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How do you think a wedding between Luke and Nick would go along? Who would they invite, what would it all look like? (Also, which of the two do you think would propose first? Omg)

I LOVE THIS QUESTION!!! Where do I even start!?!


Luke: In my opinion, the most likely to propose first, he buys the ring completely on impulse one day after passing by a ring shop in the downtown area. He wants it to be something quiet and quaint with them surrounded by family and friends, so he decides to do it around Christmas, when the cabin group and their respective families go to the lodge for their winter holidays. older!Clementine is the one he tells first, and soon enough the whole group is completely in on it. When they’re all finally in one place, he gets this flash of nervousness and everyone spends the entire evening patiently waiting for Luke to get down on one knee and get it done, when he takes way too long Clementine pushes him into a corner and tells him to stop being stupid and making things harder than they need to be. So a couple minutes later, he finally starts his whole ‘you’re the love of my life speech’, everyone watching well Nick is completely confused, but when it hits him he has tears brimming in his eyes. After a moment of shocked staring, he says yes and then gets mad at Luke for embarrassing him in front of everyone. 

Nick: Now I don’t think he’d be the one to propose, but just an idea I had in my head. I think he’d think about the idea of he and Luke getting married a lot, but ALWAYS back out, way too anxious to go through with it. But one day his mother convinces him to go and buy a ring. He does and at first, he plans something extravagant like in the movies, they go out for dinner, go bowling, get on some kind of ferris wheel, but every time he tries to initiate the proposal something interrupts him or ruins it. He always has the ring in his pocket, so one day when they start playfully wrestling and teasing each other it falls out of his pant pocket and Luke is left flabbergasted. But before Nick can even ask the ultimate question Luke is freaking out and repeating the word “YES” until he loses his voice. 


Even though it defeats the purpose, they end up having their bachelor party together, the cabin group and the 400 days gang is there, inviting the gals cause it ain’t a party without them lmao. Jane, Wyatt and Eddie are out trying to get everyone drunk af, Russell, Vince, Mike and Bonnie are trying to make everyone chill the fuck out, Sarah is posting the entire event all over social media, Carlos is watching her like a hawk. Javier is there cause why the fuck not and drunkenly vandalizes something and gets arrested for the night. Carlos, Pete and Kenny are the designated drivers. Clementine is the one to save Javi’s ass once he’s in jail for the night, and also responsible for making sure Nick and Luke don’t get too hammered so they aren’t feeling like complete shit on their wedding day, and since she’s watching over them she has to sit through all their lovey dovey moments and spends the whole night rolling her eyes at them while she drinks a sprite. 

The Wedding: 

NICK AND LUKE ARE SO NERVOUS. Pete (Nick’s best man) is cracking jokes at Nick’s expense but at the end of the day reassures him the best he can, no tough love for once. Clementine, (Luke’s best man sorry i love the concept of them being best friends i canttt) on the other hand, has taken a page out of Pete’s book and is telling Luke how it is, “you’re both idiots, you’re meant for each other.” “Why the hell are you so nervous this was your idea” “Luke I swear to god if you say ‘what if nick doesn’t show??’ one more time im leaving.” 

It’s an outdoor wedding (only for the ceremony portion) in the summer. Pretty much the entire twdg cast is there, (you know except fuckers like carver or some shit lmao) as well as Luke and Nick’s relatives. A lot of fucking manly crying between Luke and Nick during the vows, they write their own vows, Luke about how Nick has always been by his side through thick and thin and how he doesn’t know what kind of person he’d be without him, Nick about how he always felt like he could trust and be open around Luke throughout his life and how Luke inspired him to be a better person. They exchange rings and kiss and it’s all happy and romance, everyone’s cheering, Nick’s mom is crying, even Pete has to brush away tears. 

Luke and Nick don’t end up touching their dinners, instead, they are sitting at their tables talking about how sweet each others vows were, how handsome the other looks, how surreal the experience is. Nick is too embarrassed to do the slow dance in front of everyone, especially cause he doesn’t know how, so they go to a secluded place outside the venue and dance together on their own. Pete gives everyone an embarrassing speech about Nick and Luke as children,Luke’s mom show baby pictures of the both of them, Nick’s mom tells the funny story of Nick coming out, Clementine talks about a time Javi flirted with Luke well drunk, Nick caught it, tried to beat him up and she had to stop them. It’s an open bar cause Nick and Luke aren’t assholes lmao, Javi is super hungover from the night before and David+Kate are making fun of him for getting arrested. GABE AND CLEM HAVE A QUICK DANCE, they think no one will notice but Javi shows up in the nick of time and talks about how he ships it, Kenny and David somehow get into a mini fight that Pete and Carlos have to stop. The party is lit, everyone has a great time. Nick and Luke leave pretty early into the night, more interested in each other than everyone else (WINK WINK NUDGE NUDGE,) Pete and Clementine are left responsible for the party for the rest of the evening. Nick and Luke say it was the best night of their lives for the next few years, (unTIL THEY ADOPPT THEIR BABY)