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I have now watched So Much Critical Role that I’m starting to notice everyone has their own styles of rollin’ dice and they’re all real cute

- Marisha sorta just drops hers but she lifts her hand way up in the air afterward like there’s RECOIL on that shit

- Sam leaves his hand up in the air too but it’s very Gilmore-esque. Quite elegant, 9/10 for style. “Ah yes, what is this thing that I rolled - ah, ‘tis garbage”

- Liam just tips his dice over like a cat knocking something off a shelf. Sometimes he does this sneaky lil finger twirl thing. tryin 2 be stealthy.

- Once in a while Laura holds dice in both hands. prayin to dice gods probably.

- Taliesin always shakes his dice back and forth a bunch of times - obviously one must warm the dice up before rolling if one wishes to guarantee a fuckton of nat 20s (Laura does this too, but Taliesin will do it for D A Y S)

- Travis has some nasty SPIN on that throw and sometimes he puts his SHOULDERS into it dude rolls dice like a MAN doin a SPORT and I love it

the whole “i used to be a teen who hated authority only to grow up to become the authority that hates teens” is a bad bad thing that practically every other generation has fallen into and we all need to make an extremely conscious effort not to repeat the fucking pattern


Broadchurch parallels: Holding the other’s food/drink
Season 2, episode 8 and Season 3, episode 3



  • 707: Would you like a drink?
  • MC: I have a boyfriend.
  • 707: I'm the waiter, stupid!

Plates from Vol. 2 of Fantaisies Florales by Jean Pilters, published in the first decade of the 20th century in Jersey City, New Jersey by H.C. Perleberg

Jean Pilters was a little-known French ornamentist. Apart from publishing several pattern books in France and Jersey City, he also contributed to the publication Dekorative Vorbilder published from 1889-1929 in Stuttgart by Julius Hoffmann.

This volume is in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Watson Library. These images are my own personal scans of the book.

I generally take all critiques of “callout culture” with a grain of salt because you notice a pattern where posts going after folks OP likes are callout culture, but if the target isn’t a friend, guess what, then suddenly its just bringing important information to light

notes on grand trines

Note: Do not ask me to interpret your Grand Trine. Interpreting a Grand Trine is different and unique for everyone due to the signs and house placements of the chart patterns. Aspects made to this chart pattern should also be considered while interpreting.

  • A Grand Trine is created when three planets are trine to each other, making a triangle across the natal chart since planets that are trine to each other are 120 degrees away.
  • The house positions of the planets will show which areas of life will positively benefit.
  • This means that the planets must be in the same element. Due to this, there are four kinds of trines that are specialized in handling certain energies harmoniously:
    • Grand Fire Trine - Harmonious in handling matters of energy - passionate and creative without chaos.
    • Grand Earth Trine - Harmonious in handling matters of the physical world - practical and realistic without suffocation.
    • Grand Water Trine - Harmonious in handling emotional matters - empathetic and psychic without logical confusion.
    • Grand Air Trine - Harmonious in handling logical matters - communicate and rational without emotional confusion.
  • A Grand Trine can be seen as a natural talent the native has in the natal chart. The energies between the planets can flow so harmoniously to where the the native doesn’t notice.
  • This can either lead to the native being especially talented in certain areas, or ignorant. Since the harmonious energies of the planets come so naturally for them, they may expect this onto others, who are more likely to not share the same talent as they do.
  • There is also a lack of movement and dynamism with a Grand Trine. The native can realize these talents and refuse to utilize them due to laziness. Due to this, the energy of the Grand Trine can be wasted… It would become a wasted talent.
  • Due to the laziness that can come with a Grand Trine, traditional astrologers back in the day used to see this chart pattern negatively, perhaps due to societal reasons.
  • Whether angles or asteroids can be involved is up to the astrologer. If you aren’t sure, check the strength of your asteroids and reflect how important your angles are in your life.
  • Two planets can be involved at one point of the Grand Trine if the planets are very closely conjunct (preferably at a 0 degree orb)
  • A Grand Trine can never compose of Venus, Mercury, or the Sun together. Venus can only be two signs away from the Sun while Mercury can only be one sign away.

I will add more information if I find any.

Another drawing of the trash boy from Long Exposure. He was too tall for my sketch book. Character belongs to @smokeplanet.

Shirt reads “My mom said I could be anything, so I became an asshole.”

I’ve noticed a trend in a lot of MEA discussions that really bothers me.  (Yes there was a recent post that led to this one, but it was by far not the first, just the one that finally prompted me to say something.)

Sexless relationships =/= ace relationships

Please please please stop saying “ace” when you mean “sexless.”

Not only is asexuality an umbrella term as well as a standalone identity (which covers other identities such as demisexuality and gray-asexuality, where sexual attraction is experienced rarely or only under specific situations), behavior has nothing to do with and in no way defines orientation.  Someone who feels no sexual attraction to other people can still have, want, and enjoy sex.

Instead that gets into how individual people feel about sex.  Some language commonly used in ace circles (but not only applicable to people who are ace) are sex-adverse/repulsed, sex-indifferent, and sex-favorable (occasionally “sex-positive” is used but that tends to cause confusion between personally wanting/being okay with sex and the overall “sex positive” movement).

Sorry if this is getting a little too “asexuality 101.″  My main problem with the way “ace relationships” has been used lately is that the moment its discovered that there will be a sex scene (and usually an implied sexual relationship past what the game shows) with a companion, people write off that they and their relationship cannot be ace.  Which is fundamentally untrue.

While I would kill for more relationships without sex scenes or the simple ability to skip those scenes for any/all characters, that is not what makes them ace.  That idea just adds more fuel to the “gold star ace” (never has sex, never wants sex, never gets aroused, never masturbates, etcetcetc) fire that the general ace community has been fighting to stop for a really long time.

Even just talking about ace characters and the potential for canon ace characters is a massive step forward, and I’m so grateful for that.  But we have to stop stuff like this early, especially when it might be the first or only mention of asexuality that some people see.  I’ve read stories from and talked to so many people that thought they couldn’t be ace because they didn’t fit that gold star standard and its heartbreaking.  And I just can’t stand the thought of that idea being unknowingly perpetuated, especially in a fandom I feel so close to.

  • Yosuke: Boyfriend? I don't want to be Yu's boyfriend.
  • Chie: Well, what do you want, then?
  • Yosuke: I don’t know! I just want to be with him all the time. I want to hear about his day and tell him about mine. I want to hold his hand and smell his hair. But I don’t want to be his stupid boyfriend!

anonymous asked:

God! Exactly! At least a confession or an almost kiss. They have developed as much as they can. It's not like the relationship needs more development, and the characters are getting ready, specially Bellamy who has started to love himself. They can't hold this much longer. Besides, they can't take the risk of losing fans, because if nothing huge happens, not just shippers but also viewers can feel tired and stop caring about the relationship. Dragging ships too much, makes fans feel less excited

YOU READ MY MIND, BABE. Yes, the slow burn is great but here’s the thing: slow burns lose momentum if the relationship’s emotional connection is so perfectly developed to where it would make NO SENSE if feelings aren’t at least acknowledged in canon.     

  I’m not saying bellarke has been losing momentum this season; on the contrary, they’ve developed them SO WELL that they’re ripe for love and it would be sin not to make something happen by the finale. (*Marina & the Diamonds’ “Froot” playing vaguely in the distance*).                                                          

Anyway, I absolutely agree with what you’re saying about the characters getting ready. 4x7 and 4x8 is some of the best individual development we’ve seen for Bellamy and Clarke. Clarke didn’t just take a shower, she indulged in one. She’s finally believing in life being more than just survival again after Lexa. And Bellamy let himself drink instead of punish himself like he normally would.

 Not to mention that Bellamy and Clarke both finally acknowledged their childhood traumas ( “You floated my father” “You floated my mother”). They’re actually at their mental health peak since MW so if they don’t make SOMETHING happen before the season ends, it will feel like it’s all been building towards nothing—especially if they get separated for a long period of time. 

However, if they make bellarke canon it would be the ultimate symbolism for Clarke and Bellamy actually living life. Yes, being self-sacrificing leaders will ALWAYS be who they are, but if life is more than just survival, they need to indulge in it a little more.

Heck, just admitting their feelings would be the ultimate way to show that they have more self worth. I think Bellamy and Clarke ADORE each other. Clarke looks at Bellamy like he’s an angel from above that she wants to fuck really bad. Bellamy looks at Clarke like she’s the strongest, most beautiful goddess in all of Greek mythology. And when they saved each other’s lives in 3x6, they were SO FREAKIN’ HAPPY to see their favorite person alive: 

Originally posted by viba95

They love each other so much that even entertaining the idea that they deserve each other other romantically is proof that they believe in hope and happiness despite the world going to crap—despite all their sins. And honestly, despite what the fandom says, it’s what Gina and Lexa would’ve wanted for them. 

ok but what if bones might have traveled to other planets before starfleet since he’s one of the best doctors, and spock might have visited earth several times with his family, but neither of them have actually experienced snow yet and of course jim’s gotta fix that

spock doesn’t like to wear gloves since he wants to feel the snow and bones just has to be bundled up (he loves snow but gets cold easily) and jim is just patting himself on the back because he’s def a++ boyfriend material (x)