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You, Like a Sunflower, by An Sikui, Ch. 6 p. 8-13 of 19. Translated by me with permission. All currently translated pages here. Updates fortnightly.

I’m laughing so hard at the Team 7 feels here.
Sakura: Oh, the boys are getting along! :D


I’ve worked way too long on this, but it’s finished! The Modern Male Witch: Home Office!

It’s always 11:59 in the home office of the tech witch. That magical moment just before midnight when anything can happen. There’s a soft buzzing sound in the air and an occasional flickering of lights. The protective sigils on the walls help the many different energy flows to get accustomed to each other. There’s a weird kind of silent peace in the chaos.

This is the fourth piece in my Modern Male Witch Project.

Available as print on Redbubble and Society6.

How to feel magical every damn day.

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Here’s a few ways to make every single day a witchy day.

  1. Go for a walk where you will be surrounded by nature (whether it be the local park or forest or beach) and smell some flowers or collect some dirt/shells.
  2. Press some flowers to decorate your journal (or book of shadows).
  3. Light a candle.
  4. Light a bunch of candles.
  5. Make some natural toothpaste or deodorant to replace your regular one, feel a difference?
  6. Sunbathe.
  7. Moonbathe.
  8. Put your green thumb to good use and start an herb garden in your kitchen or garden.
  9. Harvest from your plant babies and dry/store them for using in your magic (make sure you give thanks and give them an offering in return.)
  10. Cleanse the space with some incense or just by sweeping.
  11. Take a bath with some herbs, petals and bath salts. Soak in all the scents and charge yourself.
  12. Make yourself some really good tea and practice your tasseomancy.
  13. Give your fur baby some love and do a spell for them or enchant something of theirs.
  14. Put sachets of fragrant herbs all over the house.
  15. Weave some magic into to your knitting or cross-stitching. Make bracelets enchanted with glamours or scarves with protective sigils woven into them for your friends or for yourself.
  16. Volunteer at your local dog/homeless shelter and maybe add some magic into their lives. Enchant some dog collars or give out some good luck in soup form.
  17. Bless your old clothes before you give them to charity.
  18. Maintain a journal for everyday magic and challenge yourself to do one magical thing every day.
  19. Read lots of fiction and get creative with your magic by letting them inspire you.
  20. Do some magic for yourself. Whether it be enchanting you favourite lipstick or necklace, to give you a little bit of a boost throughout the day.
Things to do as witch friends:
  • Cast spells together (duh!)
  • Curse each other’s enemies
  • Make enchanted friendship jewelry
  • Make enchanted friendship spell jars
  • Create a shared coded language/alphabet (written and/or spoken)
  • Make wands together
  • Go shopping for witchy supplies together
  • Create rituals for special dates, like Sabbats or even your birthdays
  • Make a shared grimoire that you each keep for a week before passing it to the other to keep for a week, etc. filling it with stuff relative to your practice(s)
  • Go on witchy camping trips/hikes
  • Leave offerings at each others’ altars
  • Witchy slumber parties!
  • Go to graveyards together
  • Investigate “haunted” houses/places together
  • Walk through a forest together
  • Create a special hideaway for the two+ of you, like a witchy clubhouse!
  • Practice divination with one another

Think of any others? Add them!

urban fantasy jobs
  • an Elf family forcing their reckless elf son to become a human mortician for a time to remember that mortality is still a thing
  • fairies becoming contract lawyers and big CEOs of tech companies with huge legal agreement clauses
  • vampires with so many restraining orders on each other (you rack them up after a couple centuries) they have to live in the middle of nowhere, end up becoming lumberjacks
  • Spinx’s who host late night game shows
  • Werewolves becoming astronomy professors and even astronauts after having to pay so much attention to the moon cycle 

72/100 pictures of the BAEne of my existence, christopher robert evans.


Comic by HANA✿, translated by me with permission.

This reincarnation AU, the idea is that Madara already recovered his memories of the previous life a long time ago, so when he came across orphan Obito, he adopted him. But Obito just remembered the previous life now after this traumatic incident where he saved his friends Rin and Kakashi from an accident.

The Best Sonic??

Hey, Nanite here. I’m a long-time Sonic the Hedgehog fan and am currently a mod on the @sonicpositive and @motivationalsonic blogs! Cutting to the chase, I’ve been asked by several people who my favorite ‘version’ of Sonic the Hedgehog is, since the franchise has so many different continuities to choose from. I couldn’t decide, so I’m gonna draw some Sonics (not all of them, we’d be here all day) and rate them! Starting we have:

Classic Sonic! What a guy who’s fly, a blue dude with a ‘tude– it’s the original Sonic! How could I not love him? Good and wholesome. Saves little animals. 12/10.

Archie Sonic! Boy does this guy bring back some of my best memories. Me showing off the latest issue to all the other kids in class, reading them out loud to my little brothers and trying my best to get their voices juusttt right. Tons of fun and action and some of the best characters in the whole franchise! Sad to see him go, but I have no doubt IDW Sonic will be just as way past cool! 100/10!

Modern Sonic! Fun games, great music, and a rockin’ look! This guy is all about fun and being a hero and he inspires me every day. Keep on running, Sonic. 10/10.

SatAM Sonic!! I remember being a kid, finishing an episode, and going into the woods behind my house so I could pretend to be a Freedom Fighter and protect the forest from Doctor Robotnik. Tried to dig a hole beneath an old stump so that I could retreat to my own “Knothole Village”. Didn’t get far, but boy was it fun. 15/10.

Dreamcast Sonic! (Adventure Sonic)! Boy oh boy, this guy was the BOMB! Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure 2 STILL are two of my favorite games. From the Chao Gardens, to the fun stages, to the absolutely unforgettable music, I think Sonic made a pretty decent transition into 3D. Open Your Heart, dudes. 11/10.

Boom Sonic. Is this the one everyone was waiting for? I sure hope so. I had lots of fun playing Sonic Boom. Yeah, it was glitchy, yeah, it was tough, but there was something incredibly charming about it. I don’t know if it was the character interactions, or the humor, or maybe it was the fact that I had someone else to play it with and it’s more enjoyable with a friend. Say what you want but I liked the game and I love the show. Boom Sonic is funny, relatable, and as always, cool. 10/10.

And last but certainly not least, Werehog Sonic. I love him with all my heart and can’t get enough of this hoggo. He’s not as fast as any of the other Sonics on this list, but his heart is just as big, if not bigger. He only looks scary!! He’s actually a big softie who loves his friends, just like any Sonic should. Sit, Stay, Roll into a ball. This Sonic is a Good Boy. 10000/10.

Annnnnnd there you have it! All the Sonics are good to me and they all have a special place in my heart. “But Nanite, what about Metal, Underground, Aosth, and Riders? What abou–” Hold up!! I intend to rate most of the Sonics I can think of, but I’ll be saving those guys for next time. Though something tells me we’ll come to a similar conclusion haha. Anyway, hope y’all liked the many Sonics! If you actually read to the end of this the surprise is that they’re all transparent and free to use!! Sonic gets a lot of flack, but hopefully this helps spread some positivity! Love ya, Sonic!! <3