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Long Distance:
It’s easy for some, difficult for many;
Being away from the person who holds your heart.
Walking through school, it’s torture.
Happy couples walk hand-in-hand,
Smiling and laughing.
I don’t feel anger when I see them;
No malice towards them, just envy.
I want what they have.
I want the person I love by my side.
I want to smile and laugh with him.
I want to feel safe and to know he’s safe with me.
Instead, I walk alone to my “home”,
Which is more like a house;
My true home is miles away.
The house is quiet,
Big and a bit empty.
Dirty dishes in the sink that I’ll clean later,
Even though they aren’t mine,
Reminds me of him and a smile forms. 
I scramble to speak to him;
Text messages or maybe a Skype call,
Fearing he might fall asleep on me again.
When he does, I don’t feel angry;
No grudges to be held, just loneliness.
It’s hard, long distance,
But we make it work.
Because we know one day,
When we’re older, successful and content,
We’ll leave each morning with a kiss,
But we’ll always see each other at the end of the day,
In our own home,
In our own life,
One day.
Accountability post 5-19-17

so, I’ve kind of made this my deload week. I have not worked out once so far. After my last final on Thursday, I went home and slept. I woke up at 4 am today and went to work. After work, I ran some errands and ate dinner at 9:00 pm. I’m telling myself that all the stress from finals and this week means I deserve some sort of break. So it’s currently 10:24 pm now, and I will not be exercising today. It’s now my deload week. But I’m making this as a way to stay accountable so I make sure to continue to keep going!


Day 99/365: April 9th 2017 | Futomaki Rolls from TNT

Today was pretty unproductive in terms of studying… blergh. I wasn’t able to fall asleep until 7am last night……. was up all night THINKING and my thoughts were so repetitive and annoying ;; drove me crazy and I couldn’t frigging fall asleep UGH. Anyway, I woke up after around 4-5 hours of sleep. Went to TNT at WEM because I really wanted to buy Asian food LOL and Jane told me that WEM’s TNT sold fire noodles so I wanted to see if I could get them… and I DID!!!! I bought one pack of fire noodles, one pack of rabokki noodles (I thought those came with rice cakes but they actually don’t so… rip LOL), a box of futomaki sushi rolls, a six-inch plain cheesecake (!),3 bags of frozen dumplings (they had a special!), HONEY BUTTER CHIPS, and custard taiyaki!!!! I wanted to buy hot dog buns and those TNT specialty buns but they all had a shelf life of ONE DAY rip sdjhgaksj maybe next time!!!!! Anyway, buying all that food definitely cheered me up! However, today was really cold so I felt really sick so I only studied neuro at the library for about 2 hours before heading home. 

Washed my hair, watched Conan, and called it a day. ;_; waaaa I MISS GABY

So urata and sakata did end up going to eat pancakes but w:

@_amatsuki_: うらたさんと坂田のお洋服を探しにきたマン

amatsuki: Man who came to look for clothes for urata-san and sakata

@_amatsuki_: うらさかとパンケーキ

amatsuki: urasaka and pancake

[A magical amatsuki appears]



Hello! Sorry i’ve been putting this off for so long, but con season was crazy and then Storenvy implemented that fee for shoppers so I spent the last week or two retaking all my photos and relisting on Etsy! 

From now on, Storenvy will basically be for pre-orders and big ticket limited items only, and Etsy will be the main store for regular merchandise that’s ready to ship so you won’t be dinged $1 for a small purchase!

Anyway, yea. Shop away! If there is something you wanted from me you saw at a con but don’t see listed on etsy, please feel free to send me a message via email, contact form or tumblr and i can spin you up a custom order :)

Note: A lot of the charms are limited, what charms are not listed are sold out, and what’s there may be very limited. I probably won’t restock them for christmas etc., this is left over from cons!

anonymous asked:

Omg, you're a Conan fan, too?!? I now love you even more than I already did for all your amazing ZoSan fanfics!!! :D

dude. Let me try to explain. 

Detective Conan is seriously good. I am a huge fan. It has a huge cast of lovable characters, cute as hell protagonist, badass as ALL HELL real and relateable female characters!?!?

( I would wear EVERY. SINGLE. OUTFIT. IN. THIS. SHOW. no panty flashes or stupidity this is real people wearing real clothing.) Except the gentleman thief but he’s like the biggest adorkable attention hog nerd look: 

-all this plus gruesome murders and mysteries in almost every episode for you to try to solve?! What more can you want?? IT HAS EVERYTHING I LIKE except pirates. One piece has that front covered plenty.

but seriously guys, you don’t get like ~800 chapters published of something unless it’s good yo. I’m recommending, it give those old as balls looking first episodes a chance. The art and animation gets better, I promise. This series has been running for 20 years ok. Trust me it gets better.

At the start It’s really old-timey and fascinating though. There’s a hilarious episode in the early seasons where they are trying to hunt down a floppy disk with pictures on it and they explain how computers work.

you know. because this story started in like ‘94. YOU GET TO SEE THE FIRST CELL PHONES BEING EXPLAINED. and murder. Lots and lots of mysterious gruesome murders. I haven’t watched ~800 eps for nothing guys.  

(Also i know the premise of a 17 year old being turned into a preschooler and living with his unknowing sort-of-girlfriend doesn’t SOUND good at all, but trust me. It’s comedy fucking GOLD when it’s not BEING INTENSE AND EMOTIONAL.)

also everyone should watch One Piece and Gintama.

Okay, but just imagine Kieth doing little things for Lance to try and ease his homesickness for Earth, his family and ever other aspect of Earth that he’s missing.

- Kieth teaming up with Hunk to try and make Lance’s favorite foods. Because food goo doesn’t really scream comfort food.

- Kieth stumbling over words and what not while trying to learn Spanish so he could try and put a smile on Lance’s face. // he does even though he messes up horribly

- Kieth asking Allura and Coran if the ship could recreate the feeling of relaxing in an open field and gentle breeze.

- Kieth asking Pidge if he could download any of Lance’s favorite movies or music for him to enjoy.

- Kieth asking Shiro on their next supply run if he could buy a plant of some sort for Lance.

- Kieth just wanting to make Lance smile and for him to be happy even though he’s so far away from his family and things that he loves.

and now shes gone