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I had three classes today and it was so stressful, that I can’t take any picture inbetween! But fortunately, I got these oh-so-lovely goodies when I arrived home.

ps: I decided to try a weekly planner because a bullet journal didn’t work very well for me!

Desert Vista High School Info

Hi Idk if you’ve already seen this, but regarding the Desert Vista racist picture, here’s the information of the colleges some of the girls are attending. I’m putting it out there so that people can call/contact their colleges and let them know just who they’re accepting into their schools. 

1.)Samantha Lannone - North Arizona University. She will be on the soccer team.

North Arizona University Soccer phone and email 

Andre Luciano

Head Coach

Andre.Luciano@nau.ed u

Phone: 928-523-2021

Carolyn Savage

Assistant Coach

Carolyn.Savage@nau.e du

Phone: 928-523-2553

NAU Athletics directory 


NAU Phone number 928-523-5353

2.) Emily Sears - will be attending Texas Christian University (TCU)
She will be on the drill/dance team called the showgirls.

Here is the directory for TCU Athletics department 

3.) Riley Connor - is going to Western State Colorado University. She will be on the soccer team

Here is the athletic directory

I’ll send more info if I obtain any more. 

I also want people to know that this is the same school where this happened just 1 ½ yrs ago: http://www.rawstory.com/2014/05/black-teacher-sues-school-after-students-mock-her-with-minstrel-show-pictures/


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