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Nothing Like Us - Jungkook One-shot - Pt.2

Summary: Life with Jungkook

Recommended Listening: Aquilo - You There

Part 1

The apartment was silent.

He’d thought He’d be able to hear her singing to herself in the shower or whilst she cooked- these being the usual sounds that greeted him whenever he walked through the door in the middle of the day.

But instead…there was nothing.

It had only been a few days since he’d walked out, but it felt like it had been months. He looked around for signs of her; a cup on the table, a blanket on the sofa…but nothing had changed.

It was like she hadn’t been here at all – like she was a ghost.

His coffee cup was still on the table where he’d left it the night before the argument, and his iron man spoon was still drying on the washing board in the kitchen. His shoes were still half kicked under the sofa and as he shuffled slowly down the hall he saw that his bag was still dumped on the floor, the contents spilling out and reminding him of the struggle they’d had.

As soon as he’d got back to the dorm the day he’d left he’d felt like a stranger…the other guys had looked at him with expressions of concern but he’d just ignored them and gone back to the bedroom he used to share with Namjoon, sighing when he’d seen the older boy had decided to use his bed as his new closet, and having to shuffle some clothes out of the way so that he could curl up on it, not bothering to get under the covers where he was so distracted by thoughts he didn’t want to be having.

Why had he left?

Why had he shouted at her when it was his own fault for wanting too much?

Why had he chose his job over her?

Why did he come back?

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We’re about 1 week out from the first official practice for the 2017 World Championships in Helsinki. The anticipation is building and I’m both excited and nervous, as usual.

As I mentioned in my earlier post I made some Yuzuru button pins and left over stickers and key chains from Skate Canada for any fellow fans who will be in Helsinki. I’ll post on Tumblr where I’ll be watching practice or where I am in the arena for anyone who would like a set, or anyone that just wants to say hello.

I made one jumbo banner to hang in the arena, let’s see if the staffers actually contact me this time to return it (I never got contacted and lost the one I turned over in Boston for them to hang - so if you want yours back, either ask or take it down yourself at the end of the event).

During the Yuzuru’s SP I’ll be holding the purple “Let’s Go Crazy” mini banner and for the FS I’ll be holding the “Hope & Legacy” one.

In 1925 Coca Cola made a lucky watch fob in the shape of a swastika with the slogan, “Drink Coca Cola In Bottles 5¢.”.

At that time, the Swastika was still a symbol of ‘Good Luck’ taken from the ’Whirling Log’ used in the US by Native American Navajo, Papago, Apache, and Hopi tribes. 

(Also the symbol used throughout history by the Celts, Indians and Greeks amongst other nationalities and religions).

The word swastika came from the Sanskrit word svastika, meaning any lucky or auspicious object, and in particular a mark made on persons and things to denote auspiciousness, or any piece of luck or well-being.

It is composed of su- meaning “good, well” and asti “being”. Suasti thus means “well-being.” The suffix -ka either forms a diminutive or intensifies the verbal meaning, and suastika might thus be translated literally as “that which is associated with well-being,”.



anonymous asked:

What about Derek Pitts posting instastories with Tom's key chain in the picture? Is he also wants attention or you only say it when girls do that?

Yes, he does it for the same reasons. I mentioned in this post that people whom he met in the last year tend to do this in my opinion. Gender is irrelevant.


Some merch I forgot to post all but the laito key chain and nagito stuff that stuff came today

The scrunchie and lost eden stuff came earlier this month and the cds I got in august

Words, Sights, and Time....

Rick says to Daryl…“ It’s been 17 days since Atlanta (ACTUALLY SAID 3 WEEKS..thank you rosiecotton)….I know you lost something back there.”  This is just screaming at us…..this is a prophetic moment….if Morgan would have had this on his walls…..we would have been yelling and pointing at if from the start..OH, WAIT A MINUTE……

Notice by Rick’s left shoulder..HOW MANY DAYS OR HOW MUCH TIME…AND above that…IT DOESN’T MATTER….

And, going back to Rick talking with Daryl…after he says about them not being at their strongest….“ We’ll wait for higher ground….or something like that.”

AGAIN….HIGHER GROUND is on the walls TWICE. We’ve heard this before, about using HIGHER GROUND….

When we see the tires and bottom of the white van and then you hear Abraham say..“ We’re out, just like the other one.”…I assumed he had meant the blue truck. But now…..

With the reaction’s we’ve seen by Maggie, Rick, Michonne, Noah, Glenn and far…when the see a car that seems to resemble this one…they all stare at it, act apprehensive and almost dare I say, ‘regretful’?

Maybe, Abraham had been talking about another car….one that looks like this….

This is the car……we’ve seen so many that have a similar look…color and so on….

Again….a reminder of 'who’ this is suppose to look like….the green gag…associates it even more….

This walker is the one from the barn….in a closet-like area. Maggie opened the door, but notice the her arm….when I did a post on some of the things in this room….some of us thought maybe it was something she had been wrapped in….but after watching the scene, several times….and with the long hair, blue-eyed look…..this reminds me of something we have seen before……

When you watch the 'closet’ walker…you can tell it had been a sweater….very close to the one Beth had on in 30 Days…..

Okay, so Maggie is finally talking to Glenn…“ I never thought she was alive. I just didn’t……” skipping some…“ And finding out she was, and then she wasn’t in the same day…”

This just peaks my interest some what and had to point it out and see if anyone else seems to go…hmmmm?!

I’ve pointed out, as have many, how this episode Sunday night, was about Beth…..they have pointed it out like driving a sledgehammer against us…not only with these but…cicada cocoon….@rosiecotton wrote a post about their meaning….the seahorse on the key chain for the car…I had wrote about the the symbolism of them…..even the scenery reminded of us of Beth and Daryl in Still and Alone….

Then C@rol giving Daryl her knife…..just so much….

And like most, I’m left to wonder….WHY??!!….What do they have to gain by this?? And why haven’t they showed us her?…. and what happened after they left the hospital?…where did they bury her??

There have been the lost of 'family’ that they didn’t show a burial for…Andrea…Shane and Hershel, come to mind quickly. And two of them that I know wasn’t buried, but extenuating circumstances prevented it and I don’t think they were able to Andrea for the same reason (not sure of this, someone??)

The reason of course, was walker’s…everywhere,,,herds…that left them running for their lives….SO, this is also a 'sign’ to me, us….that’s what had happened to Beth…..logically thinking…..THEY would NEVER have not buried her…..Daryl and Maggie would never had aloud that…especially Daryl…not after the funeral home…..Just No!!

This, once again to me, is pointing to them leaving her in a car..the trunk, maybe….with them showing keys and locks so much also…it could be a probability….with the walker’s and add in the keys and locks…we have this thought/insight…that they did indeed leave her behind.

Adding more despair and even self-loathing to Daryl..and Maggie. And with all the 'walker’ look-a-likes we’ve seen this season also….the audience when we see this…will 'assume’ she is just another dead girl…one that turned….one we’ve seen so many times….BUT…..the big reveal and shock….she’s NOT…she’s ALIVE!!

After Christ had risen….he appeared to them, some individually and some in small groups at first, then he appeared to the group as a whole….he was then in this world for 40 days before he ascended to his Father’s house….

17 days since Atlanta and three weeks….which was/is a parallel to Rick…his length of time in a coma….but three weeks is 21 days…..Here’s another what if….another 19 days= 40. Beth has been likened to Jesus…the whole season….but her 'ascension’ WON’T be to leave this earthy plain….but to 'return’ to it?!! 

Someone who understands the TIME in this show please figure out when 19 days would be….the episode?? 

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I just needed to write a little something for tatsudai’s little comic. Sorry if its really shitty! 

Fandom: Free!

Pairing: Sousuke/Makoto

Rating: G

Words: 618

Makoto glanced at the syllabus handed to him, nerves and excitement simmered in his stomach.

This is real. He’s starting his own dream, doing things by himself.. His mood went down as he thought about how often he sees Haru. Well, more like how often he doesn’t see Haru. Neither of them would have guessed a professional swimmer’s life was so busy, but as long as his best friend was happy that’s all that matters.

The professor’s voice got louder as he walked up to the front row to collect leftover syllabus.

Muscles? What? Green eyes fervently scanned the pages of the syllabus, already the first day and he’s behind.

“Hey this seat isn’t taken right?" 

"Ah, no, it’s fine,” The brunette turned to give his neighbor a small smile, only to give him a look closely resembling an owl.

Haru said that Yamazaki followed Rin to Australia, said he wanted to be there to support and see his best friend on the stage he could never reach.

“Yo Tachibana. Fancy seeing you here,” He tilted his head and gave Makoto a small smirk.

 ”Well I go to school here,” Makoto laughed awkwardly and stared at the teacher to make sure they weren’t disturbing class. “Yamazaki.”

“Hmm?” Sousuke was still staring at him, intense. Makoto looked back to his syllabus, pretending to read with the teacher.

“Do you want to want to grab some lunch after this class?” Makoto hoped that didn’t come off as too forward, sure they hardly knew each other but he really did want to befriend Yamazaki.

"Ah,” black eyebrows furrowed in confusion. Was he being asked out on a date or is this just how Makoto acts to everyone? “Sure, but call me Sousuke.”

There, if Makoto says no to calling him by his first name then it should be a regular friendly ‘lets-hang-out’ sort of thing, right?

“Okay Sousuke, but please call me-”

“Makoto?” Sousuke’s question came out a little too fast and Makoto smiled gently. Shit, that sounded too eager. Sousuke willed himself to act cool, after all Rin always said the cools ones are more likely to seem mysterious and get people interested.

“Yes?” Makoto glanced at the teacher who was wrapping his lecture up. He could always go over the syllabus by himself when he gets to his dorm.

“I was just testing it out,” Sousuke rubbed the back of his neck and noticed the teacher ending class early, due to it being the first day. “Well wanna head out now?”

“Sure, let me put my stuff away.” Makoto began to put his notebook and pens away, nerves still bubbling up in his stomach. That’s weird, maybe he’s just have post-first day class jitters.

“Hey nice key chain,” Souskue pointed out the small whale shark hanging from the brunette’s bag.

“Yeah, the aquarium ran out of regular whales so I got the closest thing to it, besides, it’s really cute huh?” Makoto gave Sousuke a big smile and began to talk about the cafe that they were going to.

Holy shit, Sousuke thought. Quickly pulling his phone out, he texted Rin, and Makoto noticed the small phone charm dangling.

“Is that an orca?” Sousuke shoved his phone into his pocket; pink tinted his ears and cheeks.

“Well it was a gift from Rin and I know it looks girly and-”

“I like it, plus orcas aren’t girly at all. They’re called killer whales for a reason,” the smile Makoto have him could have been teasing but Sousuke’s mind conjured the word seductive.

Holy shit man, please let this be a date.

Rin 4:37 pm

Haru said as long as you don’t insult orcas, you have a chance.

Well fuck.


On May 16th, Jen (@bookavid) is celebrating her 21st birthday!!! 

I am really eager to make sure she has the best birthday possible, so if you’d like to send her something, just shoot me an ask and I can give you the information you need to send a gift! 

Some things that would be nice to send might include:

  • a book! multiple books! half a book! ten books! 
  • a birthday card!
  • a nice letter!
  • a drawing! 
  • any other sort of art that you can create! (seriously, I know Jen, she’d appreciate the shit out of a heart drawn on a ripped piece of lined paper SERIOUSLY)
  • since i know booklr spans across so many countries (Jen’s from Germany), you could send a little souvenir or knick knack specific to your home country! Ex. I’m from Canada, I might consider shipping her a moose! Anything goes, really! (but if a live animal is too hard to get your hands on, key chains, stickers, post cards, etc. would work just fine!) 

Here is a link to Jen’s Amazon wishlist!!!

I know all too well that sometimes you’re simply not in the position (whether it be financially or for other reasons) where you can send gifts, no matter how badly you want to. The best, easiest, cheapest gift you can give is just sending a “Happy Birthday!” message on the day. Every gift is a great gift!  

I’ll be reblogging this post weekly (or probably more) up until Jen’s birthday! Feel free to reblog and signal-boost the heck out of this! If you have any questions, my ask box and IM is always open :) 


This is my Vampire Knight collection.
I have all volumes in English and Japanese. All of the bunkos. Both covers of volume 19. Six mouse pads and everything else you see. I also have the pillow I just got at Zenkaikon and 11 wall posters in frames on my wall along with the several key chains I posted before.
I can’t wait to add to this collection with the Lala DX that announces the new series (it’s supposed to arrive Tuesday) as well as all the new chapters that come out in LaLa DX. I also have the Lala DX with the pic of Zero, Yuuki, and Ai that I forgot to take a pic of.