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Some things about Net Neutrality being threatened that I haven’t seen many comments on:

- The OOOONNLY people benefiting from this possible rollback are corporate shareholders. 

- The removal of NN would result in few if any new jobs whatsoever, so any argument that it would help the economy is null and void (btw, we’re not actually in a recession anymore, in case anyone still thought that. The US’s economy, while it has plateaued in actual growth at about 2%, it’s actually pretty high in the business cycle.)

- Limitation and partisan censorship is a major concern (I lied that one is what everyone is talking about)

- In fact it will HURT online businesses, which will damage the small business sector in general.

- And last but not least: It is going to have a majorly negative impact on the education system. I just finished highschool in May and let me tell you, even rural schools are getting more and more technology and internet dependent. Students frequently, if not regularly, are sent home with online assignments. How can students possibly be expected to finish an online homework assignment if they can’t even remotely begin to afford internet? This is already an issue in rural and poor and POC dominated areas, and should Net Neutrality be removed and access to the internet be placed back into money hungry corporate hands, it will be an even more massive and far worse problem that will only perpetuate low education levels in these areas. what if their assignment requires research on a website that their partisan provider has decided to censor? You get a zero. Especially if you’re a college student that can’t afford another $150 a month just to get ok-ish internet speeds. 

- This gives me great concern for marginalized and outcast kids. The internet has been one of the very, very few places where LGBT+ and POC children and people in general can go and feel safe and accepted and loved and celebrated for how/who they are. Imagine that that’s the ONLY place you feel safe and okay and then that gets taken away from you. Early teen suicide rates are already high enough. 

This is all just a disgusting money grab by the GOP and other politicians who are invested in cable and cellular companies. Call or message your congressional representatives to oppose. Drown them in resistance. I’ve already found several posts with links that let you do that. 

Hey y'all buckle up this is important

So various providers such as Verison, Comcast, Time Warner Cable, and and AT&T are trying to end net neutrality, which gives people freedom to go on websites like tumblr and DeviantArt and the like without it being slowed or having to pay for it.
This is very important.
There is a very informative article on about this and can explain it better than i can, but in short
Multiple websites tomorrow will show warnings on them, but don’t worry, these aren’t real warnings and actually tell you what is going on. They also give you the opportunity to send a letter to the fcc about this. That step is really important, and i reccomend you at least try to do so.

You can go to and read this article (it also provides the previously mentioned opportunity to send a “letter” to the fcc about this and attempt to stop net neutrality to be taken away) we only have a few days to try to stop this, and stopping it is NEEDED. If net neutrality gets taken away, literally everyone is fucked.

So uh,, yeah