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imagine, the entire plot of Elantris and the 10 year post-Elantris decline might never have happened if there had been one, single Elantrian geologist or geographer

Tien was right, study your rocks kids


Stannis Baratheon Week:

Day 2:  Memorable book moment/show scene

 ↪  Stannis’ victory at the Wall 

It’s done, Jon thought, they’re breaking. The wildlings were running, throwing down their weapons, Hornfoot men and cave dwellers and Thenns in bronze scales, they were running. Mance was gone, someone was waving Harma’s head on a pole, Tormund’s lines had broken. Only the giants on their mammoths were holding, hairy islands in a red steel sea. The fires were leaping from tent to tent and some of the tall pines were going up as well. And through the smoke another wedge of armored riders came, on barded horses. Floating above them were the largest banners yet, royal standards as big as sheets; a yellow one with long pointed tongues that showed a flaming heart, and another like a sheet of beaten gold, with a black stag prancing and rippling in the wind. 

Robert, Jon thought for one mad moment, remembering poor Owen.” ― A Storm of Swords, Jon X


Some doodles from the past few days!!
Basically sketches of Energy Book, Sleepless in Lazytown and sporto in a dress :>

I’ve been a fangirl for… um… a while now, and I legit have NEVER seen a production treat their fandom with such love and *respect* as Carmilla does.  I mean for one thing, with their movie announcement they pretty much blew any suspense or angst that Carmilla or Laura wouldn’t survive season 3 (and with the way this year has gone for queer fans, that is a legitimate concern) or that they wouldn’t end up together. Its like they saw how this year has been and decided, ‘fuck it. We’re going to singlehandedly save 2016 for the queers.’

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear owl sweaters, or leather pants, or giraffe shirts of doom. And some are small Canadian webseries that recognized a community that was starving for accurate, respectful representation in the media they consume. That recognized that representation matters.  And they might just be the first production that loves their fans just as much as the fans love them.  And that has been amazing to witness.