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by the nape of my neck

part one of the by the nape of my neck/the pulse in your wrist series

otayuri week: day seven - soulmates

rated t - countdown soulmates - missed connections - angst w/ happy ending - read on ao3

Everyone has a counter that ticks down the hours until you first meet your Destined; your soul mate. Yuri Plisetsky has been actively ignoring his timer for the last eight years. That is, until it’s dwindled down to zero behind his back, and he has no idea how or when he met his Destined in the bustle of St Petersburg

Do you ever like… have those days where you have to put up with waaaaay more bullshit in your job than you should ever have to? Because hoo boy do I have a story to tell yall about something that happened to me tonight.

I deliver pizzas for my job at the moment and tonight was particularly busy cause of the Oscars and whatnot. I pull into this apartment complex, trying to find the apartment building of the person I’m trying to deliver this order to and this lady in the parking lot approximately close to the building I’m looking for waves me down with her phone.

And I’m like… “Oh. That must be them?” And I slow down to see what she wants. And boy howdy was that a mistake because she was definitely not only the person I was NOT looking for but also incredibly drunk.

So I get out of my car and ask her, “are you the person in building 10, with this apartment number?” And instead of answering me with anything remotely coherent, she just slurs, “building 12″. And I’m just kind of standing there dumbfounded because I have no idea what this lady is trying to say, so I just ask, “Excuse me; what do you mean? What about building 12??”

I look behind where I’m standing and lo and behold, building 12 is right there. So I just say, “Oh! You’re looking for building 12. It’s right there!” And I point to it. And she just responds with “Take me to building 12”. 

At this point, I have no idea how to get rid of this lady cause I’m still on the clock trying to deliver this goddamn pizza and this lady is so drunk she thinks I’m a taxi service or something (despite there being literally nothing on my car that would distinguish it as such) so I just tell her to hop in - I figure she’s harmless enough being as drunk as she is.

So I just… drive around the block. In a big circle. It takes me like 2 minutes.

And I come back to the exact same place where she had stopped me, and I point towards building 12 and go, “There’s building 12 maam!

And instead of getting out of the car, she’s just kind of distantly looking in my general direction going “uhuh. yeah. uhuh.” Like in that way that you do when you have no idea what someone is talking about but you don’t want to look like a complete idiot in the conversation you’re having with them.

So I repeat it, and I guess she sorta gets the message cause she gets out of my passenger seat…

…and then starts walking towards building 11. Which is nowhere near the general vicinity of where I was pointing. 

At this point this guy’s pizza I’m trying to deliver is already like 15 minutes past when he was supposed to get it so I just… let her walk towards building 11, and get on with what I’m actually getting paid to do.


thereallukeevans: Tasting the local dishes. My favourite thing to do #thetravellingwelshman #beautyandthebeast #dimsum

flamebite66  asked:

Omg I just love your character Tyco. He and Angel are so cute together. I want to do some fanart with him. Hand I just realize he's so tall! Is there a bio about him?

Heyyy!! First off, thank you for loving that super old character of mine~ <33

Second, I don’t have a bio/ref for him at the current moment 8c 

He’s in dire need of one, however; I plan on making an official updated character reference sheet for him once school is over and I get my obligations intact. I can’t really afford to do many super nice pieces, as they inhibit time I could spend on commissions, BUT-

He’ll get one, very very soon c:


Can we continue?

this is a really niche post for me to make but like…. i want meg mas.ters to have a girlfriend whom she loves and to live in a brick townhouse and not have to deal with demon shit and winch.ester shit and she can just live kind of a normal life… maybe she gets a very cool 9-5 at a convenience store… maybe her girlfriend is a programmer and they have a room with lots of purple accents and unfinished brick walls and the girlfriend plays the violin very well and meg is happy for once

I’m giving up. I give up. I’m sorry, I can’t do it anymore. It’s been months, whether I want accept it or not, it’s been months and everyday it’s worse and I can’t see the end of it. I’m sorry.

my experiences with overwatch characters
  • genji: despite all the 'i need healing' memes, they're usually pretty nice. they know the entire team is watching and waiting for them to crash and burn
  • mccree: either spawn from hell or just here to have a good time (usually the latter). will probably try to say hi at the enemy spawn
  • pharah: very friendly. will almost never get their ult to go off but won't be salty about it. thanks healthpacks
  • reaper: KINKY. either cursed as shit or will say hello to anything and everything. anyone that mains reaper has dreamt of him crushing their head between his monster thighs
  • solider 76: VANILLA. it's okay though, most people want to fuck him but can't explain it
  • sombra: definitely only here to have a good time since she's basically useless until the devs give her a monster buff. if the player spams the boop voiceline you will hear that noise in your nightmares forever
  • tracer: very high chance they're gay. very high chance one of the enemy team will switch to tracer because they're annoying
  • ana: absolute sweethearts who will risk life and her other eye to keep you alive. secretly enjoys watching the person she's nanoboosted lose their fucking mind trying to make the most of it though
  • lúcio: again, really sweet. unless they're on ilios in which case he's public enemy number one and even if he's on your team you shoudn't trust him
  • mercy: probably picked healer because everyone else picked genji and hanzo. alternatively, a masochist. if the pistol is used a lot they probably mained medic in TF2 and don't fear god or death
  • zenyatta: most likely play competitive too much. another top tier picks for gays but they probably have clinical depression
  • symmetra: [flicking teleporter on and off] welcome to my reality welcome to my reality
  • reinhardt: in the top three most likely to say hi in spawn. please get behind him
  • roadhog: this one is skin dependent. normal roadhogs are like your weird uncle but roadhogs with the islander or junkenstein's monster skin are maniacs and will hook your entire ancestral line across the map
  • winston: i've only ever seen like three. cryptids
  • zarya: tied with tracer and zenyatta as a pick for gays. a good zarya will take your bullets and shove them back up your ass at mach-1 speed
  • the chaotic good of the universe. probably has play of the game before the match has even started
  • bastion: probably tried to play bastion in competitive once and that was enough. anyone that places him on that elevator thing in hollywood is a scorpio
  • hanzo: they take skirmish way too seriously
  • junkrat: THE CHAOTIC EVIL TO D.VA'S CHAOTIC GOOD. the sound of a riptire is actually an effective tactic to kill the enemy team irl because half of them will have a stroke out of stress
  • torbjörn: lava eating machine. all of them are cursed and i'm personally afraid of him
  • widowmaker: 57 shots, 1 kill. if they're using the odile skin they're probably a straight male
  • mei: fuck you to hell

Yoonkook Week Day 1: Favorite moment(ssssss) 

Lance: *telling a joke* :0 

Keith, with trouble understanding jokes: :/??? 

Lance: *explaining the joke so it’s easier to understand instead of laughing at Keith’s confusion* :0!!! :)!! 

Keith: XD!!!!