) I probably made different processing choices.

Actually I like my old version, the breathing space on the right. But I also like Fern’s and Pete’s idea of really playing / enhancing the cage effect. Can’t make up my mind ! I’ll let you tell me what you prefer (IF you like the  photo in the first place of course).

I will appreciate any feedback - what I actually enjoy here is the story of a picture. I could maybe post other “photo stories” later.




Thanks for reading all the text !

PS : actually… I think I’ve made up my mind :)

PS 2 : not all my pictures come out of my camera so badly ! :D