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“Darling, you really shouldn’t leave your mouth open like that, it’s not attractive.”

The Exorcist: How John Cho is changing American horror

[John Cho will] do whatever he can to help the push for Asian-American representation. It’s one reason he joined the second season of The Exorcist… “I had not seen Asian faces in American horror, and it kind of tickled me to want to change that visual vocabulary a bit,” he says. “I thought it would be, I don’t know, intrusive to have my face in it…”

“What I’ve been thinking about lately is how to tell stories that are specifically Asian-American but aren’t necessarily about being Asian-American as much,” he explains. “I’m looking at the totality of things.”(x)


Remember Rufio in ‘Hook’? The actor is trying to keep his cult character’s legacy alive.

“I’ve been Rufio longer than I’ve not been Rufio, for sure,” [Dante Basco] says. “To this day, it’s a blessing and a curse. Some people have such strong memories of me as a young actor, that it’s hard to see me as anything else. But everyone comes to Hollywood hoping to get a role people are going to remember them for, and I get girls saying I was their first crush, or Asian guys saying Rufio was the first time they saw an Asian kid on-screen that wasn’t nerdy or stereotypical, so I was lucky the character that resonated was cool.” (x)


David Tennant and Billie Piper in their first photoshoot together for Doctor Who Series Two.

This was also David’s first time in the full costume, David’s first time wielding the sonic screwdriver, and David’s first time exploring the exterior of the TARDIS.

From David Tennant’s video diary (with thanks to director James Hawes for filming with David’s camera during the photoshoot)

Link to first photos images [here]

[image description: a photo of four coiled knock-off Tangle Jr Fuzzies underneath the text “colour classification Note: There are 4 kinds of colors / patterns (shown at pictures), it will be sent at random. The Tangles are shown as solid black covered in white flocking, yellow/aqua/orange covered in white flocking, white/right/blue/dark blue covered in white flocking, and solid red covered in white flocking.]

While researching Tangles today on eBay, thanks to our anons asking the right questions at the right time, I found knock-off Tangle Jr Fuzzies.

Original listing: $2.49 USD each, free shipping worldwide from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

New listing: $1.99 USD each, free shipping worldwide from China, Hong Kong or Taiwan.

ETA: New, cheaper listing with ten available! I still probably wouldn’t delay on purchasing these. It might be that, like the GITD Tangles, a whole bunch of purchasing options will shortly appear, but I didn’t want to take that risk.

I will observe that the layer of flocking looks quite thin, especially on the red Tangle in the above photo. But as someone who loves the Tangle Jr Fuzzy, no way could I not buy these, even if they don’t last as long as the branded product.

I paid $12 AUD (first listing, $2.49 USD each) for four, free shipping to my house. I’d pay $12 AUD plus bus fare to buy two of them from Toyworld, and that’s the cheapest place I’ve ever seen them, so while these might have all the other problems we’ve seen in eBay Tangles, it’s probably worth a try for flocking lovers.