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Born on this day: June 26, 1955 - Guitarist, vocalist, songwriter and producer Mick Jones (born Michael Geoffrey Jones in Wandsworth, London, UK) of The Clash and Big Audio Dynamite. Happy 62nd Birthday, Mick!!!

Reasons why i love chickens

They’re literally like fickle feathered cats!!! Seriously, they can be snuggling onto your lap one second, and then they’ll refuse to come 10 feet towards you 

They also love begging for food even when they’re not hungry, like the chubby little bums they are 

And the best part is that they’re so amazingly diverse! like you got the Really Big Boys like the Jersey Giants and Brahmas 

And then there’s the itty bitty Serama that can fit in the palm of your hand 

Then the fabulously bearded Ameraucana 

The fluffy Cochin 

The stylish Modern Game

Plus the elegant Phoenix!!!

So in short, all chickens are beautiful and i love them all


Channeling: Vintage/MET Gala 2014 by Marie Claire (Online) Magazine


Makeup Transformations: Kevyn Aucoin

Martha Stewart as Veronica Lake
Christina Ricci as Edith Piaf
Julia Roberts as Julie Christie in “Doctor Zhivago”
Susan Sarandon as Bette Davis
Christy Turlington as Marisa Berenson
Kiara Kabakuru as Diana Ross
Gina Gershon as Sophia Loren
Winona Ryder as Elizabeth Taylor
Gwyneth Paltrow as Faye Dunaway in “Bonnie & Clyde”
Calista Flockhart as Audrey Hepburn

Imagine Enjolras realizing he has feelings for Grantaire and, as usual, not knowing how to communicate them but knowing that he has to make some big romantic gesture.

So he figured out that Grantaire likes to go to this open mic at the Musain, and he figures that will be the perfect way to confess his feelings. But, being Enjolras, he can’t do things halfway, so he also learns how to play guitar so that he can play the perfect love song that really demonstrates how he feels about Grantaire.

And so all of Les Amis are at this open mic night and Enjolras gets called and everyone is surprised but no one moreso than Grantaire when Enjolras straight up dedicates the song to him.

And of course Enjolras gives this big, dramatic speech about realizing his feelings and how Grantaire is amazing and Grantaire is sitting there just fucking dead and blushing so deeply as Enjolras keeps saying these goopy, sappy, ridiculous things about him.

And then JUST IMAGINE Grantaire’s face when Enjolras finally wraps up his ridiculously long speech and turns back to the audience and is like, “Anyway, here’s Wonderwall.”