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I don’t know how many of you are aware of the next SasuSaku project I have planned following on from Quietus. I posted some information about it quite a while ago in the Quietus group page on devArt. It’s still a long way off, but I have actually written some snippets for it, which I thought I’d share.

It’s called Indomitus, and is another story based on a Greek Myth - the tale of Eros and Psyche to be exact. But there’s nothing rosy or light hearted about this tale; it’s a darker twist on the story, with the immortal Sasuke as the youngest member of the Uchiha, who are dark angels that reside in the sky. The Uchiha wield the deadly Crimson Arrows, which are capable of placing anyone they strike under enslavement. A single prick that draws blood will bind a mortal to the wielder’s commands. They then have to do anything the wielder orders.

But the Uchiha, although deadly powerful, aren’t themselves immune from the effects of their own magical weapons. If they accidentally prick themselves, their bodies become unwillingly enslaved to the first mortal they set eyes upon.

The Leader of the Uchiha Clan commands Sasuke to aim his arrow at a beautiful human maiden, to use her as a sacrifice to the blood-thirsty demon that guards the Crimson Eye – the ultimate, mind-controlling relic that grants its wearer the gift of foresight.

The maiden he orders Sasuke to retrieve is none other than Sakura. So he departs under the cloak of night to dutifully fulfil his elder’s wish – only once his eyes fall upon a slumbering Sakura, he ends up unexpectedly, and to his utter horror, pricking himself with his own arrow… causing him to be a prisoner to her every wish.

But Sasuke is anything but a love-sick deity. He’s fierce, deadly, furious, and bitter, and loathes the human girl who now holds such sway over his actions. He silently plots for a way to reverse the effects of the arrow, to turn the tables so that she is at his mercy.

Think of Hades!Sasuke - but hating humans, especially the bright-eyed, rose-haired little flower who compels his body to move automatically to protect her against those who sent him to retrieve her to begin with.

Once she finds out about his family’s plans to harm humanity, Sakura, along with her best friends Naruto and Ino, and a few others along the way, makes Sasuke help her foil them whilst acting as her body-guard, forcing him, to his horror and rage, to effectively work against his own family…


Sound interesting?

Here’s a sample excerpt of the first time Sakura sets eyes on Sasuke.

IndomitusLatin – Untameable, fierce.

~Even the untamed mighty can fall…


Sakura’s hand flew to her throat as the figure scrambled backwards, knocking over the lamp on her desk in its frantic haste to escape through the window.

“Wait!” she exclaimed unthinkingly, not considering why she would speak the word or why she would say it to an intruder in her house, no less.

To her astonishment, the figure froze immediately at her command. Fumbling for her bedside light, Sakura switched it on, simultaneously throwing back the covers – only to gasp as the room lit up and instant shock flooded over her like icy water.

Crouching by the corner of the room, just shy of the open window ledge, was a young man.

A young man with wings.

“Oh God,” Sakura whispered in staggered disbelief, her eyes wide as she slowly drank up the delectable sight of him.

Bizarrely, he looked close to her age, perhaps a year or two older at most. She could tell he was tall, even though he was hunched over – but it was his face that startled her most.

It was the face of an angel – or a sinfully seductive devil. She couldn’t quite decide which - although she guessed from his colourings and the impressive pair of silky, raven wings protruding from his back that the stranger was more likely to be related to the latter of the two.

His nose was a sharp blade, perfectly straight and aristocratic, and there was something almost contemptuous about the downward tilt of his lips – as if he was disdainfully regarding someone who was decidedly beneath him in every conceivable category. Piercing eyes a smoky shade of charcoal, boasted lashes so long and heavy, they put a girl’s to shame. They burned through Sakura like smouldering embers. Midnight black, silky hair framed his enviously sculpted face, emphasising his high cheekbones. It fell straight to his angled, chiselled jaw at the sides and spiked into wild disarray at the back. A silver earring glinted wickedly in his left ear.

Sakura knew she was gawking. She could tell from the withering, disgust-loaded glare the boy was hurtling at her. He was dressed in a black sleeveless, tunic-like top, which showed off his lean, smoothly muscled arms. It was secured at the waist by a thick silver cord of rope. He wore black, baggy trousers, the legs of which were secured by the straps of black sandals.

“Wow,” she whispered at last, rubbing at her head. “Wow, I must’ve hit my head harder than I thought!”

He continued to scowl murderously at her. It was only slightly unnerving, the way he seemed to be making plans in his mind to kill her in the most grotesque manner imaginable.

“Are you real?” Sakura blurted next. “I mean, are you really a guardian angel, or am I dreaming?”

The young man’s lips curled into a sneer of abhorrence and he looked positively insulted. When she dared to slip out of bed and step forward towards him, he jerked immediately, scrambling back against the wall, holding out a hand, as if to ward her away like a wild, cornered, dangerous animal.

“Stay back, human,” he snarled, his voice deliciously smooth – but unmistakeably deadly, like silk-wrapped, slicing steel.

Sakura paused, blinking as her eyes fixed on his wings. They were huddled close to him, almost as if to shield him from her view.

I’ve got to be dreaming, she told herself. Too much coffee yesterday, Sakura. Hot guys with wings don’t just visit random girls’ rooms at night.

But every time she blinked and tried to snap herself out of the reverie, the winged boy was still there.

There was only one way to find out if he was real, she decided. She moved forward again.

“Are those really wings?” she asked curiously, reaching out with a hand.

This time the boy knocked over the vase of flowers resting on her study table as he shifted away from the window to retain distance between them.

“Don’t touch me,” he snapped acidly.

Sakura held up her hands in a placating manner. “It’s alright,” she soothed. “I don’t mean you any harm. I just want to look at you.”

His lip drew back into another sneer. As if she could hurt him in any way! The only thing that was hurting him at that moment was being forced to look and converse with her.

She crouched down in front of him, maintaining a careful distance. As her eyes trailed over him again, she couldn’t keep herself from breathing out appreciatively, “Beautiful…”

He wasn’t flattered. If anything, the compliment made him even more hostile.

“Stop talking to me,” he hissed at her. But in reality it was hopeless. She didn’t have to listen to him, the way his blood was compelling his ears to hear her, even as his mind screamed at him to shut her out, to lunge for escape.

But he couldn’t. His limbs were locked at her command. And his wrath at his own wretched helplessness was absolute.

Sakura ignored his rudeness, taking pity on the strange young man instead. “I’m Sakura,” she offered with a tentative smile. “What’s your name?”

“None of your-” he began.

“Please tell me your name,” she entreated. “Or I’ll just have to call you Angel Boy.”

The boy seemed to bite his tongue. Then he disclosed through clenched teeth, as if he didn’t really want to tell her but was being forced to, “Sasuke.”


What do you think? Can you imagine a dangerous, wild Sasuke with black wings, and deadly arrows? Because I sure can! Kukukuku…

Alternate SasuSaku First Meeting in Quietus

I was looking through my Quietus files/concept notes and wondered if any of you would like to read an alternate version of Sasuke and Sakura’s first meeting.

My original idea wasn’t the Carousel or a Spring Festival at all. It was at a masquerade graduation ball, where Sakura has an argument with Ino who teases her too far about Lee, storms off for breathing space on a balcony and watches the stars, only for a certain, seductive masked stranger in black to appear, take her for a dance and lead her into the heart of a maze. Her friends notice her absence and panic, going in search for her. Sasuke doesn’t manage to kidnap her the first time in this version, though, either.

It would appear in the Appendices as an idea that didn’t make the story. Like this post/let me know and depending on interest, I may post it.