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I love love love it when people learn things from pop culture/shows/books/even fanfiction etc. I learned how to jump start a car from Phineas and Ferb. (Positive to positive, negative to ground.) I’ve seen two posts tonight of people being embarrassed about learning things from unconventional places. Fuck that. I’m so glad you know weird obscure facts about bananas because of that one Captain America fic you read. It makes me so fucking happy that you learned what the word “petrichor” means from watching Doctor Who. This goes along with cancelling cringe culture: I’m cancelling being embarrassed about learning things, no matter the source.

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Do you have some empowering articles on excellence? I've disappointed myself with idleness these past few weeks and I don't know how to pick myself back up into a healthy, productive routine. I feel like it's too late to pursue what I want and I've no redemption.

It’s not too late, it never is.  Don’t let yourself stop you from what you could be.

Tomorrow is Monday, take the opportunity to make a fresh start. Today you will shower, clean your room, breathe some fresh air, vent in your journal. Make a list of the things you need to do, breaking down each into smaller actionable tasks. Figure out why you are suffering and what you can do about it. Analyze the various areas of your life (see here for example, mainly: social life, career, academic, finances, ‘administration’ meaning habits, appearance, general chores, physical and mental health) and determine what you need to improve. Imagine what your life would be like if you didn’t face these problems and what the consequences would be, you’ll probably end up more scared of not facing it than facing it. Plan what you’ll do tomorrow  . Start with the easiest tasks if you get too overwhelmed.  Tomorrow you will get up as soon as your alarm goes off, drink a glass of water, eat your breakfast, get ready (dress up, skincare + make up, brush your teeth), then get out of the house and don’t come back until you have completed the first three tasks. Then, keep going. 

External input will provide fickle motivation that won’t last long, but maybe it’s what you need to get started:


Waiting for rain

The pitter-patter of droplets

The roar of a cloud’s heavy release.

Air thick with the scent of waiting

A scent that penetrates bones and awakens senses.

Birdsong lifts from above,

For they too have been waiting.

Waiting for the release of heaviness

Waiting for the rain to tell them

That it is time to begin.

-M.C. Ferer 10/14/17

cheri-petrichor replied to your post “I kind of want to make videos about figure skating because I just…”

I think that videos about how certain skate moves are done would be interesting :) I teach myself through videos so having you explain how some things are done would be helpful!

I can do that! What kind of moves/skills are you looking for? There are so many, I want to make sure I’m showing things you’re looking for! 

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           “yeah, well, it’s too late now, huh?” ellie chuckled as she looked over at her friend with a smile on her face. “i don’t know why i’ve never told you. i guess i was scared? plus we were friends since i can remember and i didn’t want to ruin that by telling you i had a crush on you. but yeah, that was a long time ago and now we’re all grown up and stuff.” the blonde laughed, taking a sip of her drink. she wasn’t sure why she told the other about her previous feelings for them, maybe it was because they were at a party and she had a few drinks by now. “funny, huh?”

so, i’m re-reading BLLB, which is probably the worst decision i have ever made in my entire life, and if you don’t know me very well then let me inform you that my life thus far could accurately be described as a series of gradually snowballing bad decisions, so that is SAYING SOMETHING.  it’s making me think a lot about ronan and adam and how their relationship is presented and also sexuality and and how scent relates to attraction and also like a zillion other things, so. 

i made this post earlier and tagged it #aka “sara grasps at every straw imaginable” and i think that’s…probably accurate, because i make no secret of the fact that ronan is my fave and adam/ronan is my fave ship of TRC (as much as i love blue and gansey and like a billion other things because i’m multishipping trash).  so i kind of see them everywhere.  up front, i will totally admit that i’m garbage.  but i also think there’s a strand of something real there, so.  (hella long, under a cut.)

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It’s been six thousand years since Thranduil last laid eyes on his husband - Bard. The world has changed and the great Elvenking with it, lingering in the shadows of Men; as hope for a miracle festers within his heart that grows weaker with every passing day, the only thing keeping him going is a promise he made, many moons ago.