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B.A.P Hashtag Project

Instructions: Write the hashtag (both Korean and English) on your palm and take a photo of it.

Hashtag Trend: #StillWeAre6 #우리팀돌아왔다 (meaning: “Our Team Came Back“)

Date: November 27, 2016 (12:00AM KST)


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image description: two small tuxedo (black and white) kittens lying on a bed. one of them has his eyes open and is looking at the camera, the other one is lying on his side with his eyes closed.

// end image description

@pangur-and-grim these are Supervisor Harvey Milk (eyes open) and Silva Inkspot (eyes closed). they’re part Oriental Shorthair and when i saw them at the shelter, i immediately thought they looked like pangur (because of their long faces).

they’re absolute darlings and will curl up on your lap together and start purring loudly if you let them.

they also have very pangur-like wails when they are hungry or want attention. mostly when they are hungry. they get fed at six in the morning and six in the evening but anytime is food time for them. noon? ten am? three pm? it’s kitty food time.

give the weasel, the mama cat, and the soft boy kisses for me!!


aesthetic: dark skin + shades of blue

based on this post [x

where are the Indian girls sitting on a bench looking at their white-sneaker clad feet where are the brown hands holding up signs with inspirational quotes where are the pictures of Latina girls laughing with their friends on a beach where are the brown legs coming out from the bottom of a white pleated skirt where are the aesthetic pictures of people with darker skin

Yoh! Another serious talk. If you’ve read my previous post (x) you know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t, here it is: there’s this person (91valechan on tumblr, 4hajimeiwaizumi on Twitter) that has been harassing UshiOi shippers for a while, calling them slurs and stealing their works to edit them poorly to insult the ship. 

Now, this person owns this Facebook page:

and we’d like to make it disappear, as fanarts, fanfictions and ACCOUNTS of UshiOi shippers are posted without their permission. 
But Facebook, without a big quantity of report, won’t remove the page. 

That’s why I’m writing this post: if you’d like to help, we found a way.

Here’s the first step: 

1. Report every post, photo and link for SPAM.

2. When you’re done reporting (there aren’t many posts, don’t worry) you have to report the page for “hate speech”.

If you’re an artist, and your work has been stolen by her, you can write an email to these two addresses, saying the page has violeted the copyright by taking your art without permission: /

Please help us remove the page, as this person doesn’t only dislike the ship. She harasses every shipper she finds, and we want this to stop.

[image description: a stock image showing five flat oval-shaped silicone scrubber brushes made from a thin, flat layer of silicone with short bristles poking out from either side of the layer. A small round loop is attached to one corner of the brush, allowing it to be hung from a hook. The image shows a top view of a light blue, orange, light green, mauve and pink scrubber.]

[Mod note: this was a submission from the lovely @bpddemonprince that Tumblr once again ate. Because it was a photo submission, Tumblr wouldn’t let me copy or save the original image, so I’ve taken a photo from this ebay auction. Next time I’ll screencap it…]

So I found this on a trip to the mall recently! It was in a cooking supply store, as it’s basically a silicone sponge/dish scrubber. If you’ve seen or stimmed with any silicone squishy balls or caterpillars or any of those toys, it’s similar to that! It’s very flexible and has a small stretch to it, and I love rubbing my thumbs over the little nubs, and it feels good to rub on my palm as well.

Where I got it it was $5, and I found the same item here on Amazon. (Mod addition: priced from $7.49 to $7.95 USD, except for the black one, which is $16.19 USD.)

I’ve seen different brands of basically the same thing too: “silicone scrubber” or “silicone dish sponge” is what they’re called, mostly!!

(Sorry if my description isn’t the best, but I thought I’d share this!!)

Mod note: Please, do not apologise. (In fact, I apologise for losing the image you sent to me.) I thank you, @bpddemonprince, for a great submission! I’m so happy and thrilled that you all think of this blog when you find things! What higher compliment can any blogger get?

I’ve been trying and failing to find these things here in Australia. I have, however, found a bunch on ebay (search term: silicone scrubber) with most under $2 USD, many with free international shipping. I’ve no idea if these are as good as the brand name ones, but they’re probably worth a try. The ebay auction above has super-pretty colours for $1.80 USD and free standard international shipping!

Cara me, oramai sei diventata una donna.. Una donna che però sembra avere due facce;
La prima me, la descriverei come una donna sicura di se, che sa quello che vuole e sa come ottenerlo, una persona leale e sincera, pronta a dire la verità anziché una bugia;
La seconda me è come se fosse una persona imprevedibile, inaffidabile, incomprensibile, non sa mai al 100% quello che vuole, quello che prova.. Fa star male le persone ..
Perché se sai che stai facendo star male la gente continui a farlo? .. È la domanda che ti faccio sempre, e tu puntualmente mi rispondi che sei fatta così, che proverai a cambiare, ma non so perché alla fine non cambi mai
—  Nonriescoaliberarmidaldolore

Lyrics from Sounds Good Feels Good : Part 1

Part 2-
Sequin Mermaid Pillow Case as stim toy

My little sister got one of these and I thought it was really cool, and then I realized that these could be used as a visual and tactile stim that you or others might like!

I’m not sure if this is acceptable as a submission, since it’s not exactly a review since it’s not a toy I’ve personally stimmed with (besides for a few seconds that my sister let me).

Also if you’re not wanting to click the link for any reason (like worried about viruses) you can look up “Sequin Mermaid Pillow Case” and it should show up on amazon, or other retailers.

The ones linked are $7.82, almost 8 USD, but there are others more expensive or cheaper depending on the seller. (Usually only a dollar or two in difference of price but I could be wrong.)

(Mod note: there’s thirteen different colour combinations/patterns available at the link and even more pillow options in the “customers who also bought this item” section.)

I also realized you could put something like a Squishie, something weighted, or some other types of stim/fidget toys in one of these to make it even more interactive!

These do not come with a pillow inside of them, so be aware of that if you plan on using it as it’s intended purpose.

[image description: stock image of a mottled blue and green sequin pillow shown with a line-drawing fish shape (body, eye and tail) outlined in black sequins. The sequins are sewn on as overlapping scales, giving a fish or lizard scale textured appearance. The sequins are arranged so the colours change when one runs a hand over the pillow, changing the alignment of the sequins.]

Mod note: awesome submission, @imamodokay​! Thank you, because that pillow case is gorgeous! As a kid, I used to draw pictures with my finger on the outside skin of my suede or sheepskin ugg boots before running my hand over the boot to realign the short fibres and draw again, and this pillow looks like that with even more texture added by the sequins. So stimmy!

You could also fill it with part poly stuffing, part plastic pellets or rice (and something scented like dried lavender heads) to make the ultimate stimmy weighted lap pad

(Informative or non-review submissions are absolutely fine: they help the community learn what products exist and have conversations on the suitability of these items. Submissions on items that aren’t sold as stim toys but have stimmy purposes are especially fabulous. I know I’ve walked past an item never thinking about how I might stim with it only for someone else to point out its potential.)

ETA: the lovely @laurelfixation says,

i have one of these! in the white/greeny/goldy/pinkish colourway, probably not the exact same listing but i would assume they are all coming from the same manufacturer anyway. I’ve experienced one or two sequins falling off and the seams are kinda messy/irregular so if you hate stuff like that probably don’t get it, but as a visual and texture stim it is WONDERFUL, it also makes a slight crunching/rustling sound when you poke it or flip the sequins, which i enjoy.

Thank you for this fabulous addition!


Lyrics from Sounds Good Feels Good : Part 2

Part 1-

anonymous asked:

Do you know any way to make a DIY scented vial necklace? I've searched for it myself, but the only versions that I can seem to find are solid instead of the type that stimtastic sells. (I'd buy them there, but I have an extremely sensitive sense of smell and I don't buy smells over the internet because I can't actually. y'know. smell them.)

Yes, I do! I actually made my own because I happened across small glitter bottles (a little larger than the Stimtastic ones) at a dollar store.

[image description: three clear plastic miniature bottles with white plastic stoppers, a hole running through the top of the stopper. The bottle is filled with white glitter and the purple label attached to the bottles reads “PortaCraft 3pk Fairy Dust” with a price tag of $2.50 AUD.]

Firstly, I don’t precisely know how the Stimtastic ones are made. I eyeballed my necklace and decided that the components are, most likely, rock salt, food colouring, essential oils or perfume oils, a miniature bottle or vial, and rattail cord (although you could use a leather thong, a chain, etc).

Secondly, I’ll bore you on oils: perfume oils are artificially-made oils designed to mimic scents that can’t be reproduced naturally or are difficult/not cost-effective to reproduce naturally. Raspberry, cake, chocolate. These will contain chemicals that won’t bother most people but can bother (anything from dislike to headaches so severe one cannot function) folks with sensitivities. Essential oils are extracted from natural products by a variety of means and contain no artificial chemicals. Rose, lavender, lime, lemon, peppermint, lemongrass.

You can find low-grade perfume oils at any dollar shop and higher-grade perfume oils at some art shops if they have a candlemaking section. You can find a limited selection of essential oils at a pharmacy/chemist, but better selections at natural health and new-age-type stores. You may find basic oils - here in Australia the common trifecta is lavender, tea tree and eucalyptus, as the latter two are used in cleaning and disinfecting - in supermarkets.

(ETA: @stevenuniversequartz recommends PipingRock for essential and fragrance oils!)

Avoid getting pure essential oils on your skin and wash immediately if you do.

Thirdly, be mindful of the bottle. You can buy cheap miniature bottles in most dollar and craft stores with cork stoppers; it isn’t difficult to screw a hook into the cork, thread a cord or chain through the hook and call it done. But the oils can seep up through the cork and it will not stop the fragrance from being smellable outside the bottle, meaning you’re subjecting people to unwanted fragrance (which is a problem if they’re sensitive like you and me). The cork may also slide easily from the top of the bottle! My plastic-stoppered bottles take a lot of pulling, so they’re safe, but screw-cap bottles will be the safest of all and my best recommendation for this project.

Because I’d love to make many necklaces with my favourite custom oil blends, I’ve been looking for other bottle suppliers. On Etsy, this seller has large (1 ¾ inch) bottles with screw caps; this seller has fabulous different shapes with screw caps for under $2 USD each; and this seller has long screw-cap pendant bottles for under $2 USD each. You might also like to check out ebay, as there’s a lot of different listings for all sorts of necklace vials. I’m interested in this listing for light globe bottles with screw caps (under $5 USD, free international shipping) and this selection of various-sized bottles (under $9 USD, free international shipping).

[image description: two necklaces made from the above-mentioned plastic miniature bottles, filled with white salt crystals and glitter or red and orange salt crystals and glitter. Both have a narrow rainbow rattail cord running through the plastic stopper, knotted at one end to form a loop.]


  • Take a small amount (a teaspoon or two should be ample for most vials/bottles) of rock salt crystals (the brand name in Australia is Saxa and they’ll look something like this, available in supermarkets) and place in a cup or bowl. Add a drop or two of food colouring and stir it through the crystals with a spoon. Leave to dry for an hour or so.
  • Add desired scent to the coloured salt crystals. Again, this will only be a few drops. Again leave to dry, as this will make handling the salt much easier and stop oil oozing out the top of your bottle.
  • If you want extra sparkle, mix glitter into your salt!
  • Spoon coloured and scented salt into bottle or vial. You may need to DIY a paper funnel (by rolling a sheet of paper at an angle so one end is narrow and the other wide) to do this, because I didn’t own a funnel small enough.
  • Close stopper or screw cap. Thread cap with chain or cord. If your bottles are like mine with a very narrow hole, you may need to push the rattail cord through the stopper with a needle.

That’s it! Finding the components is far more involved than actually making the necklaces. You can do what I did with my right-hand bottle and mix different-coloured rock salt crystals together in the one pendant; I think it looks super pretty.

If you have any more questions, please feel free to ask away.