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i had totally forgotten about this until recently, but when i was younger and it was still in print my family was subscribed to american shonen jump while the impel down/marineford/post-war arcs were going down in op

and i just rediscovered the issues that have the asl flashback in them and i???  found this hilarious and adorable page talking about ace and how he and luffy are alike???  it was hard to get a good pic but i thought you guys might want to see it omg

also i can’t stop laughing at the bit that says “you can’t choose your brother” like….y’all…ace DID choose his brothers that’s kinda the whole point

A Pair of Aces Part I

I’ve been writing this for a few days on my breaks a work and I just finished this bit, so here. A crossover with @fanfiction-by-abalisk‘s character, Leith/Spoons, from her fanfiction Flight of the Albatross. Because who says Alternate Dimensions are all at the same point in time?

AKA, this is pre-Thatch’s death/attack for Albatross world (if that’s even gonna happen there), yet post ‘Marineford’ Arc in Marines. So about six months difference at a guess. Because then we’re finally at a bit where Risace is existing.

“Are you sure you’re okay?”

“It’s just a concussion, Sabo, I’ll live. We need to find Ace.”

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can you tell us more facts about your OC with other Marine? Like someone from a lower or higher rank, like Coby, Tashigi and Smoker, Tsuru, maybe even Rocinante? I'd love to know their thoughts about X Drake in particular, tbh!

Ahh thanks for the ask!


  • I don’t think Roswell would’ve paid much attention to him at first, but he would’ve seen Coby and Helmeppo hanging around with Garp. 
  • Although he’s technically based in G-2, Roswell spends a fair amount of time at HQ, and he pays attention to the movements of the higher ranks. 
  • He definitely would’ve taken more notice of Coby post-Marineford. Especially Coby standing up to Akainu. Roswell has a brother about Coby’s age and seeing Sakazuki about to waste the kid (plus nearly getting his own ass destroyed by Meteor Volcano) shook him up. After that, I can’t see him interacting too much with Coby but he’d have a fondness for him. 
  • Plus, Roswell and Garp have a similar irreverent relaxed demeanor, so they’d have a cordial relationship even if Garp takes his role more seriously.

Smoker and Tashigi

  • Roswell is intimidated by Smoker’s intensity, but also drawn to his straightforward personality. Their meetings are only occasional though, so Roswell really hears more about Smoker from gossip than in-person.
  • I can also see him acting as a confidant. He’s quite easy to talk to, and his consistent bad behavior means he certainly isn’t in a position to pass judgment on anyone. 
  • He admires Tashigi for being able to keep Smoker in line, and consciously reins in his impulse to flirt with everything that breathes because she looks like she has enough on her plate already. 
  • When they happen to be in the same place, he’ll offer to take Smoker out for drinks, partially because he appreciates his rough personality, and partially to give Tashigi a break for an evening. 


  • He’s absolutely intimidated by her, and will act much more formally if she’s around. He’s used to being chastised by her and has accidentally called her “mom” at least once. 
  • Tsuru doesn’t take him seriously as a Marine, but she does acknowledge that he has a good record of completing the missions he’s assigned to. 
  • Of the upper brass, I think she’d be more understanding of Roswell’s interest in self-preservation since he’s got a much younger sibling to take care of. 


  • I didn’t think about it until now, but they’re close to the same age! Rocinante would’ve been two years older than Roswell, so they might have been in academy together. 
  • Roswell would’ve considered Roci to be overly serious. He’d have trouble getting a handle on Rocinante’s personality, and I can’t really see them hanging out. 
  • They do have a clumsy streak in common, though with Rocinante it’s much more extreme

X Drake

  • Roswell and Drake shared the same rank at the time of Drake’s defection, and Roswell would’ve been in the early years of his career when Drake’s father defected.
  • It’d be fun to develop a relationship between these two, with Roswell as a more senior Marine accompanying recruit Drake on a mission. 
  • Roswell’s ideological ties to the Marines aren’t that strong, so it’d be interesting to have him observe over time as Drake’s attitudes shift about the Marines and his history as a pirate.
  • They had a brief encounter via ask blog so.. as a potential ship they have a nice size difference lol

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what if asl get reincarnated except that sabo and luffy have super vague memories of ace gettying murdered, so theyre sort of overprotective of him. Inversion of expectations: youd think it would be the naive little brother that gets all that attention, but its actually the fairly capable oldest bro

That would be so fun! It would be a probably be the same post-Marineford if he hadn’t succeeded at death so well.

Can you imagine, though, tiny Sabo fretting over tiny Ace? Sabo being all, “Ace! Are you okay?” “Huh? Yeah, it was just a fall.” “You didn’t hit your head?” “Seriously? What? You’ve seen me fall harder, from higher. I’m fine.” “Really, Ace, if it hurts, you can say so, let me see–” “Okay, no, stop, stop–leave me alone!”

Then tiny Luffy shows up and sees Ace and cries and tries to cling to him. Ace isn’t having it, but then Sabo drops by and sees them and says, “Luffy!” and Luffy says “Sabo!” and they hug and chatter and smile and it’s all going so well until Ace asks, “You two know each other?”

And they both turn to him in creepy unison and glomp him into a hug. “You’ll be fine,” Sabo tells him, which does not answer Ace’s question at all. The new kid’s arms wrap around him like three times, like he’s never gonna let go. “Ace is safe!” Luffy cheers, and from them on has a habit of always touching Ace. He makes Ace give him piggy back rides and drapes himself over Ace’s shoulders like a cape and Sabo watches this and smiles happily and Ace is confused af.

He doesn’t hate it, though. He doesn’t get it, but the whole touching and acceptance thing, the people-liking-him thing, that’s–nice.

Of course, what’s not nice is the habit both his brothers seem to have developed of throwing themselves between him and danger. He has to actually learn to pick his battles, because every time he stands his ground, they’re right there beside and in front of him. They literally will not leave him alone during a fight. If he wants them safe, he’s gotta run, too.

“Don’t worry so much,” Sabo tells him before bed one night, while he’s stewing over running away, ugh, it’s the worst. “When you get your fire back, you won’t have to run anymore.”

“I like Ace’s fire,” Luffy says sleepily beside him, curled up on top of both of them. “It’s warm and cool, like Ace!”

Ace lays there, staring at the ceiling. “What fire?” he asks, and Sabo hums and shifts in closer and Luffy giggles and rolls over and Ace is starting to think that everyone knows more about his life than him.

Still, as long as it keeps his brothers close, he doesn’t really mind.

you know… Croc, more then anyone at Marineford (except Ace and Garp) knows that Luffy wouldn’t stop until he was dead. during their final fight, Croc was constantly asking things like “Why don’t you just give up a few friends?! It would make your life so much easier! This isn’t even your problem!”

hell, Croc nearly KILLED Luffy twice before then, and even then Luffy wouldn’t stay down. Croc knows this well. Luffy would continue to fight, and fight, and fight, until he died if that’s what it took to save Ace

i wonder if that was part of the reason why Croc helped Luffy several times at Marineford, because Luffy proved he wasn’t just bravado when he said he’d fight to protect his friends. he never abandoned Vivi at Alabasta, and he wouldn’t abandon Ace at Marineford. We know Croc has trust issues stemming from–somewhere, so knowing that Luffy would actually do as he said instead of running away halfway through might be like.. idk. Croc trusting Luffy on some level?

Luffy proved himself, so, like Croc setting Daz free because he proved his loyalty to Croc by following him into Impel Down, Croc protected Luffy because Luffy proved that he wasn’t just full of hot air

idk i’m just rambling now