post punk poetry

Μέσα σε λίγες νύχτες
πῶς πλάθεται καὶ καταρρέει
ὅλος ὁ κόσμος;

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“You cannot defeat the darkness, you can only be the light, fuck that. At the core of night, I couldn’t imagine anything I’d like less than to be the light and in this, i mean literal darkness and literal light and literal night, why would I want to?

i liked you like i like the ark, why would i aim to defeat it?”

You can brag about happiness but you cannot brag about sadness. I cannot brag about how sadness made me into an understanding person. I cannot sit and brag about how sadness made me look with a different perspective of life itself. I cannot stand up,walk over to my use to be friends and tell them I’m okay without them, that I am perfectly ok without their lovely smiles and shitty attitudes because sadness made me realize that people don’t last forever. Sadness has taught me to be careful with certain things. Sadness taught me how to survive in a household of broken dreams. Isn’t sad that you can brag about happiness changing you but you cannot brag about sleepless nights of slowly changing ones self?

Chandra Oppenheim wrote the songs for Transportation at age 10, cut them in the studio at 11, and become an underground art star before her 12th birthday. Backed up by members of The Dance - disco-not-disco staples of the CBGB circuit - her 1980 recording sessions and live shows were an unshackled explosion of pre-teen post-punk poetry in motion. However, as the daughter of eminent conceptual artist Dennis Oppenheim, Chandra had been encouraged to let her freak flag fly throughout her formative years, whether writing and starring in surprisingly weighty performance pieces, or taking part in her father’s equally off-kilter art projects from an even earlier age.