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Oxbow - Cold & Well-lit Place

“Thin Black Duke”, 2017

First track from the upcoming album of noise FUCKIN WEIRDO rock masters OXBOW.



Void (2006)

Prehistoricisms (2008)

Valley of Smoke (2010)

Habitual Levitations (2013)

The Direction of Last Things (2015)

A sincere open letter to the LDS (Mormon) church,

My sincere open letter to the LDS church,

I’m worried about you.
Ever since I came out, I immediately discovered two very different types of people who align themselves to your faith.
There are they type who see things clearly in black and white, who use statements like, “When the prophet speaks, the discussion ends”, “love the sinner and hate the sin”, and “Doubt your doubts before you doubt your faith”. These members are staunch and firm in their faith. They are proud of this. They often feel it their moral duty to justify to my wife and I decisions made by the church, to call me or my wife to repentance, to post sludge on our walls or through private messages “in the name of love”, to make rash judgements about our circumstance, to tag us in articles that they feel “help” us better understand our own situation. (As if living with “SSA” my whole life and being from an LDS background doesn’t qualify me enough to understand my own circumstance). Sadly, I find the majority of these articles to simply be faith promoting justifications for their own beliefs and attitudes. They aren’t really seeking to help but to teach and justify.
Then there are the other type of member. The type who hear news reports like the most recent one and instead of jumping to defense, they first think of my family or families like mine. They send private messages of support and compassion. They are still devout to their religions, but their messages are not trying to teach us anything- they are simply messages of empathy. They say things like, “Your family is dear to my heart” and “Your children are lucky to have you and your wife as parents”. They admit that they don’t understand everything, but they offer compassion. They see that not everything is black and white and they seek better understanding. They mourn with those that mourn and comfort those in need of comfort.
These members are your best and brightest. They are who make your religion shine. When I think of Mormons, I think of them. To continue to not be offended by your religion, I must think of them.
But they are those who struggle the most with decisions like these. They are those who are bit by bit questioning their leaders. Their hearts are feeling torn.
I worry about the LDS church slowly losing this second group of members and only being left with the staunch “teachers” rather than the charity filled “empathizers”. The more they lose of the second group, the harsher politicians are going to be in this state when making laws, the crueler kids are going to be to my children on the playground, and the more beautifully diverse families like mine are going to be forced to flee this gorgeous state we call home.
Please encourage more members to be part of this second group, and please encourage them to continue to represent you.
They do it best.

I love my TBM families both Megan’s and mine. I love the Woods, the Ballards, the Schultes, the Ericson Bangerters, the Funks… So many of you. You shine


Allochiria - We Crave What We Lack

One of the greatest post metal/sludge bands in Greece nowadays. Check them out.


“Through Silver in Blood” Neurosis