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Ferris wheels and other carnival creepiness over the years.

From my Dark Carnival flickr set.

I should mention, regarding the post before this (and this one) that I am absolutely terrified of Ferris wheels. I haven’t been on one in years and I will cry and make an ugly, loud scene if you try to get me on one. It’s odd that the two of the things that frighten me the most - birds and Ferris wheels - are things I take so many photos of.

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Ur tags of hes so pretty & im gonna ignore the interview is the exact problem & im not blaming u im just saying its rlly wrong that everything Zayn says is swept under the rug due to his features its quite gross & again Im not attackin you for it I'm just sayin in general his fans feel entitled just because of his looks he should be called out for what he says the other boys say 1 little thing like "the paperwork"&theyr called petty & so many more horrible things but Z is ok 2 say as he pleases

Ok. I wasn’t going to answer this but I there are a few things I want to say on this topic generally that drive me mad about this fandom and about tumblr in general, and I’ve been on tumblr for a fucking long time (7.5 years) and I’m tired of it, not to mention it’s an issue that I’ve written on, studied and made art about in my professional life. 

I wasn’t sweeping the interview under the rug for the sake of his features. I was compartmentalizing my (strong) distaste for the interview - and how Z has been putting himself forward in the media lately - so that I could appreciate him aesthetically. There is no harm in this action in and of itself. 

One of my favourite poets is Ezra Pound. He was a fascist who supported Mussolini in the second world war (and went to jail for it). One of my favourite writers is C.S. Lewis, who had some extremely anachronistic views about women. One of my favourite songs was written by John Lennon, who was a misogynistic, abusive asshole at times. 

I am aware of these things. I acknowledge these things. I think critically about these things. And I can still appreciate their works of art separately from the creators, their flawed humanity and shitty actions. 

It’s a concept called the Death of the Author (best laid out in an essay of the same name by Roland Barthes) and it’s a key tool when it comes to critical analysis (the ability to both acknowledge the context of the piece when interpreting the intended meaning, and simultaneously being able to divorce it entirely from the fucked up places and things that birthed it to appreciate it in itself). So I can view the billboard photoshoot of Zayn in the context of the interview, his pr campaign, his actions, and understand it’s intended meaning, and simultaneously I can also appreciate them as some really beautifully composed photographs featuring a genetically gifted model. 

Appreciating Zayn’s looks is ok. Putting aside my knowledge of how much of a dick he came across as in that article, just for a little while, to enjoy the photos, is ok. As is choosing not to do so. Some of my best friends in this fandom have very different approaches to dealing with Zayn than mine, and I respect and acknowledge that. 

The thing is, trying to police how others choose to appreciate, interpret, and enjoy art, or entertainment, or anything, doesn’t work. It’s been proven not to work time and time again. All we can do is think carefully about how we approach it for ourselves, and be willing to explain how we got there. Which I guess is what I am attempting to do here. I don’t know if it makes sense or not, but I just…  - this “your fave is problematic” argument tumblr revels in, it doesn’t stop people from consuming culture, but it makes them guilty and defensive and less open to considering critical aspects of how they consume media. And maybe it’s the artist in me, but sometimes I feel like it takes away from the awe of art, which is that creativity and beauty and culture have this incredible ability to transcend the shitty mire from which it sprang from, to defy it, even. 

Anyway, this went from me explaining my position on Zayn and ot5 to a ramble about the transcendent power of art and beauty (I’m a romantic at heart, I guess) so lucky you, I suppose. 

If anyone is interested I have a ramble about Foucault, 1DHQ and power structures ready to go too…