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10 Things I Hate About You Master Post

Welcome to the 10 Things I Hate About You (a Bucky Barnes x Statford!reader au fic based on the film with the same title) Master Post! This fic will have 10 parts in total, and I will keep this post updated so you’ll always see when a new part is out! Not all parts are uploaded yet. Enjoy reading it for the first time or catching up xx

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idk why but I imagined Summoner Shauni freaking out because while she's in Askr, well she can't work on her master's thesis anymore...

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Alfonse and the others just stared at her for several days as she went from “No no no it’s impossible you don’t understand I was almost done with the subsection about the woods I had only ONE PAGE left to write and- oh my God, did I save? Did I save the fucking file?” to “EVEN IF I COULD GO HOME TODAY I WOULD NEVER HAVE THE TIME TO FINISH IT IN TIME! I’M GONNA HAVE TO RESTART MY ENTIRE YEAR- OH WAIT BUT I WON’T ‘CAUSE MY PARENTS WILL KILL ME- Wait, they must think I’ve been abducted or something AAAAAHHH WHO’S GONNA PET ALL MY CATS-”

Not quite the Summoner they imagined.

Bob Morley at #ShowTimeCon2 Day 2

so this is a master post (day 1) of what bob said during his panels in Barcelona this weekend. i’ll update it as much as i can:

- “The end of season 4 is gonna blow your mind. Season 5 is gonna be insane.” (x)
- Bob would convince someone to watch the 100 by saying “Watch it” (x)
- Bob said that Kane and Bellamy are very similar. They’re both very pragmatic. (x)
- “I’d like to play Emori because I’d get to kiss Richard.” (x)
- “I don’t think they (Bellamy and Octavia) have the same father.” (x)
- Bob said Bellamy has “daddy issues” (x)
- Bob said he loves Ian so much and loves working with him (x)
- Bob said he wanted to grow a beard but couldn’t for Bellamy (x)
- Bob loves Chai but he hates Ilian (x)
- Bob doesn’t like playing romance (x)
- Bob ships Monty and Jasper. “Sorry Harper” (x)
- Bob’s favorite season is season 4 because he challenged himself more (x)
- Bob said that his favourite season from The100 is season 4 because of the growth of Bellamy (x)
- Bob said that Holland Roden watches a lot of documentaries (x)
- Bob said he met Holland yesterday for the first time and he thinks she’s very cool (x)
- Bob said he would like to work on Archer, Modern Family or Parcs and Recs (x)
- Bob said that if the cast were in the situation of the 100 in season 1 Isaiah would probably take the leadership (x)
- Bob said that if he could only sing one song for the rest of his life it would be the Willy Wonka song (x)

10 Things I Hate About You [b.b au] [1/10]

Master Post

Series Title: 10 Things I Hate About You (AU)
Fandom: MCU
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Stratford!reader, Clint Barton x Stratford!Natasha, Wanda Maximoff, Vision, Sharon Carter, mentions of Steve Rogers, mentions of Tony Stark
Warnings: Alternate Universe, mild swearing
Word Count: 1,797
Requested: No
Description: Y/N and Natasha Straford’s house rules say that Nat can’t date until Y/N has a boyfriend, so strings are pulled to set the dour damsel up for a romance. Soon Y/N crosses paths with handsome Bucky Barnes. Will Y/N let her guard down enough to fall for the effortlessly charming Bucky?

Disclaimer: not my gif

[Y/N] = your first name

Growing up in an upper-middle-class home in California was something that Y/N Stratford had always been thankful for. Being subjected to those assholes that people at her school called boys, however, was not something that she appreciated very much. None of the boys at Y/N’s high school were worth any of her time, in her opinion, and some of the girls there were pretty awful too. Y/N’s sister, on the other hand, totally disagreed. After their mother passed away, Y/N and Nat had started falling out more than ever, and they barely even spoke to one another anymore.

Natasha Statford was the incarnation of all the things that people at Stark High School wanted to be: pretty and popular. That was the extent of it. And not only was Nat shallow and a little bit of an airhead, but she was awful to her older sister, Y/N, and had taken advantage of their dad’s love for his daughters when their mother passed away. Nat wanted to do what everyone else her age did: date a cute boy with a high social rank at their school. Perhaps that was what made Nat the favoured Statford sister. Y/N was just as beautiful as Nat, and even more smart. But she had an antisocial, often abrasive attitude and wanted nothing to do with the losers at their school.

Nat’s best friend, Sharon Carter, was smart enough to befriend Nat in order to climb her way through the social system of their high school, not that Nat would ever realise, and had always had her eye on Steve Rogers; a self-absorbed high school senior and aspiring model. Steve’s affluent best friend Tony was the grandson of the man who founded the high school they all attended, and it only made the two of them even more unbearable. 

At least Y/N had one friend that was worth having: Wanda Maximoff. Wanda was considered to be even more odd than Y/N at Stark, and that was saying something. She wore dark clothing and loved Shakespeare more than anything. People gave her nicknames such as witch, but Wanda only ignored them. One more year of school and Wanda and Y/N would be gone from that hell hole anyway. 

In the morning, Nat and Y/N got to school separately. Nat rode the bus with Sharon in the mornings and Y/N took her old car that she had bought with the money she saved from all of her part-time jobs. Y/N – unlike Natasha – wanted to be responsible for herself and was sure that she would only use her inheritance for paying for college and nothing else. Natasha was already coaxing her father into buying her Prada backpacks and who knows what else. So once Y/N and Nat were out the door, it was almost like they didn’t even know each other.

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MBTI Statistics: Part II

Not too long ago (but an extremely long time ago in Internet time), I made a master post of a shit ton of unrelated MBTI charts, polls, and statistics that I’d accrued throughout my time on the Internet. It got unexpectedly popular, and ended up sort of blowing up. (Click here to see part I of this post.)

Well, I am here today to inform you that I have since found many more MBTI-related charts for your viewing pleasure, and to present them here for you today! So, here it is again: a bunch more random MBTI statistics. Enjoy!

1. MBTI gender distribution

2. MBTI type by job satisfaction vs. income

3. MBTI type by natural confidence

4. MBTI type by general population vs. Internet population

5. MBTI type by general population vs. subreddit popularity

6. MBTI type of high school teachers vs. MBTI type of college professors

7. MBTI type visual grid

8. Enneagram x Pokemon type

9. MBTI type by best majors

10. MBTI type by gender (comparison)

11. MBTI x political compass

12. MBTI by number of Google results

13. MBTI by physical, emotional, and mental proclivity (source: me)

14. MBTI x DYT x temperament x spiritual gifts x color analysis

15. MBTI type by managerial responsibility

16. MBTI type by Love Language

17. MBTI type by global distribution vs. Reddit users

18. Percent of enneagram types that favor iNtuition

19. MBTI by representation in the programming profession

20. MBTI by percent male vs. percent female

21. MBTI clusters (NT, NF, ST, SF) by impactful influencing

22. MBTI by likeliness of early retirement

23. MBTI and attitudes towards having children (over 25)

24. MBTI and attitudes about the efficacy of meeting new people on social media

25. MBTI by most and least likely to be stay-at-home moms

26. MBTI by most and least likely to be stay-at-home dads

27. MBTI by various parenthood satisfaction rate statistics

28. MBTI by self-employment status

29. MBTI by average education level achieved

30. MBTI by Facebook usage

(Please take all of these charts with a grain of salt. I don’t know what parameters were used to make them, so they may or may not be inaccurate - I have no idea, I’m not the author. I also purposely did not bother including any of the sources (as much as I would’ve loved to, just for the sake of accuracy), just because I didn’t feel like spending the next ten hours trying to track down the original sources for all of these infographics. I seriously just don’t have the energy. Sorry!)

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i see alot of conflicting posts about what signs people think the disney princesses are and i was wondering if you could do like a master-post on what placements you think they have because i trust your opinion lol

snow white

-cancer sun, virgo moon, leo rising, libra mars


-pisces sun, libra moon, virgo rising, pisces mars


-libra sun, taurus moon, pisces rising, cancer mars


-sagittarius sun, pisces moon, libra rising, leo mars


-aquarius sun, sagittarius moon, virgo rising, taurus mars


-aries sun, taurus moon, scorpio rising, scorpio mars


-aquarius sun, aries moon, sagittarius rising, virgo mars


-sagittarius sun, cancer moon, aquarius rising, capricorn mars


-sagittarius sun, scorpio moon, aries rising, aquarius mars


-taurus sun, aries moon, sagittarius rising, aries mars


-virgo sun, capricorn moon, capricorn rising, gemini mars


-gemini sun, aquarius moon, libra rising, sagittarius mars


-gemini sun, libra moon, sagittarius rising, aries mars


-capricorn sun, cancer moon, virgo rising, scorpio mars


-leo sun, sagittarius moon, cancer rising, scorpio mars

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Can you possibly provide a master post of stories where justice is served to the asshat of the stories? If not, that's okay. 😊

This wouldn’t be easy since we have nearly 32000 posts over the course of a few years. lol But I’ll look into adding a #retail justice tag. -Abby

*EDIT* It has been added. :D

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Who is Byrne? I'm missing something

Byrne is my Original Character. He’s a part of the Next Gen TOG story Caitlin and I write. His parents are still unknown, because I stopped writing Byrne. Check out the master list post by @hermajestymanon-fics to read the entire story line. But if you just want to read Byrne, go to the “Byrne” hashtag in my blog. There are currently five parts. 

Hello! I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive it’s just that my finals got over and I’m waiting to get my results on 31st March and I had to take break after working so hard but don’t worry I’ll soon be posting a master post for what will be happening in April and May Because that’s when I have my summer break. Wish me luck for my results.

Tumblr Published Poets

Hey everyone. I’d like to do something fun. I want to make a master post of all the published poets on tumblr and their respective works complete with links to their blogs and where to purchase their books as well as individual reviews for their books. I have lots of money from the sales of my own book and I’d like to reinvest that into other creators. So if you have any published works or know a tumblr poet who does, please reblog this with a link to where to find the book as well as a link to the author’s blog. Hoping to discover some great stuff!



Crystal and Gemstone Correspondence Masterpost


Agate- competition, eloquence

Agate (Bluelace)- composure, calm, balance

Agate (Botswana)- understanding, recuperation

Agate (Dendritic)- balance, energy, steadiness, recuperation

Agate (Moss)- assertiveness, renewal, meditation, self-awareness

Agate (Tree)- organization, management

Alexandrite- investment, growth

Almandine- inspiration, tolerance, affection

Amazonite- self expression, insight, growth, study, clarity, success, stabilizes emotions

Amber- career, accomplishments, uplifting, depression, relieves stress

Amethyst- sleep, calming, relieves stress, inspires happiness, addictions, positive feelings

Ametrine- resolution, teaching

Andalusite- moderation, memory, enlightenment

Angelite- bravery, abundance, balance, communication

Anhydrite- concentration, co-ordination

Antimoany- intellect, progress

Apatite- calms, helps business, will help you speak up

Apophyllite- tranquility, honesty

Aqua Aura- dexterity, the arts

Aquamarine- insight, love, growth, calms nerves, brings peace, promotes truth

Aragonite- energize

Astrophyllite- confidence, insight, intellect

Augelite- contemplation, justice

Aventurine- judgement, relieves tension, prosperity

Azurite- meditation, concentration, spirituality


Barite- writing, decisions

Beryl- determination, calms, stability, reduces stress

Bloodstone- temperance, kindness, courage, wealth, confidence

Blue John- renewal, strength

Blue Coral- balance, protection from negativity

Bowenite- intelligence

Brazillianite- enhances relationships


Calcite- comfort, inspiration, calm, balance

Carnelian- passion, sensuality, sexual energy

Cassiterite- endurance, contentment

Cats Eye- inner vision, security

Celestite- calm, relaxation, meditation, eases worries

Cerrusite- confidence, nerves, insomnia, calms

Chalcedony- stamina, energizes, awakens, stimulates the mind

Chacopyrie- perception, intuition

Charoite- assertiveness, inspiration

Chiastolite- stability

Chrysocolla- self awareness, self-expression

Chrysoprase- passion, beginnings, friendship, sensuality, prosperity, good luck, physical love

Chrysotile- partnerships, generosity

Cinnabar- stability, independence

Citrine- calm, uplift, dreams, intuition, psychic ability

Colemanite- loyalty

Corundum- awareness, confidence

Covellite- communication

Crocoite- action, industry

Crupite- awareness, teaching


Danburite- social grace, dignity, confidence

Desert Rose- perception, intuition

Diamond- abundance, courage, prosperity, business, strength

Diopside- love, partnership, commitment

Dolomite- optimism, hope, belief

Dumortierite- patience, calm


Eilat Stone- spirituality, balance, mediation

Emerald- prosperity, intellect, truth, psychic ability

Eudialite- management


Fluorite- grounding, meditation, spiritual awareness

Franklinite- imagination

Fuchsite- teamwork, productivity


Galena- dedication

Garnet- creativity, charm, charisma, attract love

Geode- growth, psychic ability, inspired dreams

Goethite- perseverance

Goldstone- optimism

Granite- balance, stability, determination

Graphite- achievement


Hematite- calm, serenity

Herkimer Diamond- opens the mind, learning, study, enhances dreams

Hickoryite- adventure, imagination, creativity, removes negativity

Hornblende- wisdom, insight, communication, balance

Howlite- resilience, competition


Iolite- control, management

Irnamite- calm, rational, judgement, inspiration, emotional balance


Jade- longevity, providence, attract friendship, calm the mind, benevolence

Jasper- attract what you desire

Jet- dispels negativity, empathy


Kunzite- balance, stability, communication

Kyanite- energy, strength, finance


Labradorite- charisma, improve relationships, release hidden qualities

Lapis Lazuli- spirituality, protection, truth, wisdom, mysticism, abundance, integrity, attracts wealth

Larimar- meditation

Lavakite- intellect, learning, adaptability, achievement

Lazulite- serenity

Lepidolite- recharge, peace, balance

Leucite- clear thinking, protection

Lodestone- communication, teamwork


Magnetite- composure, learning

Magnesite- enlightenment, emotional balance

Malachite- business prosperity, plant growth, optimism, spells

Marble- renewal, compassions

Marcasite- ambition

Meteorite- intuition, communication, benevolence, adventure

Moldouite- insight, sensitivity

Mookaite- responsibility

Moonstone- attracts love, safe travel, devotion, beauty

Morganite- intellect, commerce

Mtorolite- serenity, capability

Muscouite- inspiration, energy



Obsidian- dispels negativity, creates tranquility

Onyx- spiritual alignment, harmony, tranquility, peace of mind

Opal- creativity, prosperity, power, luck, abundance, attraction

Opalite- invention


Peacock Ore- mind stimulant

Pearl- creativity, certainty

Peridot- invention, wealth, career, protection, abundance

Phenacite- intellect, insight

Pietersite- objectivity, organization

Prehnite- insight, intellect

Purpurite- prosperity, leadership

Pyrites- truth, awareness


Quartz (Clear)- healing, energy

Quartz (Rose)- love, happiness, peace, harmony

Quartz (Rutilated)- passion

Quartz (Smokey)- removes negative energies

Quartz (Snow)- relaxation, serenity, meditation


Rhodochrosite- comfort,love friendship,balance,stability

Rhodonite- communication

Rhodolite- stability

Rhyolite- marketing, stability

Rubellite- prosperity

Ruby- luck, fortune, contentment


Sapphire- love, protection, partnership, power, inspiration

Sardonyx- forgiveness

Satinspar- insight, calms disputes

Scapolite- strength, achievement

Schalenblende- attraction, abundance

Scheelite- awareness, balances relationships

Schorl- balance, practicality

Seftonite- learning, relationships

Serpentine- meditation, enlightenment

Siderite- loyalty, intellect

Silicone- attraction

Silver- perception

Smithsonite- harmony, consideration

Soapstone- loyalty

Sodalite- confidence, meditation, self-assertion

Spessartine- renewal

Sphalerite- career, integrity

Spinel- energy, intellect

Staurolite- focus, awareness, integration, brings all the elements together

Steatite- adventure, communication

Stichtite- loyalty, creativity

Stilbite- creativity, understanding

Sugilite- insperation, co-operation, co-ordination, peace of mind, psychic awareness

Sulphur- protection, intellect

Sunstone- insight, regeneration, sexuality


Tanzanite- vitality, movement

Thulite- meditation, concentration, aligns mind and body

Tiger Iron- endurance, clarity

Tiger’s Eye- insight, integrity

Topaz- legal matters

Tourmaline- success, abundance, luck, confidence

Turquentine- comfort, tranquility, protects the home


Ulexite- contentment

Unakite- strength, stability, enhancement

Uvarouite- joy, vitality


Vanadinite- friendships, socializing

Variscite- writing, meditation

Verdite- friendships, partnerships

Vesuvianite- intuition, partnership

Violan- insight, vitality


Williamsite- truth, tranquility

Wollasonite- meditation, grounding, moderation

Wulfenite- relationship balance, harmony




Zeolite- independence, clear thinking

Zinc- loyelty, joy

Zircon, clarity, rest, sleep

Zoisite- attraction

Roadrat Master Post

I’ve been wanting to make this list for a while now, because whenever someone asks me why I’m shipping roadrat and why I think they’re canon (confirmed or not), I always wish I could just send them one link.

So here goes (feel free to add more if you think something’s missing)!

1) They hardly ever appear apart
In all the official art, comics, etc., Junkrat and Roadhog almost always appear together. The other Overwatch characters will appear alone or with varying people, but the junkers are always together.

2) They have matching/linked skins
As far as I know, Junkrat and Roadhog are the only characters to have matching skins (Junkenstein and Junkenstein’s Monster)

Please correct me if I’m wrong here!

3) Voice line development
They used to have a voice line exchange that would go:

JR: You hook ‘em, I’ll cook 'em.
RH: Shut up.

But now the line goes:

RH: I’ll hook 'em…
JR: And I’ll cook 'em! (x)

4) Matching Christmas sprays
Junkrat and Roadhog now have a Christmas-themed spray showing the two junkers fistbumping while sipping drinks together on the beach.

5) They vacation/have fun together
In the Overwatch comic “Reflections” we get to see what the Overwatch characters do for Christmas. Junkrat and Roadhog are seen having the time of their lives racing around in a car:

6) They have a (super gay) theme song
When the comic was released, Twitter user biscuitzombie asked the official OW Twitter which song the junkers were playing in their car, and OW responded with “Down Under” by Men at Work. It was quickly discovered that the song contains at least one reference to gay sex.

7) They exchange Christmas presents
As part of Roadhog’s Christmas skin, his gun suddenly bore the label “From: Junkrat”

and in a piece of art tweeted out by the official OW Twitter account, Junkrat can be seen unwrapping a t-shirt with a pachimari print, which Roadhog is known to love:

8) They are each other’s loved one
When launching the “Reflections” comic, the official OW Twitter tweeted out: “Join our heros as they head home for the holidays and celebrate the season with their loved ones:

Junkrat and Roadhog are clearly celebrating together, ergo… loved ones!

These were all I could think of, but please add more if I’ve missed some!