post match reactions

I’ve read a lot of articles and tweets, and watched a lot of post match analysis and reactions to Barca’s historic comeback. What really gets on my nerves is the reviews on Messi! There were a lot of “who needs him?” “Worst player on the pitch” “He did nothing in this game.”

Excuse me. He’s Lionel Messi. Just by being on the pitch he gives Barca the edge.

Yes, PSG surrounded him with three to four players almost all the time. But that mean, space was given to our other forward. There were defenders preoccupied with watching Messi that they gave players like Busi more options to pass to and gave Neymar and Rafinha more space on the flanks.

He scored the first penalty.
He along with the rest of the team never gave up.
He made the pass that lead to the second penalty (the fifth goal.)
He pointed at Neymar and told him to take it knowing that Neymar was on fire.

If Barca had to choose, in any game, especially a game like this of having him on or off the pitch…

You bet your ass Barca wants him on the pitch.


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I’m so sorry.


Neymar: “Against a side like Rayo it is never easy. They have quality players and they play really good football. But we did our job, it’s difficult to beat any team [in this league], so you always have to rely on the help and hard work of all the team.”

Neymar: “Contract renewal? I say that Barcelona fans should relax." 

Neymar: "Penalties? Have been training with (goalkeepers) Claudio, Marc and Jordi.”

Neymar: “Be the leader in Messi’s absence? We all do our job and each one has to do his part.”

Neymar: “Historical night for me. I will always remember this day and will tell my son about this day. I dedicate this for the team. It’s one of my best matches with FC Barcelona. In the top 10, for sure. It’s clear.”

Bravo: “I know I made some good saves, but if you concede twice you’re never totally happy with your game. I ask a lot from myself.”

Bravo: "We’re satisfied, we created a lot of chances, score could have been higher. We suffered also a bit, but we learn from that”

Sergi Roberto: “Playing at right back gave me more playing time and more confidence.”

Sergi Roberto: “If I would have left, I would have regretted it a lot." 

Sergi Roberto: "Always big results against Rayo, but they’re very competitive. Possession is always close, but they leave more space.”

Sergi Roberto: “Neymar helped the team with his goals and I hope he can continue like this.”

Luis Enrique: “We must improve the defensive aspect, we are not at a high level in this playing situation.“

Luis Enrique: “Neymar has been electric. In one word to describe him tonight?- Impressive.”

Luis Enrique: "We played well in the first half and we were more effective in front of goal in the second. We have to continue to improve in defense too, we’re still not at our best.”

Luis Enrique: “You know you can lose possession against Rayo, Celta or Bayern, but then you focus on the result.”

Luis Enrique: “We should be more effective, but you can’t train on it. If players get the same 10 chances in training, they score 9 or 10.”

Luis Enrique: “Neymar? It is amazing to score four goals. He was so quick and decisive.”

Luis Enrique: “It’s not normal that we have missed so many chances today. It will not happen again, we will improve.”

Luis Enrique: “We are happy to get the three points. It is always hard to play against Rayo.”