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the whole “i used to be a teen who hated authority only to grow up to become the authority that hates teens” is a bad bad thing that practically every other generation has fallen into and we all need to make an extremely conscious effort not to repeat the fucking pattern

I have now watched So Much Critical Role that I’m starting to notice everyone has their own styles of rollin’ dice and they’re all real cute

- Marisha sorta just drops hers but she lifts her hand way up in the air afterward like there’s RECOIL on that shit

- Sam leaves his hand up in the air too but it’s very Gilmore-esque. Quite elegant, 9/10 for style. “Ah yes, what is this thing that I rolled - ah, ‘tis garbage”

- Liam just tips his dice over like a cat knocking something off a shelf. Sometimes he does this sneaky lil finger twirl thing. tryin 2 be stealthy.

- Once in a while Laura holds dice in both hands. prayin to dice gods probably.

- Taliesin always shakes his dice back and forth a bunch of times - obviously one must warm the dice up before rolling if one wishes to guarantee a fuckton of nat 20s (Laura does this too, but Taliesin will do it for D A Y S)

- Travis has some nasty SPIN on that throw and sometimes he puts his SHOULDERS into it dude rolls dice like a MAN doin a SPORT and I love it


Broadchurch parallels: Holding the other’s food/drink
Season 2, episode 8 and Season 3, episode 3

notes on grand crosses

Note: Do not ask me to interpret your Grand Cross. Interpreting a Grand Cross is different and unique for everyone due to the signs and house placements of the chart patterns. Aspects made to this chart pattern should also be considered while interpreting.

  • The Grand Cross is created with a minimum of four planets involved. There are four squares in total and two oppositions. Squares are 90 degrees while the opposition is 180 degrees.
  • The Grand Cross can also be known as the Grand Square.
  • The Grand Cross can have various appearances depending on the position of the planets - with that in mind, some individuals can have only the four squares or just the two oppositions. It depends on the orb used by the astrologer.
  • Planets involved in the Grand Cross are in the same modality so with that in mind, you can have the following Grand Crosses:
    • Cardinal Grand Cross
    • Fixed Grand Cross
    • Mutable Grand Cross
  • With this in mind, natives with the Grand Cross will often encounter issues with the expression of energy.
    • Those with a Cardinal Grand Cross will face lessons in learning how to initiate their own energy. Those with a Cardinal Grand Cross can often be overly ambitious and they must learn how to harness their energy in a productive, solid direction.
    • Those with a Fixed Grand Cross will face lessons in learning how to stabilize their own energy. Those with a Fixed Grand Cross can often feel stuck, and they must learn how to maintain their energy and power in even the most volatile of situations.
    • Those with a Mutable Grand Cross will face lessons in learning how to be flexible with their own energy. Those with a Mutable Grand Cross can often will lost, and they must learn how to establish boundaries, yet still remain energetically flexible.
  • The Grand Cross is often seen as the “opposite” of the Grand Trine. Unlike the Grand Trine, the Grand Cross is generally seen to be a challenging aspect pattern, since only squares and oppositions, discordant aspects, are involved.
  • However, like the Grand Trine, there are many successful individuals that have the Grand Cross. Those with a Grand Cross are very ambitious, since they are usually always facing some kind of problem. Due to the many obstacles, there is a great potential for fulfillment and growth.
  • Those who have a Grand Cross tend to be very hardworking. However, they can easily feel hopeless or discouraged with their failures, the opposing circumstances sometimes being too overwhelming to handle.
  • There are also Grand Crosses in different houses:
    • Angular Grand Cross (1st, 4th, 7th, and 10th House) - Dealing with with core pieces of the self
    • Succedent Grand Cross (2nd, 5th, 8th, 11th) - Dealing with issues that stabilize the self
    • Cadent Grand Cross (3rd, 6th, 9th, 12th) - Dealing with issues that expand the self
  • The Grand Cross will often bring balance issues. With the Grand Cross, the native will often face volatility when the native expresses too heavily of a certain sign. For example, in a Cardinal Grand Cross, if the native acted too strongly upon their Aries energy, the Capricorn and Cancer energies will block the Aries energy while the Libra energy will provide a way to give balance to the individual.
  • The planets involved in the Grand Cross will all have different elements. If the native successfully utilizes the Grand Cross, they will have mastery in a certain modality in all four elements, meaning that the native has the power to positively express their energies on any medium, whether it be emotionally, intuitively, physically, and mentally.
  • Whether asteroids is involved in the Grand Cross is up to the astrologer. Angles such as the Ascendant and Midheaven can be included in the Grand Cross.

I will add more information if I find any.

notes on grand trines

Note: Do not ask me to interpret your Grand Trine. Interpreting a Grand Trine is different and unique for everyone due to the signs and house placements of the chart patterns. Aspects made to this chart pattern should also be considered while interpreting.

  • A Grand Trine is created when three planets are trine to each other, making a triangle across the natal chart since planets that are trine to each other are 120 degrees away.
  • The house positions of the planets will show which areas of life will positively benefit.
  • This means that the planets must be in the same element. Due to this, there are four kinds of trines that are specialized in handling certain energies harmoniously:
    • Grand Fire Trine - Harmonious in handling matters of energy - passionate and creative without chaos.
    • Grand Earth Trine - Harmonious in handling matters of the physical world - practical and realistic without suffocation.
    • Grand Water Trine - Harmonious in handling emotional matters - empathetic and psychic without logical confusion.
    • Grand Air Trine - Harmonious in handling logical matters - communicate and rational without emotional confusion.
  • A Grand Trine can be seen as a natural talent the native has in the natal chart. The energies between the planets can flow so harmoniously to where the the native doesn’t notice.
  • This can either lead to the native being especially talented in certain areas, or ignorant. Since the harmonious energies of the planets come so naturally for them, they may expect this onto others, who are more likely to not share the same talent as they do.
  • There is also a lack of movement and dynamism with a Grand Trine. The native can realize these talents and refuse to utilize them due to laziness. Due to this, the energy of the Grand Trine can be wasted… It would become a wasted talent.
  • Due to the laziness that can come with a Grand Trine, traditional astrologers back in the day used to see this chart pattern negatively, perhaps due to societal reasons.
  • Whether angles or asteroids can be involved is up to the astrologer. If you aren’t sure, check the strength of your asteroids and reflect how important your angles are in your life.
  • Two planets can be involved at one point of the Grand Trine if the planets are very closely conjunct (preferably at a 0 degree orb)
  • A Grand Trine can never compose of Venus, Mercury, or the Sun together. Venus can only be two signs away from the Sun while Mercury can only be one sign away.

I will add more information if I find any.

  • Yosuke: Boyfriend? I don't want to be Yu's boyfriend.
  • Chie: Well, what do you want, then?
  • Yosuke: I don’t know! I just want to be with him all the time. I want to hear about his day and tell him about mine. I want to hold his hand and smell his hair. But I don’t want to be his stupid boyfriend!

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