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 Alright, so my old commission post basically got nuked because of my name change, so here’s the new deal: Commissions are open until the semester starts kicking my ass, which is maybe late September or the beginning of October. 

Won’t do: 



-Explicit nsfw (Suggestive stuff is okay for now, but pornography won’t be open for a while)

-A few select fandoms (VERY few)

Will do:

-The mostest.

Contact me at if you’re interested (or swing me a PM), and further details can be discussed. If you can’t commission, please signal boost this! 

When Superman was healed by the sun after the nuke blast nearly killed him, I accepted it because the sun was right there and it’s what gives him his power.

It wasn’t until I read some comments with people complaining about him dying because Doomsday stabbed him and he didn’t immediately heal (which, I mean, there was kryptonite involved, my guys). That was when I realized:

The sun was right there.

BvS wasn’t the first time we’d seen Clark in space, but it is the first time we see him directly hit with pure, atmosphere-free sunlight. That’s why he heals so quickly: a literal #nofilter.

It also comes back to the Doomsday fight: it was evening when Doomsday attacked Metropolis, and it was night by the time Superman and Doomsday took each other out. So to those people saying that Clark should have healed after getting away from the kryptonite: healed with what sun? If he’s using his solar cell reserves to heal, it’s going to take some time, especially with that hole in his chest. They’re not going to jettison him into space; none of the characters know exactly why he survived the nuke. They probably think that he absorbed the impact like Doomsday did or he was just knocked out and floated for a bit.

Remember, when Superman was killed in the comics they essentially buried him, too. No one thought he was coming back. The movies haven’t done anything new, let’s see how they being Supes back.

The Assassination of Pink Diamond by the Coward Rose Quartz

This was written some months ago, for a fic exchange that I’m not really sure is still happening. It’s also been a pretty lousy few months for me, writing-wise, so I thought I’d stick this on here and let it breathe the free air a bit - and help me feel slightly accomplished, too. I’d also like to thank @projectormom and @joan–of–bark for giving this some very helpful readthroughs and putting up with my writing-related angst.

Summary: The Earth represents many things and many freedoms. Amongst them, perhaps, a place for a pearl and a quartz to be in love. Or: the start of the rebellion. Pearl/Rose. ~7200 words.

The Assassination of Pink Diamond by the Coward Rose Quartz

“Well, here we are.”

It wasn’t the most creative or original set of words to mark the end of a very, very long journey in a relatively crowded ship among Gems who couldn’t exactly be trusted, but it was the best Pearl managed. The simple phrase certainly couldn’t begin to convey her relief. All the pretending had really started to get to her, and the brief times of respite and being allowed to be herself when the two of them got to be alone in Rose’s cabin were far from enough to counteract the seemingly endless stretches of nothing, of standing around and standing on protocol and standing in wait and standing, standing, standing…

She was standing on the ship’s gangway now, on the threshold to a new world, the last of the crew to disembark. But, far more importantly, Rose was standing right there beside her.

“This… is it, I suppose,” Pearl went on, squinting at the very bright light of the local star that was allowed to pass through the atmosphere in some capacity, before turning her glance towards the overabundance of strange, variously-textured and mostly green substances around their landing site, presumably organic in nature. “Crystal System planet Earth. Doesn’t really look like much.”

“Pearl,” Rose laughed, in that open, loud, free way she allowed herself when they were alone, “we’ve hardly seen anything of it. Don’t be so quick to judge.”

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Post book four, pre- book five.

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Kenspeckle hardly glanced up from his lab book. “Clarabelle, for the last time, it is literally impossible for you to burn your hand off with the lemon extract. It is helpful for speeding up the growth of bacteria—”

“Kenspeckle,” Valkyrie said, mouth twisting into a smile.

Kenspeckle blinked and adjusted his glasses. “Valkyrie,” he said. He stood, abandoning his work and crossing his arms. “What injury have you brought to me today? Broken bone? No, you’re not holding back tears—a sprain then? Nasty bruise?”

Valkyrie held her hands up and spun in a slow circle. “I’m fine, really.”

“And yet, almost every time you come, you are bleeding from at least one abrasion.” Kenspeckle looked around. “Then I assume you’re here to ask an inconvenient favor from me. Where is your dear friend Mr. Pleasant, hm? Skulking around, looking for answers? What’s the lead?”

Valkyrie shrugged one shoulder. “No, he’s not here. It’s just me today.” She hesitated, licking her lower lip. “It’s my day off, actually.”

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Because Fallout 4 and Mad Max. 
Quite excited about Fallout 4. I was obsessed with Fallout 3 back in the day. One thing I really hope they bring to the game though is vehicles. Cars, motorbikes, even a bicycle would be really cool. 

So yeah. I hope this is good.