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Sess is not cold and lying about his feelings but is rather emotionally immature instead of the tsundere/kudere tropes. As when he explains reasons for protecting someone during character development he explains it as protecting his own honor. Since he is also a pretty honest and emotionally driven character up until points like these (such as when Rin got kidnapped by Kagura ect) I’d like to think that instead of lying that he doesn’t care, he experiences empathy by misinterpreting it as his own pain and acts out in that way.  As the reactions seen such as “she is my ward how dare you think you can do this to someone you know who is under my care

Sesshomaru as being emotionally inexperienced and misinterpreting signals and context is fun in character exploration and development. This seems to be cleared up more after Kagura’s and Rin’s death later when he realized he was feeling pain for another person. 

I don’t think that his misinterpretations would be immediately solved after this point, he’d have to figure at what point he should care for others and at what point he should care for himself. (Such as the leaving Rin with a human village would be his own guilt in letting her die). So him reacting post series could still have leftovers of this. Because even though now he knows that he has this emotional capacity it doesn’t mean it’s instantaneous. 

Talking about this is interesting, I highly recommend it. 

I know there’s a ton of pressure on women to be cheerful and whatnot, but I am so done with the glorification of negativity and cold bitterness. I’ve been cold, I’ve been bitter, and I’ve been negative. I’ve been ✨  misunderstood ✨ , and I’ve given in to the glorification as a means of self-preservation. And I’ve been all of those things on a regular basis, for years. But what I’ve realized since getting out of such behavior patterns and attitudes is that clinging to those things for strength was nothing more than a glorification of unhealthiness. I wasn’t overcoming stereotypes – I was deeply depressed (and often blind to the fact). Yes, we live in a difficult and deeply unjust and miserable world. Yes, there are tons of reasons to be angry. We NEED to be angry at the state of the world and we need to act and push others to act. But being /constantly/ angry is tiring and being constantly negative is immature. Yes everyone functions differently, and I /understand/, but I am so done. Being around dark things drags me down, and I am done. Be angry, act, but try to make things better. Strength is trying to rise above the negativity of the world. Strength is fighting to be better by being kind. Overcoming sexist stereotypes is sometimes not being afraid to be warm and soft and “feminine” if that’s what you want to be. I’m done with the rest of it. I’ve been dark and cynical and frigid and ✨  strong ✨  but all it did was give power to the things that were actually dragging me down and feeding the shiny darkness. I’ve given a decade of my life to it, and I’m done. 


Behind the scenes of The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit (Part 4)

Excerpts from director James Strong’s “Director’s Diary” (DWM #372)

[After having to re-do the lighting for the ‘gravity globe’ in the pit, putting them very behind-schedule]

My joy is short-lived. It’s proving difficult to communicate with Claire and David. They can’t hear me, or - even worse - each other. Also, they’re steaming up whenever they talk, which is making the playing of a scene virtually impossible. The helmets are lifted off, and design and sound spirit them away to see what can be done. Our schedule is so tight that we’re trying out all these things for the first time on set. Not ideal…

Good news. The helmets have been fixed!  Our genius sound boys have created a microphone and earpiece system that allows Claire and David to hear each other, and me. Prop man Phil has also worked out how to stop the glass steaming. We shoot on through to 4am. It’s great stuff, just not enough of it. We’re behind. Way behind.

The second night in the quarry […] the weather is drawing in. It’s bitingly cold, and snow is falling intermittently. We’ve drafted in a second camera and are getting through the pages, but are constantly battling the ice and snow on the actors’ visors. Then suddenly, 10 minutes after Phil has gone home, it’s a white out. The entire crew is engulfed by a swirling snow blizzard. It’s like we’re inside one of those little snowstorm ornaments and being shaken about. We shoot on, then as quick as it came, it’s gone… leaving two inches of snow on the ground.  So we now have half a scene with snow and half without! I re-shoot the first half and frame above the white floor… and crawl into bed as the dawn is arriving, with my face burning from the cold.

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It’s funny how a week ago I was distraught and angry and considering deleting everything and burning my bridges with Rumbelle, and now that a bunch of people outside of the fandom are saying shit about my OTP and acting like we’re in the wrong for liking and defending them while at the same time we’ve been among the most critical of the show, I’m like RAWR FUCK YOU I LOVE THEM FOREVER.

With bands like Rise Against and Anti-flag (not just cuz of the songs but cuz of the band members) you sometimes forget there are people who are assholes in this world


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I feel like people forget a lot that Annabeth has feelings and can feel hurt? I always see posts showing her as cold and it feels so wrong whenever I see it, because she gets upset, and feels sad. She is a leader and a strong person, but she can still feel hopeless and depressed.

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Hey! Your art is so so beautiful! Do you have a twitter so i can follow you there too?

Well…I do have a twitter - and you’re welcome to follow me! I’m @EFLunn - but I mostly use it to complain about my commute and post cute pictures of my cats. So many work people follow me on twitter omg, including authors we publish, so I can’t suddently be like “SURPRISE! have some gay anime dick all up in yo feed” _(:3」∠)_ 

And thank you so much! I’m really happy you like my art!