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To my many anons that are sad, worried, have read things that have upset them, are nervous about the future or just disappointed today - I want to share something that always makes me feel better:

This was the first thing he wrote to us post-lawsuit. 

We should be thankful for every single triumph and disappointment. We could have ended up with nothing. No Matrix, no Carnival, no Best. Absolute. Perfect, no Put ‘Em Up  no NOIR, no ROSE, no Unlimited and no BLUE. 

If you know, then you know and if you don’t know, you’ve definitely heard. We have been through the very worst together. Please don’t let insignificant things and petty people get you down. 

Don’t misunderstand me, your feelings and fears are valid and I respect you all for caring so much - but what I hope you understand is that B.A.P is a big-picture group, they always have been. It’s why they took so many risks to do what they love on their own terms. Trust in them.

So, watch over them like they asked and enjoy this time! Life is colourful! etc. ;-)

They will be just fine. 

jackalopse  asked:

have you posted anything about the lawsuit in sask to remove gender markers? my friends are involved and it would be super cool if there was some online support :O both leader post and national post have pieces on it

I hadn’t heard about it only now. So thanks for the heads up. The last update I could find was from July, though:

Sask. Human Rights Commission supports removing gender from child’s ID

If there’s anything more current than this, let me know.

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what happened in 2014? what was that post about?? (Btw I only now just noticed ur url is "goth"chanbaek not "got"chanbaek...)

L O L don’t worry about the url… I haven’t changed it since summer 2016 (when Monster came out and my mutuals made “goth” urls falsdk;jfaldsf)

So 2014 basically got hit by a huge shitstorm. The Sewol Ferry sinking of course was a national tragedy and left many idols devastated; some kids on the ship were very much fans of different idol groups and relatives / friends reached out to the idols to tell them so. I cried during the whole fiasco and I wasn’t even in the country …. the debacle just made my heart ache.

Related to the actual kpop industry itself, Kris did leave EXO in May of 2014 and opened the flood gates for the biggest SM scandal since the breakup of DB5K into 2VXQ and JYJ. (DBSK had the largest fandom to date, called Cassiopeia, and it had fans in China, Korea, Japan…. they were especially known for how big they were in Japan. Breakout and steady success in what was considered Asia’s largest music market, by foreign and non-American artists was absolutely amazing. For the record, it has names specific to each language: Tong Vfan Xien Qi = TVXQ, the Mandarin name; DBSK = Dong Bang Shing Ki, Korean name; and Tohoshinki is the Japanese name. They technically debuted as a Japanese act and not a Korean act releasing things in Japanese which adds some nuance important for considering record breaking and setting, money, etc which are not important for our purposes here.) Kris’s sudden departure opened wounds older kpop fans had considered closed since the breakup of Kpop’s largest act (BigBang wasn’t shit in comparison for quite some time and even LeeSooMan apparently considered SJ throwaways from DBSK) and cast yet another huge, negative, ugly spotlight on the abuses of SM Entertainment in the past. The sticky part is how people started to analyze why this departure was not so sudden, and I will return to that in a bit.

This departure itself was ugly because Kris left in the middle of Overdose promotions and a few weeks before EXO’s first tour would commence. For context, Overdose came as a follow up to EXO’s smashing 2013 success with Growl Repackage and Miracles in December. They became the first artists to become million-album sellers in years with Growl and they won Album of the Year at the Mnet Asian Music Awards, when G Dragon had won pretty much every thing else that night (lmao) and SHINee was also up for the award. So they, a rookie group less than 2 years old, managed to win that award despite the STIFF sunbae competition on top of becoming million sellers… All eyes were on them no doubt and the public and fans were looking forward to their next promotions and their first concert tour… … SO you can imagine the laser focus this drew to the group and to the company. I will tell you right now: Not. A. Pleasant. Experience. The fandom was l i t e r a l l y imploding and people were taking pro-Kris and anti-Kris stances everywhere and calling him a traitor and calling fans fake and — and there was the part where only Suho was on stage to receive EXO’s award right after the news came out and my soul broke in half and the days you could tell EXO had been crying before coming onstage and and and – THERE WAS JUST SO MUCH SAD AND ANGRY IN THE FANDOM I hated it.

There are many bloggers who were around, who I followed during that time who aren’t around anymore. T_T

If I tell and explain everything wrong that happened in 2014 I could be here quite a while, so I’ll keep it short and jump to Baek’s instagram post. He made that post (xx) and one or two others I think, in response to the vicious and heinous reactions he and Taeyeon received after Dispatch revealed they were dating. Yes, this happened even in the aftermath of Kris’ departure. Yes, this only made things worse. Why? Well to add fuel to the fire, Baek had made a sort of cheeky promise that he wouldn’t date until EXO had made it, weren’t rookies anymore… basically he “promised” not to date until around 5 years after EXO debuted. That would be this year… so you know …. those deluded fans who took him seriously flipped out. Add on to that the fact that Taeyeon is many years his sunbae in terms of activity in the industry and the leader of the Nation’s Girl Group ™ and both jealousy of her and resentment of the fact he was in a relationship caused fans to make vicious posts and comments on Instagram–BOTH of their Instagrams, though his was far worse–and many other social media sites and forums. (Twitter comes to mind too.) THEN to top it all off, Baek was an MC on a music show (Inkigayo maybe?) and YOU COULD SEE HE HAD BEEN STRESSED, SLEEP DEPRIVED AND CRYING on many days and so-called “””fans””” had the nerve to shout and call him a traitor–among other things–ON LIVE BROADCAST like h o l y  s h i t this was bad. Baek should not have had to ~apologize~ for dating Taeyeon, as he did in the post.

Okay now winding back to what I mentioned earlier: rumor theories. Theories about every damn thing started floating around. There was a big theory about how Kris had wanted out of EXO since before Wolf (Wolf preceded Growl, but both were in 2013) and that Kris fabricated his visa issue. I have that on my blog and can hunt it down for you if you want to read the full body of “Evidence ™” but it’s actually plausible. Another theory was that Taeyeon and Baek were not actually dating–and this has many strains. One strain indicates that the entire relationship was fabricated as a distraction from the Kris departure and lawsuit , while the other states that they did date at one time but broke up way before any of the drama started–SM just used them since they had been together before as an easy cover up. These kinds of theories did not help a damn thing and just seeded further distrust and resentment within fandoms. Like seriously you had SONEs and EXOL screeching at other over this relationship, and even though they were not majority or mainstream fandom members / opinions, they still became pretty vocal. Many bad egg EXOL attacked both Baek and Taeyeon, and fewer SONEs attacked one or both. The theories that surrounded their relationship, including that they gave “hints” with couple items and that Taeyeon gave Baek a fan gift just . It was so ugly. Kpop fans showed their ugliest side. There were venomous comments for weeks. Baek and Tae even left Instagram for a while and Baek stopped being energetic and talkative when with EXO. I hated it so. fucking . much.

Let me tell you. Within SM? It only gets worse. Outside of SM? It gets much worse.

Within SM… Luhan also leaves EXO in October of that year. That’s TWO members, both Chinese, leaving the SAME up-and-coming and ~spectacular~ group, in the SAME year. Boy did that get media attention. Oh, and SM’s stocks took a much bigger dip after Luhan left than when Kris left. Oh, and Luhan’s deteriorating condition was much more visible than Kris’s and just stoked the flames of hatred against SM all over again.  Oh, and Luhan was EXO’s biggest China connection and most popular member in China … hence the stock drop. A few months later, Luhan was making literally millions on his own, which reinforced the premise that the dude was worth wayyyy too valuable for SM to give up willingly. Which of course they didn’t , which is why the main lawsuit lasted for about 2 years. But yeah now the forever-12 group with 4 Chinese members was down to 10 and only 2 Chinese members (bad for connecting to the Chinese music market which is full of $$$$) and media was losing its mind ! So was the fandom! Now the definition of traitor had shifted and you were a traitor and YOU were a traitor and we’re all traitors !!!! 

And JESSICA LEFT SNSD TOO !!! The only way I can characterize everyone’s emotions at the time is: WHAT  T HE F UC K ??? Luhan and Jessica’s respective departures literally happened within two weeks of each other !!! What were we supposed to d o ??? Between all three departures, you felt like you were getting punched in the gut, then the face, then the genitalia, then kicked on the ground. SNSD was forever nine man, nation’s girl group, biggest Kpop girl group ever and suddenly a main vocalist is gone ??? B O Y !

Oh, I forgot to mention how Tao posted on his Instagram very …. resentful things when Kris left . Mmmmm yeah it was bad, not gonna elaborate too hard but … he took it back later in 2015. You probably know that he, too, is now a former EXO member by now.

2014 was good in that you had groups GOT7, Mamamoo, RedVelvet, WINNER, Akdong Musician, Lovelyz, JJCC, etc debut that year. But it was bad due to circumstances surrounding some of  those debuts. 

Notably, Red Velvet was accused of having their debut rushed because SM wanted to cover up the ongoing lawsuit news. Now I know this sounds ridiculous: a dating scandal AND debuting an entire group early just to cover up some bad publicity about an idol leaving your company? Well given how persistent the press was and how bad the lawsuit and allegations made SM look … it’s not that difficult to believe and it most definitely was not hard to gobble up as reliable gossip at the time. At the time, it was considered the norm that SM covers up bad news by Any Means Necessary, and to generate positive publicity. The BaekYeon thing backfired tremendously in that it gave hatred to artists instead of positivity but it sure as hell kept folks’ minds off the lawsuit for a bit. (Also there’s the whole strain of thinking corporations and business control and influence the media, which is something many of us can relate to and why this can appeal so strongly.)

I believe the fact that Yeri joined RV later and was going to be a permanent addition, and the only addition, only helped this theory. After all, apparently she was intended to be with the group from the start, but she was too young when RV debuted. This seems to imply that RV debuted sooner than they were supposed to. ~X files music plays in the background~

WINNER also got shafted pretty hard. They won the big reality idol-elimination show WIN: Who’s Next? hence the title WINNER (formerly Team A) and then YG highkey neglected them because  …well honestly YG wanted the Next Big Bang ™ and WINNER’s ballad style wasn’t going to do that–no matter how much Mino you throw in the song. Plus he demonstrated obvious favoritism to Mino, Bobby and B.I. in general and once WINNER highkey disappeared after they dropped their release (as rookies you are supposed to do follow up promotions the same year and within a decent time frame – EXO did not do this like they were supposed to, again because of Kris visa issue [hey that theory’s looking mighty Fresh again]) it became clear that YG wanted the next group out of the WIN cycle to get the spotlight–that group became iKon (formerly known as Team B). 

Lovelyz had an issue with one of their to-be-debuted members name Jisoo. Jisoo was accused of … well have you heard of the things the boy trainees under Produce 101 are being accused of ? If so, think along those lines. If not: suffice to say it involved manipulation, lesbianism and abuse within the relationship…. bad stuff to be accused of in South Korea lmao so the group was involved in scandal before even debuting! In the end, Jisoo did not debut on account that the allegations were being investigated and taken seriously–in addition to claims that she was ill due to the drama on the internet and within her live as a result of the accusations, and that she needed to recover.

I will end with those three examples of debut issues. Let’s go back to a group that debuted the same year as EXO: B.A.P. 2014 was the year B.A.P sued over “slave contracts” with TS Entertainment.  According to the suit, since debuting in 2012, B.A.P had earned over 9 million dollars, yet the company had only given each member $16,000 on top of forcing members to perform to the point of hospitalization and fainting.

ZE:A, which debuted in 2010, also revealed issues with their company (shocking!!! at this point) and the group leader Junyoung (Lee Hoo) took to Twitter  to criticise his managing company’s, Star Empire’s CEO Shin Joo Hak for allegedly mistreating idol groups and their unfair contracts. He also alleged that CEO Shin Joo Hak both abused him and lost the company money. So there were accusations of financial and human capital abuses. He even posted income receipts on Twitter. You can read through (reliable!) translations of the events here: xx.

I want you to imagine hearing about all this shit throughout the year and thinking things are “over” and then just getting whacked whacked whacked whacked all about because you care about all these groups at the same time . J US T . :~)))))) I was fine : ^) everything : ^) was fine : ^) Nothing bad :~) was happening at all :~)

Oh and let’s add to this list, another thing that got negativity and didn’t deserve it: Super Junior’s Sungmin marrying Kim Sa-eun in 2014. ELF (SJ fandom name) were f u r i o u s at him for marrying so suddenly. ELF were trending #SungminOUT on Twitter because they wanted him kicked out of SJ for marrying. I was a pretty big SJ fan at the time so between everything !!! I WAS SCREAMING what the hell was wrong with people ???? Mad about a marriage ! They weren’t even mad at the lady (which doesn’t make it better), but purely the fact that he was getting married and didn’t give … idk some kind of prior notice? I knew he was enlisting soon after, but that wasn’t the source of the anger… anyway, other ELF counter-trended the #SungminOUT thing with a positive tag instead, and sent him lots of love, so it worked out…. but still many ELF were mad at him. If memory serves correctly, it was primarily K-ELF (korean SJ fans) who felt this sort of entitlement to him that led to the anger and it was …. yikes.

What else is there to say about that year? Of course people re-examined previous abuses by companies, including SM Entertainment’s maltreatment of DBSK, Hangeng of SJ (SJ’s former Chinese member who sued, won, and left the  group and the company due to mistreatment), disbandment of H.O.T., Shinhwa’s departure from SM, etc etc etc so you had layers of SM stan pain. SHINee and f(x) became known as SM’s only groups to not lose a member or disband … and then f(x) lost Sulli in 2015 … :| 

This is the most I remember or came to light when I looked up different issues I had thought of. If anyone wants to add to this list of catastrophe then please, go ahead. .-. I’m not even proofreading or else I’ll just get emotional for the umpteenth time. Hope this answers your (and 3 other folks’) question well! 

The 7th House - The House of Marriage and Partnership

Since I’ve been getting a lot of asks about the 7th House I decided to make a post on it. While the 7th House can represent businesses partnerships and lawsuits, this post will be focusing completely on the personal relationship aspect. Remember that we usually attract these partners because the planets in our 7th House will give us the same traits in relationships.

The 7th House gives us an indication as to what we’re like in relationships, what kind of people we attract and who we’re attracted to, remember that the 7th House cusp is also the descendant.

Planets in the 7th House: Planets in the 7th House will not only indicate the placements of our marital partner, but also the nature of our marriage(s) Remember that we usually attract these partners because the planets in our 7th House will give us the same traits in relationships.  

Sun in the 7th House: Energetic, lively, romantic partners, partners with solar/Leo influence or sun in the 1st/5th House, fun and optimistic relationship.

Moon in the 7th House: Warm, protective, emotional partners, partners with lunar/Cancer influence or moon in 1st/4th House, family oriented, loving relationship.

Mercury in the 7th House: Intellectual, cold, logical partners, partners with Mercurian/Virgo/Gemini influence or Mercury in 1st/3rd/6th House, intellectual, mind stimulating, cold relationship

Venus in the 7th House: Charming, fair, sweet partners, partners with Venusian/Taurus/Libra influence or Venus in 1st/2nd/7th House, fair, romantic, sensual relationship

Mars in the 7th House: Assertive, aggressive, masculine partners, partners with Martian/Aries influence or Mars in 1st House, aggressive, conflicting, sexual, exciting relationship

Jupiter in the 7th House: Optimistic, honest, adventurous partners, partners with Jupiter/Sagittarius influence or Jupiter in 1st/9th House, motivational, influential and adventurous relationship

Saturn in the 7th House: Strict, respectable, classy partners, partners with Saturn/Capricorn influence or Saturn in 1st/10th House, hardworking, cold, strong and stable relationships

Uranus in the 7th House: Rebellious, unconventional, unique partners, partners with Uranian/Aquarius influence or Uranus in 1st/11th House, chaotic, unusual, eccentric and exciting relationships

Neptune in the 7th House: Dreamy, dazed, deceptive partners, partners with Neptune/Pisces influence or Neptune in 1st/12th House, deceptive, dreamy, intuitive and loving relationship

Pluto in the 7th House: Power hungry, sexual, powerful partners, partners with Plutonian/Scorpio influence or Pluto in 1st/8th House, power struggling, sexual, intense and transforming relationship

Signs in the 7th House: While the planets in our 7th House tell us more about or partners, the sign on the cusp tells us more about ourselves. Some people don’t have planets in the 7th House and that is fine, it just means that you look at the sign and it’s planetary ruler. For example, if you have Aries on your 7th House cusp, it will have more or less the same affect as having Mars in the House. Now, in some charts you will have what’s known as ‘intercepted signs’ and that is when there are more than one sign in the house. In these situations, we look at the sign that is on the house cusp, the other sign in that house is more like potential, we take on those traits from time to time (even more so if a planet in the 7th House is in that intercepted sign).

Aries on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affects of Mars in 7th, makes someone ‘the leader’, provides an element of conflict or assertion

Taurus on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affects of Venus in 7th, makes someone down to earth, reliable and provides an element of luxury

Gemini on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affects of Mercury in 7th, makes someone witty and thoughtful, provides an element of communication

Cancer on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of the Moon in 7th, makes someone protective, loving, clingy and provides an element of home

Leo on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of the Sun in 7th, makes someone energetic, creative, romantic and provides an element of purpose

Virgo on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Mercury in the 7th, makes someone intellectual, logical, cold and provides an element of service

Libra on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Venus in the 7th, makes someone fair, loving, compassionate and provides an element of romance

Scorpio on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Pluto in the 7th, makes someone need control, powerful, sexual and provides an element of growth

Sagittarius on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Jupiter in 7th, makes someone optimistic, blunt, influential and provides an element of adventure

Capricorn on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Saturn in 7th, makes someone respectable, strong, strict and provides an element of stability

Aquarius on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Uranus in 7th, makes someone unique, unconventional, smart and provides an element of freedom

Pisces on the 7th House Cusp: Replicates the affect of Neptune in 7th, makes someone ditzy, dreamy, intuitive and provides an element of deception

anonymous asked:

Why are fan games illegal and no one should make them but literally every other form of fan content creation from art to cosplay to music to fic to AMV to Let's Plays to film gets by fine, is even reposted by the content creators? Why aren't nonprofit fangames protected by fair use like other stuff is, or is none of it protected? What makes FREE fangames specifically less legal and discouraged when there's who knows how much money being made on shirts, music, prints, etc. of the same material?

Ok, let me try to unpack this. First and foremost, I am not a lawyer. These are the sorts of questions you should be asking a lawyer who specializes in intellectual property. You could try [Ryan Morrison] or [David Graham] who are both practicing attorneys who specialize in IP and contracts. That said, this is how I understand it.

Why are other forms of fan content creation ok but not video games?

They aren’t. You won’t hear about the ones whose lives are ruined, because they ease up on the judgement in a settlement. One of the inevitable elements of the settlement (and the defendant always takes the settlement, because it only mostly ruins their lives instead of completely ruining their lives) is a signed non-disclosure agreement, swearing the signer to secrecy about the matter. There have been copyright claims on etsy shops, patreon artists, and so on. Let’s play videos usually either get taken down, or have their monetization switched completely over to the rights holders. Anime music videos are often taken down via copyright claims. Twitch streams actually have limited licenses (i.e. permission) to broadcast.

Sure, some people have managed to put some fan content out and managed to avoid the gaze of Sauron. That isn’t a legal defense that will stand up in court should you get sued, though. If you say “But they are doing it too!”, all it means is that they’ll probably be put next on the list. 

Why aren’t nonprofit fangames protected by fair use like other stuff is?

That other stuff isn’t protected either. There have been plenty of cases where fan artists, fan writers, streamers, etc. get shut down because they receive cease and desist orders. Also, the worst part of it is… even if they are protected by fair use, the legal fees are usually enough to bankrupt whoever tries to mount the legal defense. A lawyer defending you from a lawsuit will cost tens of thousands of dollars, and that money is likely gone even if you win.

What makes FREE fangames specifically less legal and discouraged when there’s who knows how much money being made on shirts, music, prints, etc. of the same material?

It isn’t any less legal, it just tends to be more visible. Part of the issue is what sort of media the offending artworks are. Fan art, cosplay, and fan fiction are generally unlikely to compete with things like official art books or licensed novelizations/comics. Fan games, however, can negatively affect the brand - especially if they are not very good. They can draw attention away from the brand itself. They can do things to the brand that the owners don’t want. They can fool people into thinking that the game is from the publisher. All of this can affect the value of the property more than somebody selling prints. 

As you have said, there have been some that have received the blessings from the publisher and/or developer. Sometimes the publisher will even solicit it - they will ask for submissions of fan art or fan fiction. In such cases, there is always, always a legal document prepared beforehand that states exactly what the rights in these situations is - anything submitted to the publisher becomes the property of the publisher, there is a limited license granted to the participants, etc.  That’s the real difference here - the much of the “officially ok” stuff has obtained permission and is granted a legal license to use the property in a limited capacity. 

Ultimately, it’s a question of what you’re willing to risk. You can say that it shouldn’t be this way until you’re blue in the face, but just saying so will not stop a lawsuit. Pointing out that others have been getting away with it will not stop a lawsuit. My post isn’t making a judgement on the fans who wish to make fan games; it’s a warning that proceeding down that path could result in a life-ruining lawsuit. That’s the long and the short of it. If you don’t like the laws, then you should write your senators and representatives in congress and tell them that you think the current copyright laws don’t work and should be amended. Or you could move to a country with more lax intellectual property laws, like Japan or China. But you can’t just ignore the law because you don’t like it. Nobody can.

Got a burning question you want answered?

What Really Happened in SM Entertainment?

*In court on March 18*

Kris and Luhan’s side: Your Honor, we now provide you with evidence of grossly uneven profit distribution between SM Entertainment and EXO artists up until the time of our clients’ file for contract termination


Judge: Would the representatives from SM Entertainment© care to explain why the percentages varied so strongly between overseas promotions, domestic sales, profits from songs and other activities?

SM: *sweats*

SM: These data could be easily fabricated –

Judge: And can the representatives from SM Entertainment® explain why the company did not pay the artists in a timely manner, twice a year, and instead paid them only once again, at a rate of 3-5% of domestic sales to be split perhaps unfairly between all 12 members?

SM: *trying to retain composure, afraid to stutter* We’ll look into it, Your Honor. We will submit our findings in writing.

Kris and Luhan’s side: Your Honor, I would like to request another plea date to submit more evidence corroborating our claims. We cannot wait for SM to dilly dally and submit their written essay by 5pm who-knows-how-many-weeks from now. We assure the court that this hearing will be well worth the investment in time.


 Alright, you’ve got it. However this will be a final plea. I have other court cases to hear. The final plea date will take place on Friday, April 8th, at 11:30 a.m. I expect both parties to be in attendance.

SM: *sweats profusely* Yes, Your Honor.

Judge: *bangs gavel* Court Adjourned.


Later, in SM Headquarters™:

Some poor employees: CEO Youngmin! Your Grace, Your Honor, Your Greatness. We have bad news about the court hearing today.

CEO Youngmin:

What, what is it? If it was bad, you told them you would look into it right? Stall as much as you can make sure they get nowhere.

Same poor employees, now nervous: Yes we did but unfortunately the judge granted them another plea date! It’s supposed to be the final plea date, so this is our last chance ! It is theirs as well. 

More unfortunate souls: Yes, Your Grace, they plan to submit more … evidence relating to what they call “unfair profit distribution.” They plan to cite details from the contract about the differing proportionate figures the members received and they think it will help them win the case !

CEO Youngmin: Well, will it?

All unfortunate souls [in unison]: Yeah, probably.

CEO Youngmin: That is despicable. More despicable than our marketing practices. What can we do to keep this quiet in the public sphere?

Helpful Employee #1: We can divert media attention away from it, Your Highness!

CEO Youngmin: Yes that is a common tactic we employ. I love influencing the media. But we need to be proactive here ! A setup for losing to those traitors would be devastating.

Helpful Employee #2: Well, you could do both, Your Excellence. It depends on what tactic you want to employ. We have many artists with lots of activities going on, maybe we could hype those up perhaps?

CEO Youngmin: No. No I have a better idea. What’s the name of that boy group that those traitors left? EXID?

Everyone else: No, Your Grace. They are called EXO.

CEO Youngmin: Ah yes, EXO that does ring a bell. They have accounted for a huge portion of our revenue the past few years. Do they have any scandals going on?

Helpful Employee #3: No, Your Highness. They just finished a worldwide concert tour and are resting up for a big –

CEO Youngmin: Who out of that group did we find fit to date publicly in case we needed a media diversion?

Helpful Employees #1&2: Originally we considered Luhan, Baekhyun and Kim Jongin. They were free to date our ideal choices any time they wished so long as they kept it within the company.

CEO Youngmin:

 Well one of those is a traitor and we already used the other one. What about that Jong Un fellow? Is he dating anyone? Can we use that?

Helpful Employee Connected with Dispatch: Actually Your Grace, he is dating Krystal from our company’s girl group, f(x). The two did a photoshoot along with SHINee’s Taemin a while ago last year, and the public agreed with it well. They enjoyed seeing the aesthetics between the two. Luckily, my connection with Dispatch informs me that they already have photos secured of the couple waiting to be released for our own purposes.

Concerned Employee: Isn’t that bad though? We shouldn’t just expose them like that. They’ve been dating secretly for months!

CEO Youngmin: No it’s perfect. This is exactly what I want. They fit our ideal couple and they have no scandals or schedules right now. This is even better than Baekhan and Taecyeon.

Helpful Employee Connected with Dispatch #2: Actually Your Grace, we had to pay the outlet off. They wanted to release the photos earlier, but we arranged to pay them off until it would suit us to have the public know. We thought next month would be a good time anyway, since we plan on debuting that boy group next month too –

CEO Youngmin: That is what I like to hear. Give the public the dating revelation they want to hear. Generate attention to our company. Hype us up so we can debut our boy group (they are a boy group right? “Yes.” good.) even more successfully, and after the group has debuted and gained attention, the couple will be forgotten enough so we can orchestrate their returns later this year. All while deflecting attention from that nasty lawsuit hearing. 

- It is ingenious.

SM Employees: [clapping in awe at the brilliant plan]

Concerned Employee: Your Honor, when do you suggest we implement these plans? The plea date is set for April 8th, and that is the same day as EXO’s anniversary –

CEO Youngmin: You know the rule. Proactive measures are typically taken a week in advance. Make the couple announcement on April 1st.

Everyone else: That’s April Fool’s Day, Sir. No one would believe it is true. 

CEO Youngmin: Then have Dispatch release the photos and start the rumor. When the press asks for confirmation or denial, confirm immediately. We have no need to drag it out. 

Concerned Employee: Your Excellence, what about debuting the boy group? How soon after the 8th should that happen?

CEO Youngmin: Immediately. We need that quieted as soon as possible. Don’t make it obvious by putting it on the same date; debut them on the 9th or 10th, something like that. 

Concerned Employee: With all due respect, that places their debut date right after that of EXO, Your Highness! What about dissatisfaction and backlash from EXO L? Or other supporters of other groups who support EXO too ?

CEO Youngmin: That is a sacrifice I am willing to make. Some of them are bound to be dissatisfied with the dating announcement; we will give them a nice way of handling their emotional situation by giving them a new group to follow and anticipate as well. The dissatisfaction they may wield cannot possibly outplay the dissatisfaction with Red Velveteen’s debut date being so close to that of the Generation of Girls.

Everyone else: *nods understandingly*

CEO Youngmin: Besides, I have it here in my email sent out to the company in 2012 that Kai x Krystal is an ideal couple that the public will receive well. They will generate positive feedback from the masses, create publicity for our company, and set the stage for the spotlight to be on our next big money maker. This money maker will distract the public from the money we will probably lose, and hopefully the ideal couple stays intact in the background for us to continue to use to our advantage. 

Concerned Employee [last ditch attempt to bring some sanity to the situation]: Excuse me, but does no one remember how the fans and public reacted to the last couple involving an EXO member? They called one of our own most loyal a traitor on a live music show broadcast ! Another dating scandal could ruin the group’s image severely. Should not we exercise caution?

CEO Youngmin: No. This exodus group has already seen and surpassed three traitors and a dating scandal with serious backlash. They can withstand a little more pressure, no matter how obvious it admittedly seems we handle them differently.. If they can’t stand the heat, our new boy group will instead. That plea hearing is set for the same date as EXO’s debut anniversary anyway. We already cannot save them as it is.

Everyone else: Brilliant and measured! Your Intelligence knows no bounds, Your Excellence!


Later, in EXO’s dorm:

Manager: Kim Jongin, I have some bad news. [proceeds to tell him about SM’s plans to reveal his relationship*

Kai [outraged]: What the fuck *calls Krystal* Did they tell you already? Yeah I know what the fuck –

Baekhyun: [pulling on Chanyeol’s ears] What’s happening? Are you screwed now too?


Baekhyun: Oh. Well that sucks. But you knew this was coming when they sent out that email – 

Kai: Man fuck that email.

Suho (in another room): Jongin, watch your language. What exactly is going on? 

Kai: [tells him]

Suho: What the Yifan …

Just a little reminder to #bekind

If you feel the need to put “I despise Taylor Swift but…” followed by why you support and/or respect her in her case against the man who assaulted her, don’t post anything at all. What’s the point? It’s rude and it doesn’t have anything to do with the lawsuit at all. That’s like saying “Hey I think you’re really fat but congrats on finally going on that diet.” It’s a backhanded comment at its finest and it’s NOT NECESSARY.

[fanaccount] The YUNJAE encounter on 15.10.02

Initially I had decided not to write about it because I considered the most important info was already shared by other fans and I did not think my opinion would be necessary, especially since I did not take any videos of the moment, and I thought everything else I could add was already out of timing, BUT since that short video of Yunjae ‘hugging’ came out I see a lot of people being unsure about it, which is totally understandable because I know how it feels like not wanting to overreact about something unless we’re 100% sure it’s true.

So basically I pondered if I should speak out about my own experience and what I saw with my own eyes, and decided I wanted to write about it and share it with the fandom because:

1.    They did bro-hugged.

2.    I have been on the other side of the coin and I dislike having all sort of versions and not knowing what is real and what is not.

3.    I dislike when people exaggerate facts and write biased fanaccounts.

4.    I dislike when facts get twisted due to mistranslations, so I rather write this myself in English.

5.    I know I can write an objective fanaccount for everyone who was not there, and I feel  in that way I will be contributing to a better understanding of what happened in such a memorable day for us.

Who am I?

An international fan from Mexico, currently living in Korea, studying a master’s degree, post lawsuit DBSK/JYJ fan (meaning I support and love the 5 boys), Chun biased, Yunjae shipper but not the delusional kind lol, I just like them together ^^

2015.10.02 – Gyeryong-si, Ground Forces Festival

I arrived to the event place early in the morning on Friday Oct 2nd, I was there from before the event started so I also got to see Jaejoong performing “Arirang” and Yunho MCing the opening ceremony, and that also was a very special moment because after all these years we were finally seeing the two of them together in one place. But at that moment I was still not sure that meant they had been talking or whether they were in good terms or not.

Now, you all know what happened after that, Jaejoong performed at the Fringe Stage after the Opening Ceremony and Yunho was the MC for the Main Stage afternoon performance.

There was another Fringe performance scheduled for the afternoon at 3:00 pm and I thought Jaejoong would perform again, but seeing how there were considerable less people waiting for the performance to start I felt that fans already knew Jaejoong was going to perform again.

But I decided to wait anyway, after all I was already there and it’s not like I had anything more interesting to do. So the afternoon performance started but I knew Jaejoong would not come out first if he was going to perform so instead I went to the Main Stage, and saw some fans at the backstage looking to the direction of a tent on the opposite side, Yunho was there, so I took a couple of pictures, he was there with his manager and parents.

According to the time of the pictures that was at 3:20 pm. The group of fans there got closer to the tent where Jung was, but I seriously felt that was a little bit too much, as in I felt he would feel uncomfortable somehow, I don’t know just the idea of standing there in group observing him and taking pictures and videos constantly seems wrong to me, I did not want to be there so I left to the Fringer Stage again, and that is when Jaejoong wore the mascot suit and came to the Fringe stage XD So I was there and I saw him fangirling over the soldier who was performing at that moment, obviously I never imagined Jaejoong would be the one wearing the suit! I just remember I kept looking at the mascot and smiling because its actions were so cute and funny! I really thought “whoever is inside that costume is good at this”. Now that I think about it, it might be that Jae has seen us fangirling over him for so many years that he knows exactly how to portray a fangirl lol

And you can see me on the video CJES posted being totally oblivious about Jae dancing behind me. I actually was thinking “please don’t pick me to dance with you because that will be embarrassing” …ugh >.<


Anyway after the Fringer afternoon performance was over and Jaejoong didn’t perform as I had expected, so again I just started to walk around, and by that time there was very few people and I saw a couple of fans waiting outside the Operating Headquarter tent, I thought maybe they knew Jaejoong or Yunho were inside so I waited there too.

I few minutes later, Jaejoong came out of the tent, and I was so shocked to see him that close, I seriously did not expect to see him there, but he was just right there! and there were only around 8-10 Chinese fans and me!

When Jaejoong came out of the tent he walked directly to the blue tent on the side of the Headquarters one, I had not noticed before, until Jae went there, that Yunho’s parents were sitting in that place!!

Blue tent where the encounter happened lol

I could not believe the magnitude of what I was witnessing, Jaejoong greeted Yunho’s parents and he was standing right in front of Yunho’s dad and talking, I think I was so shocked about the implications of such a moment that I totally did not see Yunho was also there at first!

I somehow felt as if I should not be there, I felt it was such an intimate, personal, special moment for Jaejoong (greeting Jung’s parents after all this time), that I did not dare to look at them constantly or take pictures of videos, I was shaking and my heart was beating fast and I just did not know what to do with myself.

There were also Yunho’s manager and Jaejoong’s manager (not An-Chan, probably someone CJES sent), and when the Chinese fans were trying to take pictures and videos with their cellphones and cameras, the managers walked toward us and started yelling at us in a not polite way to not take pictures and to go away.

To be honest I don’t know why they acted so harsh about it, their attitude made it even more obvious that it was such an important moment that somehow they did not want people to see/share proofs with the world XD But also I think Yunho and Jaejoong did not care about it, because honestly, if they didn’t want people to see them together talking and such, they wouldn’t have done it right there in the open in front us fans, because of course they saw we were there, so they could have gone inside the tent, but they did not, so I think Yunho and Jaejoong were so cool about it that they did not care if fans saw them together or not, which is a good thing, right? :)

So they were talking there for a little while, and that is when you see pictures of Yunho standing up and walking to Jae’s sister to greet her and you can see also Jaejoong’s niece Seohyeon near Yunho and Yunho looking to her.

And then, when Jaejoong started saying goodbye to Yunho’s parents bowing to them several times and all, it’s when the bro-hug happened. Like I said at first I was not aware Yunho was there, but I did saw when Jaejoong shook hands with this guy in blue jacket (which was Yunho XD) and bro-hugged. 

What I mean by bro-hug is basically –>>THIS <<–(CLICK THE LINK YOU GUYS XD) but softer …it was not a long full hug (not MKFM kind if you’re wondering lol), but the fact remains that they greeted goodbye in a way you don’t do unless you’re close to that person and of course if you were in an awkward position or not totally in good terms with someone, you do not bro-hug like that. If they were just being polite to each other they could just have vowed to each other and that is it, but it was not the case :)

So after Jaejoong greeted goodbye he walked to the bathroom and Yunho and his parents went to the back of the Headquarters tent, I do not know if they went inside or not because from where I was standing I could not see, and even though other fans followed them I did not want to do that, like it was too much.

After a few minutes Jaejoong came walking back from the bathroom and shared a couple words with his sister (Seohyeon’s mom) and went to the back of the Headquarters tent too where Yunho had walked to earlier.

After a little while Jaejoong came back again and went inside the Headquarters tent through the front door, where I was standing, I told him he had worked hard in Korean and he vowed :3

I remember seeing Jaejoong all sweaty and his face was so red and I was wondering what had happened to him, I thought he didn’t look good, now I know it was because he had been playing around with the mascot suit before coming to greet Yunho and his parents, it all makes sense now hehe.

I kept waiting outside the main gate of the headquarters tent because I was trying to calm myself down after what I had witnessed, I looked at the only picture I had taken with my camera and I realized I had captured Jaejoong, Yunho, Jung’s parents and Jae’s sister in one frame! I was shaking and I could not believe I had proof of the encounter, I had been there to see it with my own eyes, I did not need to read it from someone else or be doubtful if it had really happened or not, because I knew it had happened because I saw it myself!

The time I took this picture is 4:33 pm

Then Jaejoong came out of the HQ tent by himself again, that boy ^^ and he walked to the Information boot placed beside the HQ tent, I was so surprised he went out by himself, as if he was not a celebrity, and all the fangirls there started following him so close and taking pictures with their cameras, I felt bad seeing that, so I followed from a distance that I considered it was not invading his personal space lol

He went into the information boot as was asking something, then he came out and I was standing right there, I did not expect him to come out from where I was standing so I was shocked, and so I was face to face with him, because fans were surrounding us and I could not move back, then he said “excuse me” in Korean and I moved to the side so he could walk by, I just took a picture from his back once he walked away.

So that is basically what happened, after that Yunho left the venue first, and Jaejoong left after.

I do not know if this makes things clearer for everyone, I hope it does, and if you have any questions let me know, I really just want facts to be straight and clear for everyone.

In my personal opinion, Yunho and Jaejoong are in good terms, that is for sure, I do believe it after what happened on Oct 2nd, not only this but also that another video of them inside a tent and Yunho helding Jae’s arm before leaving. For me this moment is not about the pairing itself, I mean, it’s not that now I think they are together or anything like that, but for me this represents that they had the chance to talk (during the weeks they were together at Headquarters training for the festival), to solve their issues, and that they are in good terms now, that they were ok about fans seeing them together talking and all, and it makes me believe this is the beginning of a reconciliation between the 5 of them, I don’t know if one day they will perform together again, but just knowing they can be in good terms again and openly being in touch and all, that’s enough for me to have peace of mind.

I feel so fortunate and thankful for the chance I had to be there to see the encounter, because I can be sure of what happened and therefore I am in peace, and I do hope me sharing what I experienced helps you to be in peace too ^^

I could also attend the festival 4 days, and there is many things I could share about the experience and how our boys are so professional, considerate, talented, thoughtful, etc. but that would be way too long, but I can say I never felt more proud to be their fan, and I just have more reasons to keep loving and supporting the five of them and having hope until the end.

Thanks everyone for reading this and feel free to share it so more fans can also clear their doubts ^^

*fandom hug*


PS. will post the Spanish version later, I’m off to class now ^^

EDIT: if you need more detail about the bro-hug if the video I linked you to is not enough lol

Yunho walks to Jaejoong and then he extended his right arm and Jae did the same, they shook hands and half hugged (kind of bumped their shoulders).

Someone asked me if they hugged with both arms around each other, they did not hug like that ^^ No both arms around each other :)

But seriously, that does not make any diference! ^0^ what happened is awesome enough I think lol

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Paleo & Paleo Auto Immune Protocol Healing Diet Complete Reference List



  • Paleo Diet FAQ: Answers to 267 Paleo Questions
  • Paleo Websites and Blogs

Paleo Auto Immune Protocol 

  • About Sarah Ballantyne; Medical Researcher, creator of The Auto Immune Protocol Diet,  Suffered From Eczema/Psoriasis & Healed, Author Of Paleo Approach: Reverse Autoimmune Disease & Heal Your Body
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 Autoimmune Paleo Resources

External image


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External image

  • It Starts With Food: This New York Times Bestselling book is the template for a 30 day program called the Whole30. You can read more about what exactly a Whole30 is here. Chapter 21 of It Starts with Food specifically covers how to complete a successful Whole30 while also following the Autoimmune Protocol.
  • The Paleo Approach: This is the best compilation of information on Autoimmune Paleo out there! It covers everything from the science behind autoimmune diseases, to the logic behind the Autoimmune Protocol and then how to implement it within your own life and trouble shoot any problems as they arise. Take a peek at my review of The Paleo Approach here. Later this year, the companion The Paleo Approach Cookbook will be released, too!
  • The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook: This is the first Autoimmune Paleo cookbook ever to be printed! Not only is it packed full of recipes, but it’s also got extra resources like meal plans and shopping lists. You can also check out the earlier ebook version here

Auto Immune Protocol Websites:

  1. A Clean Plate: Christina’s site is a treasure trove of delicious recipes that prove that a restricted or adapted diet doesn’t have to mean being deprived of food that is both pleasurable and nutritious!
  2. Alternative Autoimmune: This site is run by a health coach, which means it has all kinds of juicy information on Autoimmune Paleo and living with Autoimmune challenges, in addition to some tasty recipes. I especially like Angie’s adaptations of traditional holiday menus like Christmas and Thanksgiving.
  3.  Autoimmune Paleo: Mickey is the author of the very first Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook, not to mention a personal chef! She uses AIP to manage two different Autoimmune diseases – Hashimoto’s and Celiac. Her website is packed full of easy recipes that embrace the variety you can find within the Autoimmune protocol rather than the restrictions. You can take a peek at The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook in hardcover here or take a look at the original ebook version here.
  4. AIP Lifestyle: Jessica is a Clinical Nutritionist and her site is GORGEOUS. Most importantly for me – since I’m somewhat food obsessed – is that her recipes are a) awesome and b) beautiful. If you thought you couldn’t have BBQ Chicken or an AIP Gravy, Jessica will show you how you CAN, while still being AIP compliant.
  5. Chowstalker: This Paleo recipe sharing site has its own Autoimmune Paleo category – it’s a great place to go to get inspired about what you CAN eat!
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  9. The Paleo Mom: Sarah has only ended up at the bottom of this list because it’s in alphabetical order! She’s a powerhouse of knowledge about Autoimmune Paleo and makes the science behind it accessible and understandable: that’s no mean feat! She’s also the author of the definitive guide to Autoimmune Paleo – her newly released book The Paleo Approach.

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  • Success Stories of Paleo Auto Immune Protocol on Phoenix Helix
  • Success Stories on Mark’s Daily Apple
  • Sucess Stories on Robb Woff
  • Success Stories on Paleo Non Paleo

Cause of Eczema, Food Sensitivities, Role of Nutrition & The Importance of Gut Health for Eczema

  1. Causes of Eczema
  2. Causes of Eczema
  4. Eczema and Inflammation: The Cause and The Cure
  5. 5 Natural Ways to Treat Eczema
  6. Radiant, Healthy Skin Is a Reflection of Optimum Internal Health 
  7. Skin Health, Eczema, and Preventative Strategies
    by Chris D. Meletis, ND, Dean of Naturopathic Medicine/Chief Medical Officer NCNM and
    Jason Barker, ND
  8. Free eBook: 13 Eczema Questions You’ve Always Want Answered Truthfully
  9. Causes of Eczema
  10. Guest Post by Dr. Kellie Ferguson: Food Sensitivity Testing – Let’s Talk About Your Options!
  11. Eczema Diet
  12. The Truth About Dieting For Eczema
  13. 11 Diets Claim To Heal Eczema, But Do They Work? (And What’s Best?)
  14. Diet and Eczema: Part 1 – The Link Between Gluten and Eczema
  15. Diet & Eczema: Part 2 {Updated} - How to Use Anti-Inflammatory Foods to Cure Eczema Naturally | Prime Physique Nutrition
  16. Why Healing Your Gut Will Improve Your Eczema
  17. 7 Steps to Cure Eczema
  18. GAPS Diet For Healing: This Food Contains 100 TIMES More Probiotics than a Supplement
  19. Today’s Diets: Delicious But Ridiculous

  20. Eczema Treatment - Supplements

  21. Curing Eczema! Dr Rodney Ford

  22. Probiotics And Eczema: How The Bacteria Living In Your Gut Can Help Improve Your Eczema

  23. Eczema is not a Disease, Eczema is a Symptom of something much worse

  24. Eczema & The Immune System: Balance Your Immune System To Improve Or Eradicate Your Eczema

  25. Suppressing the immune system is wrong, don’t make things worse.

  26. Eczema Cure – Natural Cure For Eczema

  27. Updates In Eczema Research & Treatments: Learn The Latest Developments Of This Common Yet Debilitating Skin Condition

  28. The Eczema Diet: Nutrition To Improve Your Skin Health

  29. Eczema And Nutrition: The Nutrients Your Body Is Lacking Could Be Contributing To Your Eczema

  30. 5 reasons why your eczema isn’t healing

  31. Eating For Eczema: Super Foods & Recipes

  32. Healing Eczema from Within

  33. What Facial Eczema Says About Your Health

  34. My Dream: Western Medicine Grows up and Cures Psoriasis and Cures Eczema Routinely

  35. Healing Your Gut Series: What Is Leaky Gut Syndrome And How It May Apply To You! (Guest Post)

  36. Healing Your Gut Series: Healing Your Eczema Inside Out! Where to Begin. (Guest post)

  37. Announcing a Breakthrough in Eczema Treatment: Chicago Integrative Eczema Center

  38. Eczema and Psoriasis Cure Protocol

  39. Eczema Cure Is Both Scientific and Picture Anecdotal

  40. Not All Fruits and Veggies Are Eczema-Friendly (The 4 Types)

  41. Eczema & Candida: Yeast Could Be Causing Your Skin Eruptions

  42. Eczema & Asthma – Testing for Food Triggers (Guest Post)

  43. Food Intolerance vs. Food Allergy

  44. Are Some Foods Doing You More Harm Than Good?

  45. The Incredible Healing Powers of Organically Grown Raw (Living) Foods and Juices


Recommended Natural Creams & Ointments 

  1. Dr Wheatgrass Products
  2. Blue Ice Fermented Cod Liver Oil Beauty Balm
  3. Neal Yard’s Rejuvenating Frankincense Collection
  4. Neal Yard’s Wild Rose Collection
  5. Young Living Essential Oils Beauty Collection;
  6. Young Living Rose Ointment & Animal Scents Ointment
  7. Primal Life Organics Paleo Natural Skincare Made Fresh
  8. Aurelia Probiotic Skin Care
  9. Vintage Tradition


  1. iHerb (Where To Buy)
  2. Radiant Life Company (Where To Buy)
  3. Bio Kult Probiotics
  4. Prescript Assist Probiotic
  5. Blue Ice Royal’s Fermented Cod Liver Oil & Butter Oil Blend
  6. Radiant Life Company 
  7. L-Glutamine
  8. Omega 3
  9. Vitamin D
  10. Digestive Enzymes
  11. Glutathione

Other Natural Products For Skin & Health:

  1. Minera Dea Sea Salts
  2. Alitura Naturals Healing Mask
  3. Tropical Traditions
  4. Radiant Life Company
  5. Taoist Soap For Scalp & Skin
  6. Ancient Minerals Magnesium
  7. Himalayan Salt Lamps: Ambient Air Purifiers
  8. Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag
  9. Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar
  10. Allergend Allergen Bedding
  11. Dermaveen Oats Bath & Shower Oil
  12. Seaweed Detox Soap
  13. Michael Todd Blue Green Algae Healing Toner
  14. George’s 100% Distilled Aloe Vera
  15. Clay Baths - Environmental Detox
  16. Avene Thermal Spring Water

Eczema Living & The Environment

  1. Why Western Doctors Are Useless For Eczema (Solution Included)

  2. 5 Natural Ways to Treat Eczema

  3. 7 Natural Remedies for Eczema

  4. Guest Post by Dr. Kellie Ferguson: Naturopathic Medicine for Autoimmune Disease
  5. Guest Post by Dr. Kellie Ferguson: Food Sensitivity Testing – Let’s Talk About Your Options!
  6. Moisturiser Withdrawal + Detox & Healing Baths For Flare Ups & Itching
  7. How to Heal Flares Naturally Part 1
  8. Studies Find Doctor-Prescribed Treatments Make Eczema Worse
  9. Food sensitivity elimination diet: find your food intolerance triggers 
  10. The First Step in Fixing Eczema: Where to Begin?

  11. How to Reject Steroids & Ask For the Tests of the Underlying Cause of Eczema
  12. The Hardest Part of Eczema Recovery (I Failed Many Times) - Cure Eczema Slowly

  13. Set your goals higher than just being eczema or psoriasis cured

  14. How to Detox Your Body and Home and Why It Helps Heal Eczema
  15. Eczema And The Environment: How To Minimize Your Exposure And Reduce Your Risk

  16. What’s on my Shopping List? Products To Detox In a Toxic World
  17. The Link Between Contact Dermatitis and Cosmetics
  18. How to choose the best probiotic to help heal your eczema

  19. 5 Easy Daily Detox Routines
  20. The Herbalist’s Guide To Eczema

  21. 5 Minutes to Heal Eczema with Essential Oils
  22. Why Essential Oils Heal and Drugs Don’t
  23. Natural Eczema Treatment: An Ayurvedic Approach

  24. How To Get Rid Of Eczema Scars Naturally: Low Cost, Minimally Invasive Options

  25. Clean At A Cost: Household Cleaning Products And Detergents May Be Causing Your Eczema

Books for Healing Eczema & Healing Diet

  1. The Eczema Cure by Emily Bartlett
  2. The Paleo Approach, Reverse Autoimmune Disease & Heal Your Body by Sarah Ballantyne
  3. Skintervention by Liz Wolfe
  4. The Autoimmune Paleo Cook Book by Micky Trescott
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Healing Crisis During Healing Diet

  1. Eczema Healing Naturally Through Detoxification

  2. Is There Toxic Waste In Your Body?

  3. Healing Crisis Explained: Detox and Retracing

  4. What is a Healing Crisis?

  5. Understanding the Healing Crisis by Ginger Chalford, Ph.D

  6. Are you experiencing a healing crisis?

Food & Healing Videos

  1. Food Heals- Documentary Trailer
  2. Food Matters Official Trailer
  3. Inflammatory disease - the main cause and best cure
  4. How To Heal Your Gut Naturally

anonymous asked:

I mean probably as a fandom everyone ignores the plagiarism lawsuit because it was withdrawn last year after it was proved that the books Kenyon claimed CC copied from were published AFTER the Mortal Instruments. I get that you psycho hate CC (and collect posters of TDA what) but she can't time travel.

i actually hadn’t heard that it had been withdrawn, thanks for bringing that to my attention! I don’t “psycho hate” cassie, i have a whole blog dedicated to her work! I made ONE (1) post about her plagiarism lawsuit because I had just read a couple articles about it and found it amusing. and I got the tda poster for free. i really wish this ask stopped after the first sentence.

anonymous asked:

Can I just say how much I love the fact that you are a post-lawsuit Baby? As a comparatively older Baby, I was really worried BAP's fanbase would stay the same (aka all us ajummas) but here you are, posting quality crack about our boys. YOU NEW BABYZ ARE THE LIFEBLOOD AND YOUTH AND FOUNTAIN OF RENEWED ENERGY AND ENTHUSIASM OUR FANDOM NEEDED.

aw gosh…this is honestly one of the sweetest asks I’ve been sent. You guys are the OG fans, thanks for sticking with B.A.P and welcoming us post-lawsuit BABYZ <3


  • TS: Since the problem occurred on November 11th 2014, we have prioritized solving the issue and made our best effort to recover the trust with B.A.P. Through our series of numerous communication trials and heartfelt efforts, we finally recovered the trust of each other and B.A.P returned to TS Entertainment on August 1st 2015.

– It was late August and they were free. Free from stress, free from assholes (like Max Bronte, you’d hear Sarah say), free from financial burdens, and free from Plath. It was the best Simon Reign had felt in his whole life. Granted, they had been near broke for their whole lives until recently. But there was something that was nagging at Simon’s gut for the longest time, especially after the school had closed and nothing had really been done about that ridiculous Creeper incident. Thankfully though, with all the hell the two of them had gone through at that school, they were compensated in abundance. It wasn’t enough to pay for both of their colleges, why would anyone give snowflakes like them that much money? But it was enough for them both to live off of for a while. They’d figure out college on their own, and that was fine. It also gave them wiggle room to take a vacation however they wanted. And unlike normal kids their age, going to some fancy resort, Simon and Sarah opted for an adventurous road trip across the united states, taking in all the garbage that the country had to offer. 

– They had bought a ‘clunker’ van, fixed it up enough and decided that if it broke down at any point, they’d just fly the rest of the way to New York. It would have sucked if that did happen, so they had their fingers and toes crossed so it wouldn’t. There were a lot of stops planned as well. They were going to take as much time as they needed, this was their therapy. They were going to deal with things however they felt necessary, and one of those ways was seeing The Berkley Pit in Butte, Montana. It was just a giant pit full of toxic waste. Why were they seeing it? Simon would say because it seemed cool, Sarah would say it was because she wanted to challenge Simon to a fight in the bottom of the pit, in reality, they were going to scream into the pit. Scream the PTSD away even though they knew that was not how PTSD worked what so ever. They could at least try it. Simon was driving and the radio was blasting a classic 80′s hit, I’m Still Standing. It had become a thing, Simon had learned. The only music of his that Sarah could even stand to listen too was his 80′s music. They had been listening to a lot of 80′s music.

– As Simon pulled up to a parking lot near the pit, he noted that it was near a diner. They could eat after viewing the pit. He climbed out of the car and waited for Sarah to get out. He made sure to grab his camera, made sure his phone was on him, he would make sure to lock the car. They might’ve had money, but they weren’t going to be dumb about it. Simon and Sarah were always, always going to be poor kids deep down, and that meant protecting what you had until you couldn’t any longer sometimes. Simon smiled over at Sarah though, it was genuine too. It wasn’t the smile that he had been pulling for all those months at Plath, where his pain was obvious but he was trying to put on a brave face for the girl who had become his little sister in that time. There was no more Nick, no more Max, no more Creeper. There was just them. And they were going to control their lives now. 

– “Okay, so, I’m thinking,” he started slowly, the smile slowly pulling into a grin. “We snap a couple of pics, and then we go eat at the diner, and then, we spend the day driving up to Grasshopper Glacier, cause the name is goofy, but also have you ever seen a glacier? Cause I haven’t.


anonymous asked:

what's your theory about zayn? he'll be back?

 So, I’ve spent a good few hours writing all my thoughts below the cut. This should answer your question. :)

In typical Modest and HJPR fashion, I think they’re using a fear tactic to steal money from our wallets without caring what they do to get it.

This is essentially the official Zayn narrative right now:

  • Zayn has left 1D.
  • Zayn might be going solo.
  • He and Perrie are hopelessly in love.
  • He may come back sometime in the future but he’s not certain if he wants to.
  • He has terminated all of his contracts, completely eliminating himself from the band.

 *Important* v

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