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hooo boy, what’s up? i figure it’s time for a mun intro since i haven’t done one here (or anywhere in forever) !! hope it helps you get to know me B)

my name is wesley, but you can call me wes or otherwise lee! please use they/them pronouns for me (or he/him if it’s easier for you)

i’m 22 years old, a super friendly californian, and absolutely nerdy.

uhhh if you like these facts, i’m an ENFJ, taurus and hufflepuff. i know these are popularly mentioned.

sometimes i’ll mention being disabled and queer. my mental illnesses and physical conditions may cause me to be slower and more sporadic when writing. be prepared for snail speed.

i’m a fan of so many genres of writing so don’t be afraid to mention ‘em! i love writing with new people too. i’m an open person and apparently good with weird plot ideas?? hmu pls.

as for topics i generally avoid, i’m not a fan of smut and will not write it. i also don’t follow relationships that i see as toxic/abusive/dangerous and whatnot. fluff me up though, scotty.

i first started as a larper but ended up writing fiction in middle school, i believe. i’ve been roleplaying on tumblr since 2010 and in citta since 2013! boy howdy, i’ve learned a thing or two.

as for blogs, i’ve written for many characters in citta! the only muses i have rn are amethyst here and cole (@invisiblize) from dragon age. it’s a light load since my next semester of college starts august.

“I was a fool addicted to your sweetness.

I didn’t want to let go of the devil’s hand…

Too bad but it’s too sweet, It’s too evil.“ x 


Hi there! My name is Clary, and I’ve been active in the studyblr community for a few months now, but I’ve never actually made an intro post. So here’s a bit about me!

  • I’m 15 years old from the UK, so I’m currently studying for my GCSEs.
  • As well as core subjects, I’m taking French, History, Drama and Religious Studies in school
  • I’m also teaching myself Spanish (because it isn’t offered at my school) and hoping to take a GCSE in it eventually.
  • I was actually a really terrible student until very recently- I was constantly in trouble and disorganised, but the studyblr community has been really helpful and inspirational to me in turning that around!
  • I love writing, and when I’m older I hope to be either a writer, a spanish teacher or a drama teacher.
  • I have anxiety, and over the last few years I’ve really struggled with that, but I’m steadily improving by taking care of myself and staying organised!

That’s about it, if you want to know anything else about me please send me an ask as I’d love to chat, and please reblog this post to help me out! All my original posts are tagged under #mine, and I’m hoping to make plenty more in the future! My main blog is @aestrales .

Some studyblrs that inspire me; (these are just the ones i can think of right now, there are tonnes more!)

@emmastudies , @juliasacads , @birdkostudies , @procrastudiin , @architstudy , @studylustre , @studyign @studyquill, @calligr4phy @intcllectual @rhubarbstudies, @einstetic @obsidianstudy @stvdybuddies, @gaystudies @quipsterlotte-studies @equaticns @studynostalgic

intro to my studyblr

hi! I’m Nicki, a high school freshman. I’m trying to become more productive, procrastinate, less, and get more organized, so I decided to start a studyblr! the communty seems so lovely and friendly, and i really admire what it stands for. 

a bit about me: 

  • I’m quite opinionated 
  • I love poltics and law, that’s what I hope to major in someday
  • I also really enjoy english and hisotry , and just learning in general
  • I have riciulously high ambitons for college (I want to go to an ivy league) 
  • I’m a walking contadiction: sometimes i live purely for spite and sometimes I am the softest person ever. idk
  • also my more personal/aesthetic blog is @sofhtie

Some studyblrs that really inspire me: @fo @hunny-studies @cosmosstudy @self-inkingquill @studylustre @eggystudy @turtzstudies @sootudying @katsdesk @studypetals @tbhstudying @gentlestudying

I’m super excited to be a part of his community and hopefully improve myself!!!

Hello! So I’m really new to the studyblr community, although I have been admiring it from the distance for ages and have been kinda waiting for the right moment to start posting stuff myself. Ok, yeah, I have been procrastinating about it, you can say it.

Anyway, here’s my introduction post.

I am Olivia, slytherin, book and movie lover, also into anime and…well, basically anything! I am 18 years old and I am in last year of high school here in Spain (actually, last two weeks of high school😀). I have always wanted to study abroad, so I spent a semester in Canada last year and I am starting university in England next year, in UCL….if I get the marks they requested in my conditional application, which I will know in less than 24 hours. I’m seriously ANXIOUS about it!

Let’s just pretend I am already unconditionally accepted, ok? I will study a MBSc in biochemistry, starting September. So this blog will mainly be a sciblr, although I am also very interested in languages and programming (my plans for this summer!)

From my past lurking into other people’s studyblrs I have developed an addiction for masterposts, so be expecting a TON of those. I’m also slightly in love with study music, all sorts of playlists and ambient sounds and, in general, studying atmospheres. So be expecting a lot of that too!

Some of the blogs that have most inspired me have been @studypetals, @studylustre, @juliasacads, @wendystudies, @emmastudies, @stuhde, @circle-studies (btw, have you read silber? Because carpe noctem appeared there. If not…just pretend I didn’t say that!), @elkstudies, @studytherin, @minimaliststudy, @aescademic, @littleninjastudies, @equaticns, @aetudes, @einstetic, @ambedostudies, @study-cave, @sprouht-studies, @brainiakk, @studyquill, @ravnclaw, and @studyinginstyle. I really hope one day I’ll post as great stuff as you guys do! 💙

Hello! I’ve been following the studyblr community for a few years now, and for a while I did have and use my own study blog, but I was never really happy with it and never really posted on it. I thought about just revamping that blog to try again, but ultimately decided that making a new blog would be the best solution. So, haphazardstudy is a fresh start for me! For as long as I’ve been a fan of studyblr, I’ve never really gotten involved in the community or contributed original content and photos, so that’s what I hope to do with this blog.

About me:

  • My name is Sophie, and I’m nearly 18 years old
  • I live in the UK
  • I’m a Ravenclaw
  • I’m currently doing A levels 
  • I’m studying physics, maths and English literature
  • My hobbies include: singing, playing guitar/piano/ukulele, drawing, writing, photography, and reading
  • I have 2 dogs and 4 cats (which is a bit mad)
  • I have a YouTube channel with my best friend, but it’s nothing to do with studying - we sing!
  • My favourite TV shows include: BBC Sherlock, Merlin, The Flash, Scorpion (if you watch any of these pls feel free to message me about them, I could talk for days about them)
  • I LOVE being organised - just ask my computer file folders

So here’s to hoping that I work out how to do this whole studyblr thing!

Also, I track #haphazardstudy, so please feel free to tag your posts with that so I can see them and enjoy new blogs and content :)

First of all, this is a side blog. I’ll follow with my main acct: @fwanderlust 

Now, hey there, nice to meet you all. I’ve been watching and reading all of your stuff for a long time already and I had finally decided to run my own studyblr. I’m not gonna lie, I’m actually scared of how this thing is going to result, but, oh well, just do it, mAkE yOuR dReAmS cOmE tRuE [insert Shia LaBeouf’s voice].

Basic information:

  • My name is Ana Cecilia, but just call me Annie lol.
  • I’m 19 years old, currently changing university it sucks.
  • I’m a proud Taurus, Slytherin and my mbti type is ISTP.
  • I’m Peruvian so Spanish is my first language, but I can also speak English even tho I’m not really good.
  • Currently learning German and maybe French next year.
  • My career is Marketing but I love Economics and Finances too ♡.
  • I like to annoy my cat, read books, make road trips with friends, spend time alone at Starbucks idkw and watch BTS’s crack videos, yeah.
  • If you can’t tell, I love BTS and my prince is V/Taehyung, ah.

Studyblrs that I adore with the passion of one thousand suns:

@getshitdonetbh, @emmastudies, @studyign, @universi-tea, @academiics, @studyquill, @stvdybuddies, @studyblr, @chrissiestudies, @acaedmic, @studeebean, @inteqrals, @snowystudiess, @studytherin, @study-ksj , @milkystudies & @mildlineurs ♡.

Thank you so much for reading all of this, you can talk to me in private or via ask, I swear I don’t bite unless I’m hungry. My cat and I would love to be friends with all of you.

studyblr introduction

hey there! i decided to make a studyblr in the hopes that it would help me pull myself together in time for sophomore year. 

about me: 

  • you can call me en. it’s not my legal name but it is part of my chinese name and the only thing i really feel comfortable using. 
  • i’m nearly 15 and i’m going to be a sophomore (10th grade) this coming august. 
  • this is a sideblog. my main blog (which i am in the process of setting up) is @yaoyoroses and is anime-centered. 


  • science is my favorite subject, although i do have a soft spot for the humanities. 
  • i like to read and write mostly, but i do like to draw and mess around with photoshop occasionally. 
  • i’m pretty invested in fandom (specifically anime), which steals quite of bit of my time. 
  • i run track in school (except i jump: long jump and high jump, although i’m awfully mediocre at both). 

upcoming classes:

  • ap chemistry
  • ap calculus ab
  • ap chinese
  • ap european history
  • honors humanities


  • be active and make my own posts
  • increase my efficiency/productivity with school work
  • make new friends!!

studyblrs that i randomly followed on my old account that led to me getting inspired: 

@ellastudyblog @freesiastudies @self-inkingquill and some more that i can’t remember right now. 


i hope to become more involved in the studyblr community! if you are a studyblr and could reblog this so i can check your blog out and follow you i would be very much obliged. 



so after a lot of contemplation, i’ve decided to make a studyblr… so here comes the introduction! :))

- my name is saturn kim (yes, like the planet) but i go by sadie

- i’m korean (hence the last name)

- i’m 16 becoming a junior in high school in coming school year (2017-2018), thus, i’m in the class of 2019

- these are the classes i’m taking in the coming school year (ap physics, ap calc bc, ap envi sci, ap english lang, spanish 3h, ap psych (hopefully))

- i’m a hufflepuff, horned serpent, and a fox (patronus)

- the 100 is amazing 

- i love reading, writing, drawing, and baking!

- i do taekwondo

- i’m not a fan of coffee quite yet, but i love tea and lemonade

- i’m way too obsessed w/ fruit infused water (especially water + lemon + mint)

- if i could, i would just a lemon a day like i do an orange :) i’m weird…

- i prefer to write in all lowercase

- blue stuff always taste better 

i hope i can make some friends in this community! i’m also hoping that i will meet people who are just as motivated as i am to study or even just have the same interests as me, and i hope that this will also make me more motivated to study!!

studyblrs i absolutely love!!!

@kaisdesk @emmastudies @sushi-studies @studyeols @bookmrk @equaticns @studialite @rhubarbstudies @elienstudies @studylustre 

thanks so much for reading this!! i’d love to follow more studyblrs so like or reblog so i can check out your blogs and follow you!!! 


hello! i’ve always lurked on studyblrs but i’ve never put the effort into my own, but hopefully this is about to change 🌼

my name is courtney, i just turned seventeen, i live in england, and i’m currently getting ready to sit my as-levels in english lit & lang, history, sociology, and philosophy & belief!

some of the blogs that motivated me to (finally) make this blog are: @gaystudies @studytherin
@elenas-studies @vaderstudies and @studybum

if we take any of the same subjects then please message me because i would love to chat and make some new friends! ☀️

studyblr intro!

*peeks in* ummm is this thing on?

Hi there :) first of all, that dodgy thing ^^ is a five minute piece of canva gold.

anyhooooo~ Hello everyone! My name is Sol and I (after months of both contemplating and procrastinating) have decided to join the studyblr community. I thought that starting a blog might actually motivate me to study, also I love to make new friends and mainly just connect with people :D

the basics:

Ω high school student

Ω australia

Ω english only; studying Latin (school) and Korean (self teaching)


Ω slytherin | aries


Ω kpop trash: BTS, SEVENTEEN, GOT7, BLACKPINK, ASTRO, ZE:A mainly…

Ω kpop trash: BTS, SEVENTEEN, GOT7, BLACKPINK, ASTRO, ZE:A mainly…

Ω anime: Tokyo Ghoul, YOI, AOT, Special A and more~Ω books~ aaaaah I love books anime: Tokyo Ghoul, YOI, AOT, Special A and more~

Ω kdrama: Hwarang, The Heirs, SWDBS

Ω books~ aaaaah I love books, just in general (book recs? I think so!)

Ω so many fandoms aaaaaah. Can’t even list them all!

Ω classics: ancient history, greek and roman myths and culture (i threw myself into the vortex that is Latin)

Inspiration. Insfires? INFIRES MAN! I’d just like to give a huge thank you to all you studyblrs that have inspired me to actually type all this crap about me and motive me to work and study and have indirectly helped my get through some really hard times. I love you all so much!


Yeah I’m a weird dorkheap it’s totally a word of kpop, anime, fangirling in general and lifelessness. Thanks for even reading all this lmao it’s so boring oh well that’s me ;) legit if you look at this I’m happy! all the love in the world ~SOL~

new studyblr!! 💕

hey, my name is alyson, but you can also call me aly. i’ve had this studyblr for a few days now, so i decided it was about time i made an intro post!!

i’m 17, and i’ll be a senior in high school this fall. i’m just starting my college search and the whole application/essay/scholarship process, so if you follow me, definitely expect to see some things on that (because i’m totally freaking out!!).

i’ll be taking 4 dual credit classes this next year (2 history, english comp I, and public speaking) as well as an intro to journalism class so i can write for my school’s newspaper!! there are a few other courses i’m in, but those are the ones that i suspect will take up a lot of my time.

things i like to do for fun are read, write poetry and stories, and make bookmarks. i’m going to start learning french, and i’ve also just ordered a 5 year q&a journal by potter style on amazon so i can get into journaling.

some of my favorite blogs so far are @studyign, @intellectys, @hufflepuffsstudies, @sootudying, @journalsanctuary, @studytherin, @emmastudies, @revisicn, @focusign, and @eminotes. but i’m always looking for new people to follow and befriend, so please reblog this and feel free to message me!!

Intro post round two!

Okay guys so i’m making another intro post cos the first one went into the world quietly and unnoticed, and also because I have more followers now and I want to say hello! 

Originally posted by gif-007

I’m Megjay, a 19 (nearly 20!) year old from Ireland, currently studying Drama, Theatre and Performance Studies as well as English Literature in university! I’m a Slytherin, an INTJ, bi, an avid reader, a sometime writer and art-maker, and I used to blog here about a year and a half ago under the URL book-book-books. You probs don’t remember me but that’s cool cos that means new friends!

I mostly read YA but i’m starting to read more classics and I very occasionally dip into adult fiction… very occasionally. I also like plays and will take any play recs, please god give me some I literally love plays so much. I’m trying to expand my Shakespeare too because I luv old Willy, talk to me about Lear or Hamlet or Midsummer Night’s Dream (ALSO TEMPEST MY COLLEGE DID A REALLY GREAT PRODUCTION OF TEMPEST!).

Next year in college I’m going to be costuming our musical soc’s production of The Producers (I am so scared holy cow) and hopefully directing a production of Jez Butterworth’s play, Jerusalem, so i’ll definitely have lots of posts about behind the scenes of putting on a play or musical! 

This is what I look like, #model, and i’m as friendly as my curls are soft so stop by and say hi! As i’ve said i’m Irish, which means I love to talk, and honestly my family talks excessively even by Irish standards, so I am so willing to talk to anyone and everyone you just have to pop by and say hi.