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…this makes me happy

  • Viggo: Look at us, bickering like school girls, looking around the room for things to hit each other with.
  • Hiccup: …I don’t think we were doing that.
  • Snotlout: Chair, lamp, plant, table leg, Hiccup's leg.
If cops wanted to support queer people they would stop murdering trans black women

I’ve seen too much stuff about unnecessary heavy presence of cops at pride. You want to support queer people you stop killing queer people.

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Apparently Cait went to the cinema on Sat to see a film that Steven Cree's wife had done the casting for.She cleverly said 'went to see the film' so I wonder if Sam went too after the post office visit? Plus C would only know Cree's wife through Sam.

Can’t imagine that she wouldn’t take the hubby along-or perhaps he took her! Either way it surely does seem that we have here another one of those intertwinings of the friends that seem to happen so often with couples…😉