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Commission wip of Unknown and Seven as race car drivers~

Food blogging as both a hobby and an economy is about equal to stamp collecting in terms of the skewed perception of value it brings to society.  I used to collect stamps and I can tell you now I had a pretty fucking good stamp collection.  I’d fill that fucking book up with kooky stamps from Soviet Russia to Swaziland and by golly did I think it was a mighty fine piece of work.  To my sense of self-worth, the people who sold me those big bags of old stamps, to my fellow stamp collectors and to my mother I sure was something, and boy did I have the evidence to prove it in the top drawer of my bedroom.  That’s kind of like food blogging.  Being a sort-of but not really food blogger I’ve met plenty of food bloggers and some are fine, hobbyists mostly, some build a nice community around it, some have the clout to take it to paid work, but that’s basically it - it’s stamp collecting (minus the primary school bullying).

The majority of food bloggers, nowadays anyway, are beyond parody.  Most exist in that no-mans land between their initial shitty concepts and some completely distant and unattainable food blogging ideal of full time paid writing work, “sponsored posts”, free products, gifts - logic worse than children. The sheer desperation that oozes from their I-swear-this-isn’t-a-sponsored-post sponsored posts, fuck, I know drug addicts with more integrity.

That’s the problem, lack of integrity, lack of spine for honest depth or analysis.  Review time; here it comes - stumbling with the culinary cadence of some heels-in-hand 3AM human gutter animal filled with phrases like “it has a nice taste” or “the consistency wasn’t what i expected” or some other completely erroneous piece of non-criticism.  Depending on the perceived receipt of food blogger royalty treatment from the restauranter there will be a subtle bitch about the lack of preferential seating or a humble brag about how dinner was on the house.  Following this will be a series of impulsive and poorly composed photographs with some of the biggest watermarks you will ever see on someone who is, by designation, an amateur.  These fucking cancerous watermarks, ugh, why are you doing this? The bigger the watermark, the bigger the fucking idiot behind the camera. That giant opaquely translucent branding on a snap of your eggs benedict is going to get you, at best, a “keep at it” comment from your more cowardly friends and some worthless click through traffic, at best.  At worst you’ll be losing all respect from any major food/wine/dining publication you hope to write for and I challenge any food photographer to post an example of any better outcome.  Save that shit for your teen nightclub photography empire.

The culture of receiving free food in exchange for writing a favourable review of a restaurant is one of the most hilarious displays of an endless clothed gangbang of un-erect dicks and dry vaginas I have ever seen in any industry ever.  I’ve seen food bloggers write featured posts about receiving a free complimentary mainstream cider, a fucking bottle of cider? How can I even begin to trust someone who writes anything more than “yep, bottled sugary mainstream cider for girls who haven’t learnt to drink wine yet, on the house, cheers guys” on the topic of anything food or drink related? This festering circle jerk of product-for-promo; you’re supposed to be a critic - just think about it - how many publicists have widely read and respected online publications?  That’s right, none of them do, they have shithouse 9-5 jobs working for balding marketing pigs that no-one respects.  All this for what, the odd free feed?  What are you, homeless? Here’s a tip food bloggers - have integrity, show an actual desire to master your craft: photography, writing or defining your palate, because outside your own little worlds your reviews mostly mean as much as my stamp collection.

anonymous asked:

hi i don't watch shameless so idk maybe im just missing something, but your last reblog says they queerbaited a canon couple and i;m confused. afaik queerbaiting is when a show implies queerness on purpose but dont make it canon, so if the couple is already canon then how can they be queerbaiting? been planning to watch the show but this makes me not want to. and it just confuses me a lot. also i love your blog btw :-)

Hi anon!

To begin, thank you so much for your lovely compliment :3.

The post the anon is referring to is here.

You’ve certainly hit the nail on the head in regard to your definition of queer baiting. However, Shameless (as of Season 5) clearly has a production team that either has the creative capacity of a group of chimps with crayons, or there was a gas leak in the writer’s room. How can a show queer bait with a canon homosexual couple is an exceedingly valid question. The concept is basically an oxymoron. Regardless, Shameless has managed to do it in Season 5.

Ian and Mickey are canonically a couple, and this is well iterated multiple times on the show (verbally, at least). The media team even used “#gallavich”, the ship name, as a marketing ploy (granted, I saw the promo material, and it was something that contributed to my decision to watch the show), indicating that this season would be filled with plenty of Ian/Mickey goodness. However, for the duration of S5, Ian and Mickey acted rather like ‘bros.’ Here is a quantitative example of the representation the heterosexual couples on the show got in comparison to Ian and Mickey. Here is another that illustrates how much the show shies away from broadcasting explicit homosexual sex scenes, yet it’s okay for canonically gay characters to have very gratuitous heterosexual sex.

Any explicit sex scenes between Ian and Mickey (there were two - 5x03 and 5x10) were cut from the script or left on the cutting room floor. Kisses (except for 4x08) and allusions to sex are often precluded or followed by violence of some description (probably to make it more palatable for delicate heterosexual sensibilities #notbitter), and this has been a theme across the seasons. This season, we got hugs, but any other intimacy tended to be relatively platonic - say, the infamous neck slaps. Ian and Mickey did not even peck each other on the lips. They woke up in bed together, had a couple of scenes in bed together, but nothing much but sleeping or waking up happened. No sex with intimacy. No casual intimate touches. They could have been best friends, really, taken out of the overall context. It did not indicate that they were the second longest running couple on the show after Kev and Vee.

This doesn’t even include the shitshow that was the finale.

Ultimately, this might be okay on a show that does not have at least 2-3+ hetero sex scenes per ep or show much intimacy between its other characters, but Shameless is, unfortunately, in title and nature, shameless. It shows a lot of this stuff. Clearly, however, it thinks that anyone who’s queer is someone to be ashamed of, or to be punished, and that queer people definitely should not be on par with heterosexuals. It’s dehumanising. It needs to stop.

Basically, my best advice is: watch the show up to 4x11. Believe the show ended then. Involve yourself in the fandom and all the wonderful creativity and people - especially the people! - it has to offer. Ignore season 5 for your own wellbeing.


I wanted to post something self-indulgent which is not porn so I put colors on some of my recent sketches. Because I breathe MakoHaru lately and hey, it’s Makoto’s birthday.

Dedicated to underthesamestar since it’s her birthday today too! All the best!

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