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VaneEleanor + referring to each other when in public vs. when they’re alone. 
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I was tagged by the beautiful @chenrrerorocher and @jongdaerivative for various selfie tags…so here’s 6 non-selfies of 2016. I hope everyone has a super rad 2017 ahead of them, and here’s to a Jongdae solo album next year :)

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The price of being popular is most people asking for what you can't give, like personal info. I'm fine with being friends with the lovely crimson mare so long as she's OK with playing nice with my snowy stallion. Anything past that, only time knows.

I like that the vast majority of you who follow me understands this and haven’t been pushy on me revealing myself. I realize I’m pretty popular, especially recently as I’ve been getting a lot more feedback than usual (And thank you all for it!) which makes me very happy. I just want the people who choose to follow me and especially the ones who are active with commenting on my posts, messaging me, sending me asks, etc feel they are appreciated even if I’m not showing my actual face.


so I was tagged in the “6 selfies of 2016” thing by @fromacrosstheriver (which is the second time in like two days I was actually tagged in something and also the second time ever? What is my life turning into?) but I’m honestly not much of a selfie taker, idk if I have 6 selfies total from 2016 that aren’t lost to snapchat (which I got three weeks ago lol) so here are just 6 pictures of me that I like/remind me of good times from the year (one of which is a selfie)

and okay I think @aryngrr @always–changingg @knight-of-blood @decayingliberty haven’t done it and haven’t been tagged (if I’m wrong I’m sorry) so there u go if u want

If “privacy” means giving out your address for fans to send you things (including multiple creepy photo albums of you and a child), having all public social media accounts that you promote, promoting products on your IG (including harmful products), and publishing pictures of a child that the “father” asked you not to post for privacy concerns then, Briana, you’re on fucking point.


✨Weekend Haul 💖

Y'all school is stressing me out I started breaking out and I got my period two weeks early. I’m taking three AP classes and the rest are honors 😓 so I decided to treat myself to a nice ass bag that I bought for lifting🤑 but I won’t be posting it for privacy reasons. But YOU GUYS. THIS BAG IS EVERYTHING. HOLY SHIT. THE AMOUNT OF CRAP I CAN SHOVE IN IT WITHOUT MAKING A DENT IS AMAZING 😩😩 I’m in love 😍. And yesterday I decided to tell my best friend about lifting and I think she wants in too 😂 we’re going to lifting besties❤️ she’s the best I swear.

✨Stores💖: Ulta (my main bitch), Lush, The Body Shop, Vans, American Eagle

You guys the SAs in Lush and The body shop were so nice and didn’t even suspect me lol they gave me so many samples so I felt bad (not really) 😂

✨ Total: $438.53 ✨

antvibe ha respondido a tu publicación: I hope you don’t mind if I ask, but why you never…

haha no stop it alma! of course i think everyone has a decision if they wanna post picture online of themselves and so on, but you’re as beautiful as you are on the inside for sure

Thank you. But you all know that the real reason behind this is that I am Enrique Cerezo and I don’t want you to find out.

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Ingrid, girl, idk where you got such a strong moral compass but damn I'm glad you do. Thank you so much for that last post about respecting actors' privacy/not sharing nudes/calling people out for being offensive. Rock on you Tumblr superhero!

I’m so glad people share my view, and I’m so glad you told me! I really appreciate when people tell me I’m doing something right, so I really hope you have a great day!

and i’m officially back on my laptop ! apologies for being here and not being here i was at my cousins house and everytime i opened my laptop my cousins would just be nosy af and be like “whatcha doing????” but i am here and i’ll be going through my inbox and all and updating my to do / actually getting started on those / adding the roleplay recs !

i am also open to affiliates and one more roleplay rec spot is left if you want it !! even if you don’t get in, you’ll get a spot in february !

31 Days of Johnlock

Day 6 - Happy Hanukkah!

Sherlock couldn’t find the right costume in the last minute so he settled to be the holiday armadillo. Sound familiar? ;)

Sharing this for any babies who feel like they just can’t shake those extra pounds. I went through a really rough patch in life last year and I let my body go. I’m 5 foot five and I went from 170 pounds to 150. I’m still far from where I want to be at the end of this weight-loss journey but I know I am miles from where I started. I’m not sure how long I will keep this post up for privacy reasons but I hope it gives someone out there the push they need. 💕🤗

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Lol! There's drama in that fandom because she liked a post about wanting privacy. Apparently some paparazzi climbed a tree to take a picture of her while working out today in LA.

If it’s not the pap she has on payroll then she whines about privacy 🙄