post office plus

  • Viggo: Look at us, bickering like school girls, looking around the room for things to hit each other with.
  • Hiccup: …I don’t think we were doing that.
  • Snotlout: Chair, lamp, plant, table leg, Hiccup's leg.

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…this makes me happy

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I'd love one where red and Liz are walking in a park with Agnes and it dawns upon liz here fantasy from the djin and she just falls in love ❤️

Let me know what fic you’d like me to write?

Liz taking Agnes for a picnic in the park, and asking Red to tag along (secretly hoping that he’ll bring those heavenly delicious cupcakes he had brought to the Post Office the other day). Plus, Agnes adores him and it never fails to warm her heart to see the two playing - he is just wonderful with kids, Liz has got to admit that.

And so they spend a quiet Sunday afternoon at the park - sunshine and Agnes’ squealing-happy giggles and the lovely cupcakes, and it’s all so wonderful, such an absolutely perfect moment suspended in time, that when the realization hits her eventually, it almost knocks the breath right out of her.

Because Liz realizes that right this is everything she had ever wanted - even if they aren’t the conventional picturebook family, even if Red isn’t her husband, and Agnes isn’t his daughter so much as his hesitant, almost-there step-daughter. But Liz finds that it’s the overall picture that counts: a happy family spending a quiet day in the park.

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Apparently Cait went to the cinema on Sat to see a film that Steven Cree's wife had done the casting for.She cleverly said 'went to see the film' so I wonder if Sam went too after the post office visit? Plus C would only know Cree's wife through Sam.

Can’t imagine that she wouldn’t take the hubby along-or perhaps he took her! Either way it surely does seem that we have here another one of those intertwinings of the friends that seem to happen so often with couples…😉