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callout post for my wife

• too slick has good words
• makes me flustered
• truly a blessing
• my home
• heart of gold
• soul of a nomad
• actually the love of my life
• breathtakingly beautiful
• no really i cant breathe
• makes my heart beat so fast yo
• kinda problematic bc she lives so far away
• and keeps me up at night cos im thinkin about her
• but makes me sleepy cos i feel comfy with her
• so thats ok
• leaves me speechless a lot
• has the best giggle
• also best tiny snorts when she best giggles
• is such a kind and loving girl
• i wanna spend the rest of my life with her
• cant stop thinking about her
• deserves the world

birthday girl

Petrichor, reincarnation!au

Words: 14.7k
Rating: General Audiences
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It’s been six thousand years since Thranduil last laid eyes on his husband - Bard. The world has changed and the great Elvenking with it, lingering in the shadows of Men; as hope for a miracle festers within his heart that grows weaker with every passing day, the only thing keeping him going is a promise he made, many moons ago.

so, i’m re-reading BLLB, which is probably the worst decision i have ever made in my entire life, and if you don’t know me very well then let me inform you that my life thus far could accurately be described as a series of gradually snowballing bad decisions, so that is SAYING SOMETHING.  it’s making me think a lot about ronan and adam and how their relationship is presented and also sexuality and and how scent relates to attraction and also like a zillion other things, so. 

i made this post earlier and tagged it #aka “sara grasps at every straw imaginable” and i think that’s…probably accurate, because i make no secret of the fact that ronan is my fave and adam/ronan is my fave ship of TRC (as much as i love blue and gansey and like a billion other things because i’m multishipping trash).  so i kind of see them everywhere.  up front, i will totally admit that i’m garbage.  but i also think there’s a strand of something real there, so.  (hella long, under a cut.)

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