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Deep sea things and jellyfish and giant squids and oarfishes. And mola molas. All those weird looking invertebrates are pretty cool too.

Aw I’m glad you like my work anon, thank you! <3 Unfortunately I’m not taking requests anymore, but thanks for suggesting!

The prompt for day 20 of @newsiestober was “favourite ship”, so here’s javid being cute!

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I’ve been working on getting some posts queued up for my Disney Princess Challenge! I’m going to be posting these on weekends along with Frost posts, so more posts coming your way!

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I didn’t quite like the branding I had, so I’ve re-branded my title card above.

There will be a prologue coming out this weekend. It’s more story heavy than future posts will be- it’s there to help frame the overall first gen.

I hope you’re excited!

Dᴀʏ 20: Cʜᴀʀᴀᴄᴛᴇʀ Tʜᴀᴛ Tᴏᴜᴄʜᴇᴅ Yᴏᴜ Tʜᴇ Mᴏsᴛ

Sᴜɢᴀᴡᴀʀᴀ Kᴏᴜsʜɪ

The trundle of heavy paws along with restrained giggles sound as Kaal comes around the corner, somehow looking dignified despite being dressed up in some very impromptu riding gear. Upon the patient cyber-canine’s back is your femmeling, brandishing her toy sword and wearing a ‘cape’, which is really just a blanket with one end tied loosely around her neck. She stifles her giggles as best she can and rides around on Kaal with surprising ease.

A tug to the impromptu reins and Kaal stops and the little femmeling loses her composure to giggle happily at the sight of her Mama and Papa. “Hi, Mama! Hi, Papa!” she calls. “I’m a knight! See?” She raises her toy sword and poses as regally as a little one can. She seems incredibly proud of herself and manages a few seconds of the regal pose before breaking down into unhindered giggles. Kaal, as patient as ever, endures the femmeling’s antics with quiet joy.

♔. }

       Of all the bizarre oddities they had ever come across, this certainly had to be one of the top instances. Looking up from their morning mid-grade both sets of optics from the Prime and Councillor respectively quietly glanced to each other, then back to their little knight and her valiant steed. Conspiratorial pulses fill the bond, they each knew EXACTLY what to do… and a sinister plot was hatched.

❝ Mighty knight I have been awaiting your arrival… ❞ Elita hummed, as Optimus rose from his seat, taking his cube with him as if to clean it in the kitchenette – all the while quietly circling the hound and daughter with a sneaky glance to his mate. Cerulean optics flash as she continues, assuring to keep their daughter’s focus while the Prime moved into position.

❝ I’m here, I’m here !! ❞ the femmeling giggled in delight, waving her sword proudly while Kaal barked, he had arrived as well — and carried the precious cargo no less.

Elita nodded, slinking from her seat to kneel in front of the pair with feigned worry, all pretend of course but the performative element was what made playtime more fun. ❝ Brave knight, my dwelling has been overrun by a huge monster! Will you be the one to protect me? ❞

Her daughter nodded vigorously, and conducted herself just as the great heroes in her stories had done: helm held high, chest-plating puffed out, and jaw held strong. Kaal seemed to straighten as well, despite the tail wagging MADLY behind him. He would help too to vanquish this unknown monster!

❝ Yes, I will !! ❞ the femmeling finally exclaimed, twirling her sword again and glancing around. Her voice dropped as low as it could go, and ridges crinkled in confusion — there was no beast to be found. ❝ …Where is this monster? ❞

That was when familiar baritone erupted from behind, ❝ Here I am !! ❞ the Prime rumbled, gently lunging down to scoop up the femmeling with a low, booming laugh. The youngling dropped her sword out of surprise, limbs flailing against her captor as she SQUEALED again, matching the volume of Kaal who hopped up and barked excitedly. The monster had been there ALL ALONG !! How did they miss it ??

Gently pinning the femmeling to the ground Optimus tickled her as he always did, and his daughter’s giggles and squeals only escalated, tiny limbs tangled themselves in her cape only further losing the battle against her Sire. Elita sat back on her pedes, watching on with a few chuckles of her own as Kaal circled them all, nuzzling and licking at whatever fascia presented itself.

The tickle monster had struck again, and took with him another knight. Oh well, perhaps next time he would be beat… though however unlikely.

What saved me from the sadness of seeing georgies death, is seeing pictures of Bill and Jackson interacting together bts


A small drawing to celebrate that first September 1st journey 🚂✨

to make up for the last post i made which was sad i have carefully crafted a non sad post for you all, please consider:

-killian and carey laughing after playing a prank on magnus. they try to do a victory kiss but they’re grinning too hard for it to work.

-when lup has a body again she keeps putting her hands on barry. not even sexually, she just missed the scritch of his stubble and the squish of his stomach. barry jumps every time because it tickles.

-taako starts taking off the glamour that makes him look like he did before wonderland when he’s getting ready for bed. kravitz never mentions it, but sometimes he cups taako’s jaw in his hands and kisses him all over his face.

-on angus’s eighteenth birthday, taako gives him a new set of silverware. “couldn’t find the old ones,” he says. “but these can be a new family heirloom. taako brand original.” he doesn’t explicitly say that he is the new family, but judging by how hard angus happy-cries, he got the message anyway.