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My semi-hiatus continues as my wrists have gone from bad to worse. I’m trying to get a doctor’s appointment asap. Might be that I have to take sick leave from work because of them. It sucks when pretty much anything I do with my hands hurts.

I’ll be back to active posting and gaming once they’ve recovered. So for now I’ll pop by here when I can, so I don’t miss out on all the good stuff. Peace, guys!

Hey guys, just wanted to come on my social media accounts and firstly apologize about the hiatus and the lack of communication I’ve done during it. I’m planning on posting a video tomorrow explaining exactly what happened and also to announce that I am planning on making content once again, even if it’s not quite as often as before. Thanks to everyone that has sent me kind messages over the past few months in worry over my health, you guys are the sweetest and I plan on replying to you all when I get the chance. And thanks to everyone else who has been patient in this time.

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Hi Guys, not much to say today. I’ve lost some steam, and I have a flight tomorrow. But I’d like to show you what I’ve been learning. A couple weeks ago I went and worked out how to draw Xena’s stuff.. Here’s some notes. Feel free to use if you like to draw Xena too! Her breastplate seems way too detailed at first to want to spend time drawing. But once you break it down into shapes and take the time to recognize the patterns, it stops being intimidating! 

Xena still has too much stuff and I haven’t gotten to all of it yet. Should have done all of this ages ago. But here we are!

Final note before I go: For the sake of organization, I’m going to be deleting all of these past four hiatus posts once Chapter Two gets underway. But later when I have more “Xena’s Stuff” notes I’ll probably post these again on my art blog!

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His reaction to my tongue stud was pretty funny though. Thanks for the ask. -P

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((SOOOO UHH. I’M NOT DEAD LMAO HI DOES ANYONE STILL FOLLOW THIS BLOG okay so I know it’s been five months (and this ask has been sitting in the drafts that entire time oh my god I’m sorry i think i was saving it to post when i had a little bit more of a buffer rather than just spitting out one random ask out of no where before going silent again but yEAH) ANYWAY the last few days I’ve drawn some asks, so I’m gonna toss them into the queue to post every Saturday uhhh…..yeah. I’m sorry for that sudden and very long hiatus, life sort of…happened. And is still happening. I.E. spouse in and out of the hospital right now, I got a new job, I slipped and fell into a couple other fandoms for a while, our car busted, and just…yeah. 2016 was a long year. Anyway my art style’s changed quite a bit in the last few months and that’s gonna become wildly apparent next week and hopefully y’all don’t hate it too much but yeah I’m gonna try to start posting here again?? Idk how long it’ll last but we’ll see I guess LOL. I’m gonna comb through the 30+ remaining asks in the inbox, try to answer most of them and delete the rest before starting fresh, so hopefully that will result in something….idk lmao the pnf fandom has been very inactive as far as I can tell so maybe this will just go totally ignored but ya know….I’m still here just very tired and busy but I’m doing my best ;u; ~Grayce))


The path to emotional functionality after reading Kings Rising inevitably passes through a shitton of fanfiction.

Cover gifs from this amazing Captive Prince Title Sequence made by a Motion Design student. Go watch it if you haven’t yet, and then come cry with me because this miniseries doesn’t actually exist.

  • The list is divided into Canon, Canon Divergence, and AU. All the fics are Damen/Laurent unless otherwise stated.
  • ✩ for my personal favorites.
  • New additions and updates will be marked with ϟ.
  • Heed the tags and warnings before reading the fics.

Updated: 23.03.2016

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Well the authorities were able to find the person(s) that were causing me so much grief over the past couple weeks. They have been arrested. Given there are legal proceedings moving forward, I will not blog further about this issue r nor will I discuss details or post links to news about it in public.

I have decided not to delete the blog but I am putting it on hiatus for another week or so before I continue on with it. I am getting over being mad and having to carry a gun everyday to feel safe even in my own home. 

One other change to the site, when I start up again … My use of the word transgendered. I will not discuss it in public or private, have a dialog about it or point the person to my archive… I will delete the ask or message without answering it. If more than one message is received from the same user they will be blocked. If you don’t like my use of it block my blog. Trust me when I say I have had my fill of social justice warriors trying to educate me on this. 

I have my reasons and I will leave it at that. 

I’ve been on a mini hiatus and hadn’t checked tumblr in over a week. Some thoughts before I disappear again (I’ve had a number of life stuff consuming my time, sorry. I’ll be back on before 4x06 airs). 

1. The 100 was renewed… mwahahahaha, I get so much satisfaction knowing that the antis are spinning from this lovely bit of news. 

2. I gained 150 followers in one week… WHAT?! I should not post for a week more often. Welcome to my blog! :-)

3. I’ll get to my messages eventually, but I’ll be slow about it. Fair warning. 

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House of cards Pt. 10&11

||Part 1|| Part 2|| Part 3|| Part 4|| Prologue || Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 ||Part 8 || Part 9 ||Part 10&11|| Part 12 ||

A/N : I’m re-uploading this and hoping that Tumblr doesn’t fuck it all up again. Sorry for the mistake last time I’ll try to be more careful while posting so I don’t repeat it yet again. We all know I will. My hiatus is still on going but this was already written and posted before. The second part was written a few days ago. If you already read part 10 just check to see if you read it before the format got fucked up so you would get a better idea of the story. If you have then scroll down to the second gif <3 Thank you for reading :**

Five days. That’s how many days it took Namjoon to finally convince you to do the right thing. Hye Jung went to the police first, both scared and filled with resentment thinking of the man that broke into her house to hurt you. She did so on the second day, but no one told you until you were about to go, you wouldn’t have listen anyways.

The reasoning you followed to get you to this point, sitting in front of a middle aged police officer, suddenly faded when the questions started. The moment you started replying to the man’s continuous interrogation, you felt regret.

A deep regret that grew as more questions spewed out of the disinterested looking male, whose name fled your brain the moment you heard it. He was hunched over his laptop with bored eyes and deep dark circles that mirrored your own, but for different reasons, staring at the screen with a look of utter boredom. You focused on little things like the family pictures he had on his desk, the impressive amount of files piled up on the ground, the washed out color of his jacket from having been worn so much, and the slight annoyance in his tone. You focused on everything but what he was asking, what you were remembering, and what you had to remember.

It started with simple things like your name, age, things you had to fill into the report and the cause. His eyes scanned you over once you specified why you were there and yours looked over to Namjoon and Jin, who were standing on the other side of the station since you refused to have them there, then his eyebrows arched a little but soon his expression faltered again. Then it became his name, his age, and every single bit of information you knew about Yoongi.

“Did you know Mr. Min intimately?” He asked while typing away on a particularly noisy keyboard. You flinched at the question knowing the outcome wouldn’t be so good, it wasn’t. Regretting coming here started then.

“We lived together.” You felt reluctant to say it because you’ve heard it before, how there couldn’t be forced intimacy between couples, How can you call it rape when you’re in love with the person? You’ve heard it all before. But it did feel like it, no matter how hard you loved Yoongi, it still left a disgusted feeling inside of you every time you thought of it.

Like you predicted, unlike with the boys, it was there. The judgment. The low shrug of mockery that slipped out of his smoke-damaged mouth. You had to bite back the tears with your lower lip trapped harshly between your teeth when he looked up at you with an expression you couldn’t read.

“I’m sorry but you said he forced yo-”

“He did.” You snapped before he could finish it. You weren’t going to have someone doubt you, not after all you’ve been through, not after having been to hell and back. Even if it was his job to do so.

“Do you have any evidence of it? Medical records? I mean you’re saying you were raped but you don’t have anything to prove it.”

“I didn’t go to- no, I…That’s-”

“Then what do you expect me to do? I can’t just file something based on your word alone. Do you know how many people come report these things and in the end it’s all a lie?” He closed his laptop before sighing and leaning back on his chair.

“It’s not a lie, I don’t-” You didn’t know what to do. It’s not like you could scream at him or protest because it was true. You had nothing to stand for it. Sure, you were covered in marks of that night but nothing from before.

“The best I could do is turn it into a physical assault. You said you were dating him that proves it even less and I don’t personally think you’re saying the truth. Y/N, you know that false reports are punished by the law, are you sure this is not some petty revenge over him hitting you around a few times? What did you do to make him angry? I’m sure it wasn’t his fault seeing-” Your brain clocked out the conversation by that point, you couldn’t listen to it anymore. Your heart squeezed tightly in your chest and your lungs were slowly becoming airless, you looked down hiding your tears from the man. He kept speaking and getting more annoyed at you while you just reconsidered everything that lead you to this moment.

You hated him. You hated Yoongi with every fiber in your body. You hated the system that belittled the victim and glorified the offender. You hated yourself for still being alive to witness it. But what you hated most is the fact that what was happening was making you hate Namjoon for bringing you here.

At that thought, you looked up to see him staring directly back at you with a concerned expression. He didn’t want to leave you alone there or anywhere, but he knew you wanted to keep somethings to yourself.

Namjoon was alerted when he realized you were crying. He was quickly by your side going down to eye level with you and smiling,

“What’s wrong? Are you okay?” He turned and glared at the man for no reason. Until he heard him repeating what he said to you just a moment before and started growling furious.

“Excuse me? False report? Are you fucking serious right now?” Namjoon’s voice was deeper and much more aggressive than the police officer’s, a lot louder than the old man, “How could you say that after hearing why-”

“Sir, calm down. Don’t forget you’re in a police station.”

“Police station my ass. How can you brazenly call yourself police when you just said those things to her?” Namjoon chuckled at how ridiculous all of this was. He was about to start his lecture again when you seized his hand in yours.

“Namjoon…I just…Can we leave?” Your voice was trembling and so was your whole body. As of the insult alone wasn’t enough, now everyone in the small space was looking at you. Knew why you were there and were whispering about you.

The room started to slowly spin at the thought of their eyes piercing holes in your back, you couldn’t breathe anymore, so you closed your eyes and sobbed.

“Hey, look at me. Please look at me.” It was Jin’s voice that brought you back from the dark place you created for yourself. You did as he said trying to focus on his gentle expression between the tears. “You’re okay. You’ll be fine. Go with Namjoon and wait in the car, okay? I’ll be right there and we will leave.”

Jin thought of what would have happened if it had been him sitting there. The words would have been much harsher and the mockery. Men can’t get raped. You brought it upon yourself. How can you still call yourself a man if you say that. It angered him even though he didn’t actually hear it, but you did. You just got told a slightly different version which didn’t make it any less infuriating to him.

“Y/N?” Namjoon touched your shoulder slightly but there was no response so he took matters into his own hands and just helped you onto your feet before leading you out.  

The oldest was not pleased and made sure the other party was fully aware of it. He glared at the older male putting aside all the years of “maintaining manners” he spent teaching himself to show as much respect as he could.

“Who exactly do you think you are?” Jin put both of his palms on the worned out desk and came down a little but still remained above the men’s height. Half mocking him, half showing him his place. “I get that you’re tired and can’t give a fuck about someone right now but yourself, that doesn’t mean you have the right to treat someone like that.”

“Listen, young man.”That was his vain attempt to put Jin back in his place as well, which obviously failed and Jin made it a point to emphasis that with a shrug, “If I knew this was going to be such a pain in the ass I would’ve just signed it off. I can see now why she was sitting in front of me, someone so bothersome deser-”

Jin’s anger finally spilled and he gripped the other’s jacket wincing as the metallic zipper dug in his palm.

“Watch what you say. I don’t know if I can control myself right now.” Jin shook the man who was trying his best to wiggles his way out of the other’s grip while everyone watched their interaction. Which made the policeman redden in embarrassment.

“Look, the best I could do, like I said, is to file an assault. Find him. Then we’ll see what we can do.” The man was now changing tactics and trying to sound somewhat helpless. Jin was not going to forgive the unnecessary rudeness and the even less necessary comments. You were hurt and for whatever reason it didn’t sit well with him. It pained him to know you just went through that, “Sir, let go of me immediately.”

“Hyung, let him go.” The voice was familiar but Jin couldn’t believe it. His hands started to slightly tremble as he heard it again “You can get in trouble if you don’t listen.”

You should learn to do as you’re told, puppy. You can get in trouble if you don’t listen.”

Jin was jerked back and turned to face the owner of the voice. He was hit by reality when he stood face to face with his worst nightmare.

Tae! I told you to go!” Jin screamed at Taehyung who just sobbed loudly on the floor with almost completely torn clothes.

“Long time no see, Hyung. I really missed you.”  He spoke yet again confirming that it wasn’t just a play of his imagination under the incredible stress he was under.

“Jun- Jungkook…” Jin stuttered before stumbling back a little. Jungkook looked past him at the wide eyes of none other than Namjoon.

Namjoon quickly caught Jin in his arms before pulling the elder behind him and stepping in front of Jungkook.

He had an officer’s uniform on with a big name tag on it. Namjoon felt like bursting out into laughter but he couldn’t because his anger was more overwhelming.


“I see that you finally grew the balls to ask him out. Or are you still in denial and dating the little weakling?” Jungkook paused for a moment to look down at the older’s clenched fists, “What? Are you going to hit me? Come on, Hyung, let’s put it all behind us already it’s been so long.”

“Shut up before I crack your skull open.”

“I’m not scared of you anymore. Never was actually. How’s Taehyung? I missed him too. God, he was such a good pu-”

“Shut up!” Jin yelled out, surprising both of them.

“This is not a circus. If you want to fight take it outside or the cell your choice. Officer Jeon?” Another man, who looked like their superior stepped in with a harsh tone and Jungkook lowered his head suddenly changing attitude.

“There’s nothing to take out. Let’s go.” Namjoon intertwined his fingers with Jin and pulled him away. Jungkook’s smirk grew wider at the sight of the two.

After all this time. In this place. And for an ironic reason. He meets them again. To Jungkook, this was going to be another chance.

To the other two, it was the sound of the house of cards crumbling again. Just when they put it back together once more.

You waited in the car while Namjoon went back in since Jin was taking too much time. The silence was too much for you so you turned on the radio, then suddenly it became too noisy again. You didn’t know what to do with yourself. It was either sit still in the company of the frightening darkness and silence that left the voices in your head take over or succumb to the destructive urge.

Maybe they were both just as bad but you didn’t want to do it to the boys when they supported you so much over the last few days if not the last year. Who put up with your violent mood swings and dangerous behaviors. Jin and Namjoon gave you a reason to live and urged you to find better ones so you weren’t about to let them down.  

You soon saw them coming closer and something didn’t feel right about the way Namjoon had to let Jin lean against him the way he did. Of course, It wasn’t the first time seeing the two close and intimate because since you started living with them you caught a glimpse of the two kissing or hugging when they thought no one was looking. Not that you would speak of it. But this was different. Jin looked more shook and vulnerable than you did going out.

It was almost saddening to Jin that Namjoon had to be the one to take care of everyone when he, himself, needed someone to care for him. He gave it little thought because his mind was filled with Jeon Jungkook.

Come on, Taehyung. You promised me. Take it off.” The nauseating sound of his voice from behind the closed door made Jin’s stomach twist and he almost emptied his stomach right there and then but Namjoon’s embrace brought him the warmth he didn’t have that night so he controlled himself.

“Hyung, I love you. Please don’t lock yourself in that dark place again, say something.” Namjoon pleaded when they reached the car. Neither him or the eldest wanted to look weak in front of you when you needed them most. The younger was trying his best to keep the other’s composure while Jin took deep breaths to stop himself from vomiting.

After a few moments of you waiting for them with furrowed eyebrows and a questioning gaze, Jin stood straight and looked back at Namjoon, “Don’t worry, I’m okay. I’m over it. I’m okay. I was just surpris- shocked to see him there. That’s all. I love you too-god- I love you so much Namjoon.”

You heard it, loud and clear, the confession. Before that, you were kind of trying to live in denial of what you might be feeling. It might be nothing but it could be something as well. But hearing those words, and the way they made your heart clench just confirmed it to you.

You just didn’t know if it was because of Jin, Namjoon, or the both of them. Or if it was just the excessive amount of fear inside of you.

“Are you okay?” You asked Jin once they joined you inside. Namjoon being the one to always drive although his brother and pretty much everyone else voted against it for the sake of world peace.

Jin smiled back at you and nodded but you knew it wasn’t true. He quickly turned back and looked at Namjoon as if trying to tell him to say something. What happened was not just a light joke that could be brushed off. He could deal with his emotions, he already did, but your scars were still fresh and the mask you were wearing was still not crumbling.

“Are you okay?” Namjoon glanced at you from the rearview mirror and frowned seeing as you were desperately trying to wipe your tears before he could see them.

“I thi- Yeah, I am.” People should really stop lying to me He thought to himself as he drove off. He knew asking that question would amount to nothing because it’s always the same answer. The wrong answer.

I missed you.” Jungkook’s words to Jin ringed in his head turning into a repetitive tune that almost drove him crazy.

The eldest glanced over at you once more since the silence felt too suffocating and too overwhelming for him. You smiled immediately and he just sighed. Of course, the encounter with Jungkook left him disturbed but he couldn’t forget what happened before. And you didn’t know what happened after so it wasn’t fair for the both to ignore it completely when they brought it upon you.

“I’m sorry you had to hear all those things. You know it’s not true, none of it, right?” His tone softened, “We know at least and even if everyone speaks against it you have us. I know we’re not the best people in the world to go to in such situation but we can do better, we will, I promise you this wouldn’t be the end of it. I promise, okay?” The promise didn’t feel heavy on his heart nor did it sound awkwardly forced like it always does. His anger over your pain suddenly overrode his own. That alone was weird to him because why?

You nodded knowing this was definitely not the end of it all. You could feel it deep down that things were getting worse, for all of you. You didn’t know what it was but the feeling was there and it was strong.

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Hmmm….Basically, this is just some of the background story. Since I felt sorry for leaving you guys with nothing. Also, Thank @armysyehet, because if it weren’t for them cheering me up, I wouldn’t have written this.

Namjoon left home, as most of them did, at the age of sixteen after his parents refused to accept his career choices. Or the lack of them.

The boy, having been one of the smartest people in the city, if not entire country, was expected to go to the top schools and later have a huge title before his name and a similarly large paycheck. His family could never accept anything less than excellency. However, Namjoon only wanted one title. Rapper.

Since his father decided that locking him inside the house would stop him, he first snuck out for single nights through a door that Hoseok accidentally left open after coming home from his night classes. But, after a couple of times getting caught, they changed the locks and made sure either him or his wife would be the one to lock everything.

So, when he was able to get out, Namjoon would be gone for weeks. He knew he was able to take the beatings that awaited him every time he went back. It was always a cheap price for making his longtime dream come true.

Then, one day, he just never came back. Hoseok was not very surprise to hear that his older brother decided to live on his own. In fact, he was planning his own escape from that hell house. Because, in a household where a simple change of path was unacceptable, coming out as gay was not even an option to consider. Namjoon took severe beatings, Hoseok would be killed. Therefore, only his brother knew.

Hoseok convinced himself that he would never tell another soul of his little secret. He was just going to stay alone for the rest of his days. He convinced himself that it was the best choice for him. Knowing that a lot of opportunities, as a performer, would be lost if he ever comes out.

Two years after that, once Namjoon made a name for himself and settled in his own rented apartment, Hoseok followed. Soon after that, once the younger started his dance classes, they met Jimin. On the first day of Hoseok’s classes, Jimin was the one to help him settle in with a sweet smile on his face.

Hoseok’s sexuality was once again confirmed in the small butterflies that fluttered in his stomach every time he saw the younger. Too bad said confirmation already had a girlfriend. It still didn’t stop Hoseok from slowly developing a crush, it was innocent and he never planned on confessing so why not.

Jimin brought along Taehyung, who came as a package of two; Him and Jungkook. The two were openly in love but secretly confused as to why. Jungkook was two years older than Taehyung and Jimin, who were the same age, and just one year younger than Namjoon. He, like the older male, left home at sixteen. For the same reason Hoseok did, and much more.

Jungkook’s parents only fought, since the day he opened his eyes, he only knew anger. Everything was translated into the simple feeling of hatred and anger. Even happiness. So, Taehyung had to teach him how to be happy. But, more than that, how to be sad. And Jungkook taught Tae how to be afraid. Afraid of Jungkook’s undying bad temper. That seemed to have a brain of its own.

Taehyung was, compared to them, the normal one. He had no family issues, since they accepted his coming out like they always knew, and lived quite happily with them. No secret past. He was the one that brought a little bit of normality in their group and they liked it. Taehyung was the innocence they lacked. So, they all protected him a little more than they did each other.

And, to complete the circle, Jungkook somehow knew Jin.

Now, Jin was the mystery that Namjoon was never able to solve. It came as a surprise to him when Jungkook announced he was going to introduce him to his roommate and that turned out to be Jin. Jungkook told him that the eldest was the one that took him in when Jungkook first left, and they’ve been living together since then. Much to Taehyung’s jealousy.

Namjoon met Jin on the second week of his “permanent” leave from home. He was working at a convenience store, in the older male’s neighborhood, doing whatever a low paid, somewhat illegal, worker does. But, Namjoon was filled with the pride of his achievements as an underground rapper; although they weren’t that big since he was just starting at the time. A pride that stopped him from ever going on his knees.

So, when his employer threw the money he owed to the ground and asked him to pick it up or fuck off just after Namjoon disrespected a customer or multiple customers, Namjoon stood as still as a statue with a stubborn refusal.

Jin, out of nowhere, had been the one to put his knee to the ground and pick the dirtied bills up. And did so with an unwavering smile.

You’re so polite, sir. Thank you so much and I hope you have just the best day ever.” Jin told the old man,with an air of mockery that the other most certainly picked up on, before pulling Namjoon out of there.

Take it.” The broad shouldered male handed him the money and Namjoon felt a painful tug on his heartstrings. The first of many.

Why did you?” Namjoon’s hoarse and deep voice surprised Jin, since he didn’t expect him to be no older than fifteen. He was sixteen, Namjoon repeated time after time. But, the two years older male was intrigued by the way Namjoon seemed to have his eyes frozen on his shoes.

Help you?” There was a shy nod that put a wide smile on Jin’s face. “Because I learned that bending my legs a little was not the biggest of concerns I should have. You don’t look like you’ve realized it yet.”

And since then, Namjoon found himself wanting to know more and more about Jin. He, till this day, never knew why Jin, at eighteen and probably long before, was alone. Well, with a roommate that turned out to be Jungkook but that didn’t solve the mystery. And Namjoon never asked. He wanted the other to be the one to tell him.

It was until a year later that their little friendship became confusing to the pair because it felt too close. Namjoon found himself wanting to see more and more of Jin, and so did the elder, but no. Namjoon was not attracted to boys. It was never a matter of question to him since he loved girls too much. And loved that his new line of work brought him a lot of those.

That’s when the journey of denial started for Namjoon. And the journey of falling in love started for Jin. Who had it worse than the other was still unclear. But both were suffering.

On the topic of love and denial, there was Hoseok. Who started staring more and more at Jungkook and Taehyung’s display of, what he called, love then at Jimin, who he could never have. It was another confirmation that he, indeed, was destined to stay alone.

Going back to Taehyung and Jungkook, who were together for as long as they could remember. Their families started out as friends and they ended up lovers. Their relationship first started with innocent pecks once puberty hit them, then it became long make-out sessions inside the closet literally and figuratively, then into a promise. A promise that one day they would give each other everything.

As time passed the feelings faded away and only that promise remained. However, since they were so used to being there, to being two, it didn’t make sense for them to separate. So, they never did.

Which brings us to December 31st, 2013. Taehyung’s eighteenth birthday. The date they will all remember for the rest of their lives, the date the little family they created for themselves fell apart. The first time the house of cards collapsed and it all started with Jin. And ended with him.

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Before I start posting again...Is anyone still interested in this blog?

Just trying to get a feel for who still wants these smut reactions? I’ve been on hiatus for months now due to many personal reasons but I am getting back in to writing.
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Hey guys. So I’ve decided to put The Way You Are on an official hiatus. I’ve never really done this before, and part of me feels bad, but it’s just not in the cards right now. Not only am I really busy with school and life, but I’m still feeling stuck in terms of my writing. I think it’ll be easier to work on some oneshots or something to get into the flow again; there’s less pressure with them. I won’t make any promises about when I’ll be posting another fic. When it happens, it happens I guess. Thanks in advance for your patience~

That time of the year...

Everything is quiet on tumblr. Haters are hating, shippers are shipping, nothing unusual.

Suddently you start hear the sound of a distant wailing. At first nobody’s paying to much attention à and you try to ignore it but the sound grows bigger and louder.

And then you understand, then everybody remembers.
Parents are taking their children away, artists are hiding their work. Cause now they know.

It’s Winter Hiatus again.
And they are coming.

The Supernatural fandom.

You thought they were hijacking every single post before ? You haven’t seen anything yet.

Don’t you hear their song ?
Listen, listen…

Once I rose above the noise and confusion…

Jet Black Heart - A Peter Pan x Reader Fanfiction Part 9

YO YO YO!! I couldn’t stop writing once I started the last part because I love this story so got damn much! It makes me so happy to see the huge positive response to the last part of JBH that I posted. I was worried about what people would think of my writing because I felt pretty rusty after my huge hiatus. BUt it warms my heart to know I have such supportive lovelies out there! You guys are all so amazing and I love each and everyone of you! So with out further ado, here is Part nine!

Part one, Part two, Part three, Part four, Part five, Part six, Part seven, Part eight

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Yayyy finally something from me. I’ve been kinda in small hiatus. Well I’ve been drawing stuff, but couldn’t post anything for some reason. I also had tons of school stuff before my vacation started so I simply didn’t have time to open my computer.
Now than I’m in vacation I should have more time and motivation to be more active here so I thought that I post something.

Aaand again here’s some Starshine legacy fan art for you guys xD. I’m just so keen to this game and I’ve been liking this over ten years now. I just have to do art of it. Other than that I hope you like it and enjoy the art n_n!

+ I made a speedpaint

Alex and Tin can © Penny girl, Stabenfeldt
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Look at those Lashes! - AbbyCatsUK

Once again going through one of those phases of not dressing, Tumblr still hiding my blog as adult orientated in searches has really discouraged me posting more. I have contacted them and they told me my account is not flagged as NSFW, funny how that doesn’t seem to be the case. I’ve even considered deleting my account it has gotten to me that much :(

Well even though I’m on something of a hiatus I’ve been making a few new purchases. Mostly make-up and a new wig but I’ve also invested in new lighting, so I assume I’ve not given up on posting photos just yet :)

So once again I’ve been looking back through some old photos from a year ago. I’m wondering I didn’t have a better technique for doing my foundation back then. Although my eyebrows and eyeshadow certainly have seen an improvement and I think I prefer my own lashes to false ones :)

I hope everyone is well and hopefully I might get sometime for Abby before Christmas. Fingers crossed :)

Day 117 and 118 of the 1D Hiatus

Friday 8th and Saturday 9th April

Hi guys. I was feeling better earlier but now I feel terrible again :-( I hope it’s nothing as I hate being ill so much. Anyway, I was out all day so you lot probably know better than me what went on, but I’ll try my best to get it all. If I miss anything important, please let me know. Thi sis gonna be long, by the way. Really, really, really long. Sorry!

- So, just after I wrote the last update on Thursday night, Louis’ Instagram posted this pic just before 8pm (12pm PST):

louist91: ⚽️

- At 8.50pm (12.50pm PST) Phoebe’s IG posted this:

phoeberosetommo123: Freddie,my adorable nephew!❤️💕💙😘👶🏼👶🏼

- At 10.17pm (2.17pm PST) Daisy’s account posted this:

daisytomlinson.deakin: So pleased to meet my nephew Freddie. He is soooooo cute.

On to yesterday…

- Jay posted this ADORABLE snap of Louis and Doris on IG just before 8am (12am PST):

mrsjohannahdeakin: 💕👫💙

- We got more pics of Niall at the Masters. This one’s from a dinner event (I guess must have been Thursday night?):

- Speaking of Niall, The Daily Mail wrote a completely bizarre article about that Jessica Serfaty girl he was with in LA a while back. I can’t be arsed to regurgitate all the nonsense but it basically claims they’re dating and she’s ditched her 7 year old son for fame and fortune.

- Annika from the girl group Louis is constantly being linked to posted this:

Louis was originally tagged in it but then we got word that Harry had also ‘been at a studio’ with Jeff and Jessie Baylin (a singer and Nathan from Kings of Leon’s wife), and Louis’ tag was promptly removed. No coincidences here….

- A new Hendall pic surfaced. It was posted on the irwinhandleman IG:

irwinhandleman: Ugh! These fuckers crashed my lunch again #kendalljenner#harrystyles #Hendallstein

I have literally no idea who this guy is or what’s going on! He seems to be some kind of The Batchelorette blogger maybe but that’s clearly not his real name. Is he famous in the states? Someone clue me in please?!

- His post prompted good old Ken Baker from E! to post this on Twitter, along with a picture of Kendall that I won’t clog up this post with:

Right, on to babygate…

- So, at 3.16pm yesterday, Dax Holt tweeted ‘Stay Tuned…. #EndBabyGate’ then half an hour later TMZ tweeted this short video. The video is also on their YouTube, but the Daily Mail  have a longer version on this article entitled ‘'Have a bit of respect for a baby, pal’: Louis Tomlinson hits back at conspiracy theory that son Freddie is fake as he steps out in Los Angeles with the youngster’.

- Louis himself looked miserable and annoyed, but still glorious, in this Nirvana vest from ASOS (bonus - in other pics you can see the new-ish beer mug tattoo on his right arm):

The video from TMZ ended with Dax’s comment ‘That baby is real. Case closed. End of story. As for Larry, and if it’s his baby…. Well, I don’t know.’ and when they talked about it on TMZ Live, Harvey even said something along the lines of ‘that baby could belong to Janet Smith of Calabasas’ and they told him to stop fueling it. You can check out that clip here.

- The only other thing I think happened yesterday was that Niall went to another Masters party and met Mark Wahlberg:

Ok, I think we’re finally on to today which was thankfully pretty quiet…

- Dann Wattpad wrote an EXCLUSIVE article on The Sun this morning (at 00.01, which I think we figured out is their release time for all pre-written articles) about how Cheryl is moving into Liam’s house in - wait for it - CALABASAS!! Anyway, Liam clearly didn’t think much of that because he popped up at his local Sainsbury’s in Surrey later on and has apparently been home since Tuesday:

Funnily enough, when I just searched for that article on The Sun, I couldn’t find it. I had to go to a Huff Post article which had linked to it and get there that way. Not sure if they took the links down because it was so clearly bullshit or what!

- Harry facetimed this fan and there is a quick video here. Apparently he talked to her for half an hour though. He’s so cute, honestly, I miss his voice so much!!! I think this was through Make a Wish maybe? I’m a bit confused!

He also followed her on Twitter and guess what her header is?

Yep - it’s the Larry hand hold. Praise the lord!!!!

Ok, I’ve been writing this update for 90 minutes and slowly feeling worse and worse, so I’m going now. Anything that happened since Harry’s follow can be in tomorrow’s update (if I even manage it tomorrow).

Have a great night and see you soon x x x

P.S. I really can’t be arsed to tag this properly, in case you’re wondering where my usual abundance is.

I just felt like making a SU post so...

(Plus with SU out of hiatus in less than a week-days even, this feels like as good a time as any to make one of these (before we’re obliterated once again, via feeling))


You know who I love


You know who I am very afraid for


Why’s that?

Well aside from the fact she’s a villain and not in the Crystal Gems good books by any stretch…I’ve seen a few people pointing out something delightfully insidious about Peridot’s debut scene in Warp Tour:

And that is, potential foreshadowing

Many people before me have pointed this tidbit out as I’ve said, but I just wanted to toss my own two cents in here. (it’s 1am and I’m feeling chatting so) 

The foreshadow in question, Peridot’s interaction with the damaged robonoid. In summary it’s a pretty simple scene: The damaged robonoid clings onto her and essentially begs for assistance of some kind. Peridot responds with her foot, crushing it and destroying it outright. 

Many people have analysed this scene and pointed out/ theorized a possible outcome for Peridot once she gets back to Yellow Diamond. That is, Yellow Diamond will not see Peridot as anything worth taking back, and thus decide it’s easier to dispatch/ destroy her. (Whether she decides to crush her underfoot remains to be seen but considering the gradual reveal of the utterly pragmatic stance of Homeworld, and more simply the option for a pretty cool parallel, this seems pretty damn likely. )

Now I hear you say, well that’s a bit of a stretch/ it’s only one possibility of many! Too early to be making parallels (and I don’t disagree with this).

But…something I noticed when rewatching Warp Tour…and my reason for now being very afraid…

I direct you all to exhibit a) damaged robonoid begging for assistance from giant foot

I’m looking at something in particular…no, no-NOT the crack on the robonoid…what else is going on here?

….It’s missing a foot you guys 

….And who else, as of the latest episode of the last Stevenbomb, Friend Ship, is now missing a foot…..


I’m very afraid for Peridot you guys….



BUT GUYS I HAVE HOPE (And also I’m tired and desperately grasping at straws while praying Peridot don’t freakin die, so I’m probably gonna sound crazy but)

I SAID JUST BEFORE: “Yellow Diamond will not see Peridot as anything worth taking back… she decides to crush her underfoot” AND ALSO “ damaged robonoid begging for assistance from giant foot ”

KEYWORDS: Underfoot, giant foot

I NOW DIRECT YOU TO EXHIBIT B) This one scene from Arcade Mania

“I hope it’s…fighting….a giant…..FOOT”

Followed closely by:


I know, I KNOW it’s a huge freaking stretch for me to say it’s implying something/ THIS could be a foreshadow for something (Steven intervening and protecting Peridot from suffering the same fate she bestowed upon that poor lil damaged robonoid)…

But I think we can all agree that SU has a LOT of stuff planned in advance…enough that it references itself so goddamn well: (eg, Steven’s Lion: Garnet saying ‘we kept Amethyst’ > On the Run, and also So Many Birthdays: Amethyst saying ‘which way to the baby war’ > again On the Run/ gems being grown to make soldiers to fight in a war) 

So basically I’m saying…I feel this scene has something going on here/ MAYBE?? maybe…yeah maybe…

With that I end this edition of birb rambles SU here, thanks for reading!