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May the odds be ever in your favour! 

this sounds a little bizarre at first, but it’s true that there are a lot of different and effective ways to put sticky notes to use! so, in case you were wondering what to do with those little post its sitting on the corner of your desk, here is an array of possibilities!!

textbook notes

  • sticky notes are incredibly useful when taking notes form a textbook
  • super nice guide
  • great step by step guide
  • and another amazing guide
  • watch this awesome video!


  • actually bookmark your book
  • bookmark important pages in a book like the index, glossary, etc
  • annotating!
  • mark those essential pages of your own notes, the ones with the definitions and formulas you know you need to look back at a lot



  • there are so many different methods for organization that could use these
  • of course, use them as reminders for anything and everything
  • color coding: papers, files, books, and more
  • make mini to-do lists, write down your tasks for the day!!
  • keep writing prompts, important formulas, or other necessary and factual information on sticky notes and put them on the wall in front of your desk
  • or in your notebook/binder/whatever-you-use so that you have them with you all the time!

remember this!

  • number your sticky notes when marking a book, it’ll keep you organized
  • also color code them
  • when taking notes use as many abbreviations and symbols as you can, there’s limited space!
  • they are small and they tend to get all over the place of you don’t stay organized, so make sure you know where they are
  • also remember to discard old sticky notes (when they’re no longer needed)

other awesome uses + info

more masterposts!!

i hope this was of help to you! keep shining like the star you are and remember to be awesome today!!



an old old old one page spread back way back in august + some reminders i needed to tell myself this week ft. black sticky notes & a white pen.

Favorite school supplies!
• Typo 5 subject notebooks X 3
• Typo pencil cases X 2
• Staedtler highlighter set
• My life, my bae, my MacBook Air 11"
• cue cards!
• my lovely minimalistic planner.

“Don’t watch the clock, do what it’s doing, keep going”.