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New hair, new hair, new hair!!!

Did a little magic with it. Trimmed off the split ends to release the old. Dyed it new colours to represent transformation. Did some knot magic by braiding wishes into my hair. 

I feel rejuvenated now.


hey nya it’s the 7 selfies of 2k17 !!!!! tagged by @whetaver lov u b <333

those whomst I tag: @centrifuck @keithkoqane @lance-cubano @ idk whom else likes showing their face but if you got a face and like flaunting it……I @ u

ps click to check the captions y’all
pps why do all of these look like different people asldkfsafjfs


Sana is reminding SUNPLUS members to apply for the ticket lottery for Stage Patalliro: Stardust Project by posting these never-before-seen pictures from when he took the visual for Maraich in 2016! Also #beautiful because of course.

There are a lot of interesting anecdotes about last year’s photoshoot too! I detailed some of them in this post from a while back: The Making of Sanaich: How 19-year-old Sana Hiroki transformed himself into an 80s yaoi icon


Breaking my hiatus for a sec to do this. Also I know it was 6 selfies n I did 9 but I learned to love myself this year so I added 3 more.
Tagged people you don’t have to do 9 if you don’t want to and do just the 6.
Thanks @cash-and-androgyny !!!!❤️❤️❤️

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