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It’s hard for people to remember this, but before Barack Obama won in 2004, there had been only two black people post-Reconstruction who had been in the Senate: Edward Brooke and Carol Moseley Braun, also from Illinois. So the idea that a black guy was running for Senate and might actually win, named Barack Obama — people overlook that all the time — named Barack Hussein Obama in 2004, three years after 9/11, was stunning.

December 20th 1860: South Carolina secedes

On this day in 1860, the US state of South Carolina declared its intent to secede from the Union by issuing the Ordinance of Secession. The government of South Carolina issued the ‘Declaration of the Immediate Causes Which Induce and Justify the Secession of South Carolina from the Federal Union’ on December 24th to justify their decision; this mostly centred around the perceived federal effort to abolish slavery. Secession was prompted by the election of anti-slavery presidential candidate Abraham Lincoln, after years of tensions over the slavery issue had heightened divisions between the Southern and Northern states. Other Southern states followed South Carolina, thus forming the Confederacy who fought and lost to the Union in the American Civil War. During the post-war Reconstruction era, South Carolina underwent drastic changes, seeing the election of many newly enfranchised African-Americans to political office. However, as elsewhere in the South, Reconstruction came to a bloody end in South Carolina after a violent ‘redemption’ by white supremacists and the Ku Klux Klan, who retaliated against the increased rights of black freedmen.


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Difficult 50 Word Challenge

50 Difficult Prompts… you might know the words, but how would you fill them?

1. Psychosomatic
2. Psychometric
3. Anesthetized
4. Multicausal
5. Reciprocity
6. Mannequin
7. Neurological
8. Corrugated
9. Delirium
10. Reanimation
11. Supplanted
12. Hormone
13. Pigment
14. Degenerative
15. Interpersonal
16. Deficiency
17. Ethnographic
18. Ventilation
19. Endurance
20. Stimulant Disturbances
21. Division
22. Fertile
23. Manipulative
24. Medial
25. Physiological
26. Awarded
27. Atmosphere
28. Attribute
29. Insulate
30. Regulate
31. Derby
32. Translucence
33. Aridity
34. Drought
35. Subsistence
36. Migration
37. Concentrated
38. Byproduct
39. Domesticates
40. Mechanized
41. Post-harvest
42. Slaughter
43. Reconstruct
44. Aggregation
45. Profound
46. Stupor
47. Socioeconomic
48. Infrastructure
49. Duration
50. Industries 


2.5 years on HRT
1.5 years post-op chest reconstruction

Working on loving my body, loving working on my body.

Life is good.


The Deveaux Family

I present to you the Deveaux Family for my Decades Challenge, ca. 1890.

(Top down, left to right)

  • Henrietta (Matriarch)- Successful Lineage | Family-oriented | Active | Loves outdoors
  • Rose (youngest daughter)- Renaissance Sims | Genius | Loves outdoors | Ambitious | Active
  • Charles (Rose’s son)- Social Butterfly | Outgoing
  • Ira (3rd eldest son)- Fabulously Wealthy | Family-oriented | Ambitious | Active
  • Beatrice (Ira’s wife)- Freelance Botanist | Family-oriented |Loves outdoors | Music Lover
  • Moses (Ira & B’s eldest)- Renaissance Sims |Outgoing |Genius
  • Milly (Ira & B’s 2nd)- Painter Extraordinaire | Creative |Glutton
  • Hannah (Ira & B’s youngest)- Artistic Prodigy | Sweet (cc trait)

The 1890s was a time of Post-Reconstruction era. While constitutionally Slavery was abolished, many African Americans still suffered from racism and discrimination. The 1890s was a time of disenfranchisement/anti-voting (poll taxes, property tests, literacy tests), Jim Crow Laws and lynchings of African Americans. 


July 9th 1868: 14th Amendment ratified

On this day in 1868, the 14th Amendment to the United States Constitution was ratified by the required number of states and thus officially adopted. The amendment, which was one of the three post-Civil War Reconstruction amendments, was crucial in guaranteeing rights to newly freed slaves. The 13th Amendment had abolished slavery, and in 1870 the 15th Amendment was ratified, providing former slaves with the right to vote. The 14th Amendment was a momentous achievement, but the final version (written by Ohio Republican congressman John Bingham) which passed by Congress was one of the most conservative of the over 70 proposed drafts. More radical proposals included black suffrage, and included women in their furnishing of civil rights. However, the amendment was radical in that it gave African-Americans full citizenship, thus overruling Dred Scott v. Sandford (1857) which ruled that African-Americans were not US citizens. The amendment also guaranteed people due process of law and “equal protection of the laws”. These clauses have especially lent the amendment to interpretation, and has been frequently used by the Supreme Court to guarantee rights and strike down actions which violate ‘equal protection’, famously ruling against segregation in Brown v. Board of Education (1954).


Unimog 70200, 1947. The first production Unimog showing the original Unimog logo, ox’s horns forming the letter U. Unimogs were developed in post-war Germany to be used as farm vehicles, the track width of 1.270 metres (4 ft 2.0 in) was equivalent to two potato rows. It was designed to be a multi-purpose vehicle farmers could use in the field and on the highway


Black News papers after Reconstruction

Random Mass Effect headcanon -

Post-war reconstruction does not diminish the need for a Shadow Broker. Threats remain, greed is still an underlying currency of society, and power a desired commodity. Information, however free or seemingly private, must flow.

To support her efforts in ensuring that the new alliances remain intact and strong, and that those struggling to rebuild are protected, Liara enlists the help of a master thief. Except that she doesn’t actually enlist so much as take Kasumi up the offer made with feet propped up on Liara’s desk, and smile flashing with mischief. But it’s a reasonable and practical proposition after all - join forces, use subterfuge and connections in one concerted effort to keep the galaxy a little safer, a little more even and equal in the playing field.

(Liara will later insist to Glyph that it was logic that led her to the decision, not Miss Goto’s charms, and the drone will reply with something oddly akin to a chuckle.)

And so Liara runs the command center, in between ambassadorial duties and aiding the refugees, while Kasumi hand-picks loyal agents who believe in positive change and fair-is-fair, tailoring her team to run flash missions. Get in, get the prize, get out, and go dark.

They communicate in coded messages - Kasumi sends hers embedded in extranet adverts for Krogan testicles - short, hasty bursts of data, always with a bit of a joke or innuendo included. Liara’s are somewhat more formal, wrapped up in the budding tourist spam. She still struggles with the double entendre, but peppers every other note with it nonetheless.

They meet every few weeks for an in-person debrief over cups of tea or sometimes something stronger. But it’s always some place where there is a nice view, where the sky or the streets are alive with the spark of worlds reforming. Where the memories that come unbidden can be buoyed by color.


Churchill Gardens Estate, Pimlico (1946-62) by Powell and Moya.

Estate built to replace a large area of terraced housing damaged during World War 2. Phillip Powell and Hidalgo Moya designed the estate, which was part of the post war reconstruction Abercrombie Plan, with 1600 homes spread over 32 blocks of varying sizes.

Image from The Guardian

Everlark Fanfiction: Victorian AU


Title - Date, Location


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The Reconstruction of A Heart (Izzy Samson) - Post-War, N/A


Another Day, Another Dollar (therebelliondies) - 1900, Urban Seam 

All Was Golden in the Sky (dandelionsandroses) - 1901, NYC

Forever Lies Beyond the Tracks (dandelionsandroses) - late 1800s, NC

EnglishOfficer!Peeta, Indian!Katniss (porchwood) - late 1800s, India

Thy Mother’s Glass (prisspanem) - 1895, Manchester

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