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In which Kara is a certified genius that has to tone down her mind in front of others and practice it by coming up with questions to aggravate Alex, which she finds hilarious.

Many thanks to @alittlelesspain for the help :)


➸ 08.02.2017 | Monthly spread for August, featuring my aloe! School starts up again this month and I’m already sure I’m going to be swamped. Wish me luck this month xx


First original post on studyblr. My school year started three weeks ago. I’m already stressed out. Last week we were in Vienna, Austria. The city was really beautiful. If you would like to see some pictures of my trip let me know.

Today I did some revision notes on our first topic in my management class. It was about how to start a company. Lately I’m always studying at night, but I want to change that. I struggle with two subjects this year and I hope this community will motivate me to study better and achieve more!🌙