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Huntokar (“The Destroyer”) is the god worshipped by the secret underground city beneath the Desert Flower Bowling Alley

A Vague, Yet Menacing Government Agency has been stealing buildings from this city for over a century

The plot to remove Huntokar’s buildings has had a number of casualties, at least three of whom saw the Dark Planet as they died

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I just cannot get the mental image of Vladimir and Anatoly reacting to Deadpool out of my head. Like. Just Team Red and the Ranskahov brothers. They all end up getting Mexican food. Wade flirts shamelessly with Anatoly and Peter then back to Anatoly. Vladimir wants to kill him but the fucker just keeps getting back up. In the end Matt would explain this to Foggy and Foggy just “WHAT THE FUCK MURDOCK?! YOU ATE MEXICAN WITH SPIDER MAN AND DIDN’T INVITE ME?!” “I’m a super hero too you know.” “Yeah but I know you and you’re not as cool as Spider Man!” “You obviously don’t know Spider Man that well.” “I WOULD HAVE IF YOUD HAVE INVITED ME TO LUNCH WITH YOU GUYS BUT NO!”

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Hello 😊 I really love your blog and you really helped me in becoming a confident pro-Severus Snape. I have only one little thing: Why was Snape really bad to Neville?

This is a complicated question, but I hope you’ll hear me out for the duration of this post.

First of all, Snape has always been mean to pretty much every single character.  He was even a bit mean to Draco and said a number of disparaging things about Crabbe and Goyle.  Snape isn’t a very nice guy.  He’s also incredibly sarcastic and his main irritations are tired to people who:

a) don’t take the classwork seriously/slack off 


b) screw up because they’re not paying attention.

Neville, unfortunately, exhibits the exact right combination of ineptitude and terror that makes him appear both thoughtless and outright dangerous. I will also remind you that his character is used as a “butt of the jokes” type of character throughout the series, especially by his fellow Gryffindors.  Neville is supposed to be the shy, clumsy, timid idiot whose magical ability is often likened to a squib by his own family.  He’s been thrown out windows, treated like shit because his parents were tortured to insanity just because he existed (ie: he was a prophecy child, which is why Bellatrix was sent to his parents). Neville has a lot of guilt and a raging inferiority complex. Even on his first day in Potions, he blows up a caldron, which seems to be his defining trait for the next five years.  I didn’t keep track of how many caldrons he destroyed, but a number of them were full of dangerous substances that burned or smoked with likely poisonous fumes.  Obviously, Snape would have considered that Neville might have made a mistake at first, but there’s a problem here:

1) Neville comes from a wizarding family.  He’s had his potions books for a long time and his grandmother has (ostensibly) been tutoring him on wizarding subjects for YEARS. Longbottom is a wizarding name and he’s a pureblooded wizard.  THERE IS NO REASON FOR NEVILLE TO BLOW UP A CALDRON ON THE FIRST, MOST SIMPLE POTION THEY DO UNLESS HE IS POTENTIALLY A LITERAL MORON OR HE’S AN ASSHOLE.

2) Snape is always scathingly cruel when ANY of his students make a mistake in his classes.  He even sneers at Malfoy for making a shitty potion once.  The thing is, Snape doesn’t give a shit why you fucked up. He only wants to intimidate you into doing better the next time so you will avoid his ire.  Obviously, this doesn’t always work well, but it’s a pretty effective tactic.  Even Harry and Ron (who are huge slackers in their academics) end up doing better in Potions class than they do in other courses simply because they know that Snape has high standards.  

A lot of people act like Neville is a special case, but I don’t think that’s true at all.  We just remember Neville because he’s demonstrably inferior in pretty much all aspects.  That’s because JK writes him that way.  He keeps getting locked out of his own goddamn COMMON ROOM for crissake, because he can’t fucking remember a one-word password.  In fact, the first moment we meet him is when he has lost his toad Trevor (probably because Trevor is horribly embarrassed to be seen with him).  I don’t blame the poor creature, as Neville brings him to Potions class in his third year (by which time he should most definitely know better- even Hermione doesn’t bring Crookshanks to class), and proceeds to start testing potions on Trevor- potions that are probably going to be done incorrectly because Neville is shite at potions and has demonstrated himself to be shite at potions for over three years.

So, let’s review- Neville not only brings his familiar to class (which none of the other students are shown as doing, not even Ron outside of the movies), but then he proceeds to TEST THE POTION ON THE TOAD.  The only problem is that Snape is right there and is like “ok well, then, if you’re going to basically copy off your friends and not even do your own work or write notes and follow a goddamn recipe, then maybe you should learn once and for all why that is a bad fucking idea.”

Snape is obviously not going to let the toad (or anyone else) get dead/poisoned from a bad potion.  But he is doing his damnedest to get it to sink through Neville’s thick skull that they are working in a small poorly ventilated room in the dungeons and that if Neville is stupid enough to fill the room with toxic gas before Snape can Vanish it, he’s going to kill more than just a toad.

Even if Neville is just a coward and an idiot, he should not be willfully putting people into mortal peril at all times, especially when Snape has to protect Harry (without looking like it, obviously) and Neville spends most of his class sitting maybe two seats away from said Boy Who Lived.  

One of the things that I think it’s important to take into consideration is that EVERYONE is mean to Neville.  EVERYONE.  Even Lupin.  Even McGonnagall.  Even Hagrid says something about Neville that is none too kind.   All of Gryffindor is mean to Neville. Snape is described as being extra scary and mean because Harry fucking hates Snape and it’s all written from Harry’s POV.

So, yeah, Snape is mean to Neville, but I would argue that a lot of Snape’s ire is perfectly reasonable, possibly exaggerated by Harry because Harry doesn’t like Snape to begin with, and is basically the same sort of shit that others level at Neville regularly, but is seen as “deserved” by Neville being stupid or something.  

I started reading these books when I was 13 years old.  Neville always bugged the crap out of me because he refused to learn from his mistakes, even when faced with detention or yelling or anything…he was just….useless. Everyone agreed that he was useless, even Harry and Co, but they did rise up to defend him (even if it was completely true) when it came to Snape…because they didn’t like him more than they didn’t like Neville.

Also, notice how Neville didn’t get followed in the halls by Snape or regularly singled out outside of the classroom by Snape (other than being used to get a rise out of Lupin, who Snape hates due to having almost being eaten by him in werewolf form and then barred from speaking of it).  Snape is reactive.  The only person who he seems to be “mysteriously” following around is Harry, and that’s for reasons we find out later (ie: protecting Harry’s life, etc).

So I think that the real issue here is why so many people who absolutely HATE Snape go on and on about Neville as though he is some innocent baby who was trying his best.

And I think that you will find that the answer is this:

They honestly don’t have anything else to fall back on as a conclusive moment in which Snape was The Most Evil Bastard That Ever There Was Wholly Without Justification Of Any Kind.

And that, dear followers, is because Severus Snape, while unpleasant and often frightening to Harry Potter and Co, is not a villain, no matter how much certain people want him to be.

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Can you do a scenario about Gaara's s/o pregnancy(and his siblings reaction to it(Temari is a mother already))during which she develops not only weird cravings but an unhealthy needs for climbing on the rooftops of high buildings(and sleeping there)?

This better be the cutest kid ever, after this kind of pregnancy. ~V

Originally posted by justgaara

“Gaara, you gotta do something about this. It’s getting out of control.” Kanurko tapped his fingers against the tabletop.

“Kankuro’s right. This is definitely out of the ordinary. I certainly didn’t have those sort of reckless impulses.” Temari pursed her lips.

Gaara sighed. It had been six months and the situation had only escalated. At first, the little occurances were only that—little. But now? Gaara had fallen so far behind with his work it was finally catching up to him.

“I found her sleeping on the post office roof last night.”

“Was that before or after she spent a fortune on salted fish and chocolate?”


You hadn’t intended to spend so much money on food you normally hated, nor had you expected to wake up wrapped in sand, being carried back home by a less-than-genial Gaara. Pregnancy had been way harder than you’d expected. You were ready for the sore breast, bulging belly, and a bladder the size of a walnut. But unfortunately for you—and everyone close to you—the bun in the oven was out of control.

“Temari was not like this.” Gaara was terse. He’d been lecturing you about sodium levels and high-altitude campouts.

“I get hungry and restless, I can’t help it…” you whined, entirely out of excuses now that you’d hit the six-month mark. “Maybe it’ll get better once I get too big to climb around?”

“You’re already too big for that.”

“I’m sorry, Gaara.” He seemed truly worried, a look that didn’t suit him well. Temari had been visiting with you often, bringing her kids over to try and preoccupy you. Kankuro had made several jokes about making you a chakra straight jacket with a maternity fit. They handled it well—perhaps just excited to see their younger brother finally starting to get some normality in his life. Gaara, however, was beside himself.

You lowered your eyes, feeling poorly about your new habits. Gaara came over to hold your chin in his palm, gently forcing your gaze up. He gave a small smile, forehead still wrinkled in confusion and concern.

“We’ll figure it out. I might take Kankuro’s offer for those restraints though.” Gaara’s face didn’t change as he said this.

“I… can’t tell if you’re joking.” He kissed your forehead and rested a hand on your swollen belly. As he started to pull away, you caught him in a kiss, nipping at his bottom lip in an effort to cheer him up. After, his smile was still slight, but the concern had faded to a little tinge of patronization.

“Do you want some chocolate?” You grinned.

“Only if we can watch the sunset on the roof.”

Gaara pinched the bridge of his nose and sighed. Before he could protest, you grabbed his shoulders to pull yourself up, kissed him on the cheek, and bolted for the kitchen.