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me: *goes to my county swim meet*

me, coming back home: *goes on tumblr and sees that at the NYCC Voltron panel that they confirmed that Lance is Keith’s stability*:

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(they tried to hide it from us….. i’m screaming so badly but i’ll say more after homecoming)

I’ve read a lot of articles and tweets, and watched a lot of post match analysis and reactions to Barca’s historic comeback. What really gets on my nerves is the reviews on Messi! There were a lot of “who needs him?” “Worst player on the pitch” “He did nothing in this game.”

Excuse me. He’s Lionel Messi. Just by being on the pitch he gives Barca the edge.

Yes, PSG surrounded him with three to four players almost all the time. But that mean, space was given to our other forward. There were defenders preoccupied with watching Messi that they gave players like Busi more options to pass to and gave Neymar and Rafinha more space on the flanks.

He scored the first penalty.
He along with the rest of the team never gave up.
He made the pass that lead to the second penalty (the fifth goal.)
He pointed at Neymar and told him to take it knowing that Neymar was on fire.

If Barca had to choose, in any game, especially a game like this of having him on or off the pitch…

You bet your ass Barca wants him on the pitch.


I’m so sorry.


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No Chill November!!!! ROSE AND DAGGER

Harry Styles : *gets a rose tattoo*

Us :, there seems to be initials, theres an “L” and a “T”, Louis’ gonna get a matching one for sure, probably a dagger.

Louis Tomlinson : *gets dagger tattoo*

Us :